My girlfriend is ghosting me. What should I do?

We have been together for a while and we were very close. She's been ghosting me for about 2 weeks now. There was no fight or argument, everything was okay then suddenly she stopped picking my calls and talking to me and even blocks me on Instagram. I know where she works so I can go see her. As I understand she just wants to breakup which is fine by me that's her choice and decision. I just want to know the reason why she stopped talking me just like that after everything we went through. a lot of my friends are telling me not ask her why but knowing myself, I know if can't move easily and faster without knowing the reason she did what she did. I know lots of people say the truth can hurt but I'm already hurting. if I don't know the truth everyday I'll thinking what happened or what I did wrong however she tells why she walks away I can put that chapter behind me. What do you guys think?


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  • Well, when my girlfriend did it, it was kind of a test. It hurt me, but she wanted to know if i cared enough to chase after her. I did and now we're happier than ever. You messed up by not going to see her at her work. Ghosting someone is extremely distasteful and shitty. You deserve an answer for the time you gave her. Go to her work and get it out of her. I really dont know why you didn't go see her at work quickly. Good chance she may have moved on by now.

    • But honestly why test me like this, I was always there for her when she needed me and knows I cared about her so much. Why such test?

    • Woman thrive on reassurance and as guys we have a tendency to think if we showed we care once then she'll just know we care all the time. Nah you got to show her every day through little things. When she feels neglected and like you aren't paying attention, even when to you it might not seem that way, is when she felt the need to test you. Because you weren't showing her. Again even if you think you were. You never know how someone will perceive your actions no matter how minimal.

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  • Go see her at her work place and grab a girl friend she doesn't know and plan something so you go and introduce her your new girlfriend and erase her from your phone and all social media just in front of her and wish her good luck and leave :D

  • Stop trying to contact her... in her mind you aren't dating anymore... you should move on

    • I know we are not dating anymore, but like I said I just want to know why she did what she did. I know it doesn't matter why but for me it will be easier for me to move on if I know the reason no matter how bitter it may be.

    • She isn't gonna tell you

  • Give her space.

    • I think I have given enough space. 3 weeks, if she wants to breakup so be it I have made my peace with that. I just want to know why so that I can close that chapter of my life.

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