Do men and women deal with break ups differently?

Do men and women deal with break ups differently?

So from what I've heard and read it's the woman that feel the break up straight away, whether they were the dumper or dumpee. As time passes they heal and start to embrace being single again.

But that men feel a sense of almost relief perhaps as they now have their freedom back again. So they go out and try dating other woman or maybe just look for a hook up. However eventually they realise the grass isn't always greener and that they had a pretty incredible person in their life.

Now whether this is true or not I don't know, I only know what I'm going through/have been through.

I think that women have a stronger support system as we tend to speak out our feelings to family and friends, where as men bottle it up to the point it sends them into a sort of depression. Also women wait until they're ready to date again, with their girl friends there for emotional support, however a guys male friends may encourage him to date again immediately and drown his sorrows away as opposed to listening and comforting.

So guys and girls what have you been through? Is this an accurate generalisation for each gender or does each individual deal with it differently?
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I didn't expect this many opinions haha. Just to let you all know and make it very clear, this is an opinion but it isn't MINE. I think it's more complex than this, but I feel that society tends to believe this to be true! I asked it to see what your experiences of it all like and whether they relate to it or not. I don't want to argue with anyone, I just want your views on it. No I'm not sexist but everyone gets labelled nowadays.
Do men and women deal with break ups differently?
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