How do I end a casual relationship with someone who is always "too busy" to meet up?

For the past couple months, I've been hanging out and communicating with a girl. I never asked her to be my girlfriend, but I guess it was just casual dating (we were more or less set up by a mutual acquaintance). Our once a week meetings started out fine, but eventually she kept saying she was busy a lot and couldn't hang out that week. When we did meet, she was always late. I've begun to get the hint that she's not interested, and I feel like there needs to be some kind of official breakup, if you can call it that in this situation. I felt like in person was the best way to do it, but she's always "too busy" to hang out so I feel like that's not an option. As I see it, I can either call/text her my thoughts, or I can just stop trying to contact her and forget the whole breakup thing, since I never considered her my girlfriend anyway. What is best in this situation? And if I call or text her, what should I say exactly? Please help! Thanks.

PS - I hope I'm posting this in the most appropriate category. It almost feels to me like it doesn't fit, but I'll let you folks be the judge of that. Also, sorry if my post is long and rambling. I'm just such a detail-oriented person.


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  • You can ghost of you're certain it won't hurt her feelings at all.


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  • Don't say anything to her. Just completely stop talking. It tells her that you're not interested in someone who keeps telling you she's too busy, and it makes the most sense. If she's not communicating back it's not worth your time or even any kind of proper good-bye. Just don't say anything else to her.

  • Considering there's nothing official between you two, I'd just stop contact and move on. If she contacts you about it in the future, you can just be honest and tell her you felt like she didn't care anymore so you just moved on with your life.


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