Does he like me more than a casual relationship?

I'm having a casual relationship with someone I have feelings for. I'm planning to end it before it gets complicated but I'm starting to wonder if he feels the same. I'd like to hear your thoughts before I ask him anything.

He likes kissing my cheeks and forehead on a daily basis, even if it wasn't for sex. He will hug me and joke around, or propose to do our work together in a common shared space with others. When I say I want ice cream, he'll get me some, or offer to buy medication when I'm sick. Run to my house to give it and then leave. There are also occasions where he'll see my cafe location on my Instagram and appear 20min to keep me company before leaving an hour later.

However... here's the catch. He said he's not looking for a relationship but yet he's doing all these contradictory behavior. So, how do I go about with the situation? I'm definitely setting in boundaries because having something casual is more than I can take.

I've given myself a few options:
A. Just take that he doesn't want a relationship and drop our relationship altogether.
B. Ask him again about it as I learn to make myself less available.
C. Don't ask him anything and just set in the boundaries while remaining a friendly relationship with him to access the situation.
Does he like me more than a casual relationship?
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