Ex contacted me after car accident. What do I do?

My boyfriend and love of my life ended our 3 year relationship 6 weeks ago. He said he needed space and felt we were just not compatible and that he felt unhappy.
This broke my heart as I felt we had a great relationship.

The break up was mature and friendly. We have not had any contact at all since.

Then I got into a car accident and had to go to hospital. He texted me asking if I was okay and emphasising that if I needed anything or someone you talk to I didn't have to be afraid to ask because I could always depend on him.
I replied by thanking him and saying "chat soon".

I don't know what to do now. Was his text just him being nice or was he hoping I'd want to talk to him.
I do love him very much and miss him and I'd love a future together but before the accident I would have felt he was set in his decision to be broken up.

Just confused and looking for some opinions.


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  • its most likely just to make sure your OK. I care about the well being of every one of my ex's and would do the same. but my last ex likes to keep contacting me because she's depressed and lonely and hinting suicidal thoughts so I respond in a nurturing manner and direct her to proper care. and then of course she pulls the "can you hold me one more time?". women need to understand that once us guys leave you its for a reason. I mean since we are just horny desperate people to women you would think we would take up any chance to sleep with you right? no if we leave you being the desperate fuck boys we are and not want to sleep with you again that should mean something. but if he wants you back he will bring it up


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  • Play it by ear. He may get back with you. This is more or less standard human behavior for adults.

  • He doesn't see you as romantically compatible but that doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. just like you he committed years of his life to you so he does care about you and I'm sure that when he heard it did upset him and he was worried that you were really badly hurt...

    That said something serious happening could have made him realise how much you mean to him.

    I'd suggest you go for a coffee and chat and try to see what's up. not at eachothers houses otherwise you'll likely just have sex and get confused but just actually talk...

  • probably trying to be there for you and be supportive, its what I'd do

  • He's got in touch, he's interested
    Talk to me, dude?


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