How can I get him back after I broke his heart and trust?

In 2011, my ex boyfriend did something to break my heart and so I was angry/upset etc. I decided to move on with a guy who is a long distance new bf.

The thing that I moved on with the new boyfriend broke my ex boyfriend heart. Even tho he begged/cried etc, I couldn't take him back because I couldn't forget how he hurt me.

In my long distance relationship, however, I never stop missing my ex boyfriend and I still cry for him. Even until today...

I finally broke up with my LDR boyfriend because I know I couldn't lie to myself anymore that I am still in love with my ex.

I did many things hoping to get back with my ex. But my ex told me he doesn't want a relationship anymore. He said he loved me very much and the past memories hurt etc. He wants go have a simple and happy life. And he said we hurt each other too much and the fact that I moved on with the LDR guy (his frd) had broke his trust in me.

I saw him few days ago... He smiled a lot when he saw me and I gave him my last handmade gift to him..But he said he doesn't want to see me like this and he believes I will live better without him...(becoz he knew he hurted me a lot and we don't actually match with each other...)

What should I do? I really love him so much...and it hurts every day that he is not my boyfriend anymore. I only know if we go back tgt, I have faith and determination to work it out eventually.
but I feel he still has feelings to me...

is it possible that we maybe back tgt in the future...not now tho...
maybe I did lace him for a guy

I did not deny

but it happened because my ex knew clearly how he broke my heart at that time


Most Helpful Guy

  • You have to accept it's over. You basically left him for another man & once you did that all chances are gone. Even if in your mind that was not the case, in his it is.& no guy will go back to a woman once made an option. Separate yourself from him & move on, only thing you can do. Or torture yourself while trying to hang on to something that's not going to happen.

    • but I feel the bonding between him and I is so much stronger than normal couples :( at least he is still single until today

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What Guys Said 2

  • You should really move on.

    It seems that he really wants to embark on something new, and it's a plan without you.

    You deserve a better guy.

  • You can't. Once it's over, it's over. Move on.


What Girls Said 2

  • It's time to move on. Heartbreak will never heal if you keep dwelling on your past love. You broke up with him 2 years ago for a reason, and he doesn't want to get back together with you. Give yourself a few months to reconcile your feelings and once you're back on your feet, go find someone more compatible.

    • should I go NC and see if he will ever find me again

  • Move On

    Its not healthy anymore

    Only time could heal the wounds

    Get over it


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