I called my ex boyfriend. Before I hung up he said, "I'm glad you called". What does this mean?

My ex and I have been apart for a few months now. He wanted to stay friends, but never initiated contact. I would keep in contact every now and then by texting, because I wasn't sure about calling him (I wanted to respect his space). Well, the other day, I decided I wasn't going to text, because I missed hearing his voice. He answered (I was surprised). It was a very nice conversation, as if no time had passed. I was being a bit giddy, because I was so happy to be talking to him again. I told him I missed him and wanted to cut out the texting. He agreed that it was "stupid". He was very sweet, and even told me to be safe as it was a holiday weekend. Well, before I hung up, he said, "I'm glad you called". That threw me a bit. I'm trying not to over analyze, but I'm curious as to why he said that? Does he miss me? Or was he just being nice? And should I hold out on contacting him again?


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  • It means that he kept good feelings for you and he still cares about you, so he felt good when you called him. But don't overthink about it, because it doesn't necessarily mean he still loves you or something like that.. Probably your call just made him remember the good times you guys had together and he appreciated your consideration to call on a holiday, etc..


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  • It all depends on what happened to break up the relationship,how long it was etc I'm guessing it ended on mutual good terms.

    Sometimes when a relationship is over it takes a while to realize the friendship you had out of that, it could mean he was glad you called as its a next step to a friendship again or he does actually miss you and feels the same as you do now.

    Always the best thing to do is either talk to him about it if it is really bothering you or wait and see if he contacts you. :)

    • He broke up with me. And we were together just 4 months, but we were always together. This was in Feb. We haven't been together in 3 1/2 months, and I last saw him 2 weeks ago. I haven't contactedhim since this past weekend, but I've decided I I not to contact him again and just see what happens.

  • Call him ask about him

    Like Hi

    How have you been

    Try to have a longer converisation

    Cuz when he talks to you his real feelings are revealed

  • It means exactly what he said he's glad you called.


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