Help!!! I think my husband is gay!!! Is he?

So... My husband of almost 10 years has just casually confessed to have had a couple of long term relationships with guys during his college years, before he met me... I feel betrayed and hurt because he did not tell me before we got married... Now, we are married with kids and everything is more complicated... When I asked, he told me he did not tell me before because a, it is in the past and he loves me and only me, and b, because he knows I am pretty traditional and he was afraid of losing me.

On top of that, he has also confessed that he enjoyed "being the girl" in both relationships with guys... Now, thinking back, I do realize I have noticed rather feminine traits in him, but I never paid too much attention to that particular issue at the time... He also suggested pegging a few times, in not so many words, which I obviously refused, that would make him so gay in my eyes!!

I am very hurt and confused, my world has been turned upside down... I no longer feel attracted to him, and I am seriously thinking about leaving him...

Am I overreacting?
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Thank you all so much for your answers!

The thing is: the pegging thing really makes me think his gay... I have this image in my head of him on his knees servicing a guy that kills me...
Help!!! I think my husband is gay!!! Is he?
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