My ex saw me with my new boyfriend.

my ex saw me with my new boyfriend. although he broke up with me and also has someone new, is there a possible chance he was jealous? its not like I still love him or anything I just want him to feel jealous towards what he lost, if that makes sense lol.

he was with his new girlfriend at the time he saw me. my friend said he kept looking over to me but I was trying to not pay so much attention to him.

ooh and we were together for almost 3years. and he still visits me and tries to have sex with me (but I deny that)


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  • yeah maybe he misses the sex because I he broke up with you and and he still wants sex which says nothing about love. he maybe nice but I've seen pimps treat girls nice too but a pimp doesn't lie about what he wants. so from what I know you wasted your time an being jealous for what ? I wouldn't even care if I were you but yeah those guys do get jealous because they're ideots

  • Yes he might still have feelings for you if he, is contacting you, tries to have sex etc... yes he would feel jealous, takes time to get over someone unless he didn't have any feelings for you to begin with...


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