Do you think admitting your true feelings to someone is like... Detrimental? Or like putting yourself in a position to be taken advantage of?

Everyone has pride, everyone has a protective wall up to Guard against their feelings and emotions. Some of us believe that when you admit your deepest feelings and emotions to your partner, you stand a great chance of breaking up & losing them forever or even having them take advantage of you in the relationship. Basically having them miss treat you in the relationship.
Almost like the rumor about getting someone's name tattooed on you, iI've always been told to never get a girls name tattooed on me because it's almost like admitting ownership and it's always like jinxing the relationship. I was told that by tattooing their name on your body is basically putting yourself in harms way to lose them forever. I don't know how true that is but I believe it personally.
What I'm trying to say is... I've often herd that by telling your significant other things like this...

(I... I think I'm in love with you. Everything you do and say to me excites me and you mean the world to me! I don't know where my life would be without you and I would probably die if you walked out of my life)

Blah blah blah all that deep emotional stuffπŸ˜³πŸ™„
you guys get the picture though. I was told by admitting things like that your basically giving someone power over you to command or mistreat you.

do you ladies and gentlemen agree with me? Or do you think it's not really a big deal to admit your deepest feelings to your significant other?
  • I think there are certain feelings we must keep to ourselves in a relationship
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  • I'm not superstitious, I'd tell my partner the truth about how he/she makes me feel inside
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  • I don't think that confessing your feelings to someone, be it for the first time, or just reminding them of how you feel after you're already committed, is detrimental. I don't see how doing that could be done with any kind of intention to hurt someone. It might make you feel vulnerable for a bit, before you know if you'll receive the same amount of interest in return, but...
    Not many worthwhile things were achieved without risk.

    The risk of rejection is one I've been and continue to be more than willing to take rather than guarantee having to live the rest of my life alone and without someone else by my side.

    • Wow that was good.

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    • I have a feeling this is about to turn into a argument or a shit talking event cuz Kayla is a smart mouth, I've seen her in action in other post. She's almost at that age where she thinks she knows everything and she's always right... Something also tells me she's taking it personally like I'm just attacking all women in LA or some shit. If there were a woman's rally or somthing she'd be front line with a picket sign lol

    • lol you're hilarious. Go spend some more time on r/theredpill. I think you'd find that suits your views perfectly.

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  • If I'm in a relationship with someone I'm going to be a 100% honest with them about everything if they decide not to stick around that's there problem not mine. I am a believer of everything happens for a reason

  • No because if you don't tell them everything that means you don't fully trust them. That along with feeling comfortable enough to even tell them, which means you don't really love them that much.

    • Females in general hide their deepest emotions end secrets lol

    • Then they really trust and feel comfortable around the dude they don't and tell everything.

      My boyfriend knows all about my deepest dark secrets and I know his.

  • I would not find provide in hiding how i feel out of fear. tat would feel pathetic. i think if sure at risk of exploitation bc of expression then you're with the WRONG person. so be honest find out they suck and move the fuck on lol

    some people will treat you badly bc you're honest. thee people would also treat yo badly if you lie. you can't compare bc once yu do one you have not done the other. comparing reactions o diff actions with different people is not a real comparison so there's no way to know.

    instead of worn how people react i try to stuck to my own nor code and let the chips fall where they may.

    keep in mind if you want a fling then sure appeal to the general loves common shallow denominator. but if you want a real connection you have to be real and expect to go trough a lot of jerks trying to protect their 'pride' in strange ways.

    guarding your ride i think mens acting in brave upright way. not playing games bc you're scared.

  • I agree that you have to filter what you say to an extent. It is power and no matter how close you are, always remember it can be used in a negative manner. We all get petty out of anger.


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