My girlfriend is ghosting me. What should I do?

We have been together for a while and we were very close. She's been ghosting me for about 2 weeks now. There was no fight or argument, everything was okay then suddenly she stopped picking my calls and talking to me and even blocks me on Instagram. I know where she works so I can go see her. As I understand she just wants to breakup which is fine by me that's her choice and decision. I just want to know the reason why she stopped talking me just like that after everything we went through. a lot of my friends are telling me not ask her why but knowing myself, I know if can't move easily and faster without knowing the reason she did what she did. I know lots of people say the truth can hurt but I'm already hurting. if I don't know the truth everyday I'll thinking what happened or what I did wrong however she tells why she walks away I can put that chapter behind me. What do you guys think?
My girlfriend is ghosting me. What should I do?
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