My boyfriend doesn't have faith in me.

We get along great. He trusts me. We both try and be as open as we can. I never lie to him, and he makes sure he tells me everything, even if it is hard for him to tell me because I will not like it. Even after being completely open he keeps thinking I'm gonna hurt him. He always asks me not to hurt him. His ex has left a permanent mark on him-the bitch-. He thinks now that I will hurt him as well. What do I do?


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  • It seems that his past experience with the ex has left him in a vulnerable and some what in-confident. Perhaps you can give him reason to believe that you are obviously not like his ex, and that just because he has had a bad experience with his ex, that really doesn't mean he will experience anything like that with you. All he needs is re-assurance, and you can give him that through comfort and boost up his confidence in you

    • Ive tried. He knows I'm nothing like her but still, for ex if I do something that bothers him, lets say act too friendly with a guy, he dsnt want to tell me becuase whenever he told his ex she would tell him that she does not care what he thinks. He is afraid that I might do the same. I've proved him wrong but that is always in his head. He is now moving to his university in 2 days and he is afraid that while he is gone I wil hurt him and now he's not in front of me so I can't even prve to him, or sh

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