Do you think my boyfriend will cheat on me with an Asian girl?

I've been dating my boyfriend for eight months now, and everything is really great between us except for this one problem. He always brings up how sexy he thinks Asian women are. I'm not usually the jealous type but this really gets on my nerves. I'm a French woman and I have pretty much the exact opposite features of an Asian. I have green eyes and I'm very curvy (but not fat, I have a flat stomach). He's pretty persistent about it and I'm wondering if you guys think he's taking it seriously enough to consider cheating on me. It makes me very uncomfortable, and I'm not meaning to offend anyone here but what is with this stereotype with Asian women being so beautiful? The ones I've met are so tiny they look like women trapped in the bodies of little boys. There's no curves to them! Is this really what men find attractive these days, and if so why? What's this big phenomenon with Asian women being considered the most beautiful? He's planning a trip to Manila sometime in the next year and I'm very worried about it, so please answer truthfully. All opinions are appreciated!

ps: Every time we go out for sushi or anywhere with Asian food he gawks at the waitress until I wanna slap him !
Do you think my boyfriend will cheat on me with an Asian girl?
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