Why did my nice nerdy sweet innocent boyfriend change as a person after the break up?

I was dating this guy for 5 years (we’re both 22 now), I cheated on him with my coworker & then I broke up with him because I did not love him anymore, he begged me to stay and that he would even forgive me for cheating but I left him, he said that I was the most important person in the world for him. At that moment my career, friends and family became more important then him, he cared about me way more then I cared about him and I felt suffocated of his clinginess and niceness. He always bought me things, called me just to hear my voice, wrote me songs poems, called me beautiful a lot, got jealous and insecure and at the time I was not able to handle it.

The break up was 6 months ago. After dating several guys and getting my heart broken over & over I came to realize that I was an A-hole and he was the best boyfriend ever. He was a nice quiet shy guy, a skinny cute delicate sensitive frail nerd who kept to himself and his studies, he was very passive non violent. He donated to charity a lot and did volunteer work. He was a beautiful person, but he changed….

Now he is a player dating different girls every day, he's gotten really muscular lately, he's more aggressive and quick to anger and fight someone, that he hangs out with shady people and he is involved in underground illegal street racing and fight clubs. He even got arrested for a fight where he stabbed someone. When I first heard it I did not believe it. I drove past this street (On purpose) and I saw him there and he was different. He got big and muscular, he dresses differently and had a girl with him and guy friends who look dangerous. I Facebook messaged him one day and asked him why is he being this way and he said "why the fuck do you care? We broke up, and besides the only way to survive in this world is to adapt so I did what I had to do" I don't understand, its a little vague, and he stopped writing back. How could someone like him who was so kind change so much and become such a different person?
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By the way, I regret everything, I feel so guilty and wish I could have him back.
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I don't really understand why people think I'm making this story up.
Why did my nice nerdy sweet innocent boyfriend change as a person after the break up?
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