He keeps blocking and unblocking me but won't communicate! why?

I haven't seen my ex since December. We used to talk on occasion but then out of nowhere he just stopped talking to me. He blocks and unblocks me on msn every other week ... and when I do try to contact him he doesn't respond. Him blocking and unblocking makes me think he still cares or is trying to hang on to something... I just don't understand his behavior. He seems to block me when I try to communicate but when I stop trying that's when he unblocks me. He's single so its not like he has a girlfriend or anything , and we were seriously in love for awhile

i really have no idea why he's doing this. I wish he would just block me for good if he doesn't want anything to do with me, because him doing this makes me hang on and not want to move on...

anybody have any ideas of what he's trying to do here? I'm really confused.


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  • So why don't you block him? I guess it's because you are still hoping, I think it is clear that for some reason or the other (trying to find out will be too much of a head ache) he doesn't mind being friends, but that is all! he doesn't want the constant communication thing, but he still is not rude enough to block you for good. If this hurts you need to block him, but be sure when you take this step, that is want you want to do.


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  • Why are you confused? he's your ex for a f***ing reason right, he's f***ing with you, and judging by your question it's all to f***ing easy to do...

    • Wow your a d*** eh

    • What, I'm just saying...why the hell are you trying to figure that douche bag out...you're playing right into his hands, I'm sure you're much to sexy for that :)

    • You must be single dude

What Girls Said 2

  • He's trying to mess with you.. Just block him.

  • why don't you take matters into your own hands and BLOCK HIM for good?


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