Ex boyfriend dumped me and broke my heart, now he wants me back but I have moved on. What should I do?

We were great together but from time to time he would get very cold and distant, and this made our relationship lose spark over the 7 years total. This last year together was very good, getting along so well. But then last month he tells me that he has no romantic feelings for me, and that his love faded. I was a mess, cried all the time, didn't feel like doing anything. Then after 3 weeks i start feeling better and hanging with one of my close friends. We end up liking eachother and decide to go out. We go out on a few dates and were happy. Then my ex textes me. A month after the breakup. He had texted me during our time apart to meet up n talk but i always denied his requests because i was hurt and didn't want him back in my life if he can't even figure out if he loves me or not.
The difference in yesterday's text was that he was truly sorry and regretting his decisions. He asked if i wanted to meet up to talk to him and i told him that i was now talking to someone new. He flipped out. Uncontrollaby crying over the phone, wailing, etc. This really hurt me because wish him the best. The thing is he admitted to also seeing someone during this month apart. That he had only hung out and talked to the girl, nothing else. But in reality who knows? He says he cut off everything with her because he realized how unique i was and that he'll never find anyone else like me. I still love him and i miss him, but im not sure i can ever trust his feelings ever again. If he pulls another "i dont love you" in the future when we are settled down with children? I wouldn't be able to handle the pain. I also believe if he had found a special spark in that girl he wouldn't be here begging for me to come back. I've known him since we were kids, dated since 8th grade till college. I really dont know what to do. I dont know if hell be the best for me. I also dont know if i just want to cut off things with the new guy because they are going so well and i could see us becoming serious.
Ex boyfriend dumped me and broke my heart, now he wants me back but I have moved on. What should I do?
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