She texted me "let's not see each other again" I really need help on that situation, please?

I have been going out with this girl almost two months now like we were new couple and it was a year before when I first sent her a text MS, I like her so much and I thought she would feel the same way about me, but suddenly she sent me a text ms that saying "let's not see each other anymore" when I sent text MS her back asking the reason why she did that she said "no reason I just do not want to see anyone, I am sorry" now she is not responding my text massages. I have been feeling very awkward right now I just do not know what to do. She is my parents' best friend' daughter anyway, please anyone help me what to do? - sorry about my bad English.


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  • she's just not into you. I just don't like the fact that she didn't meet up with you or anything to say it in person. I mean text is just more cold. At least if you met up with her you could talk through more. If you really really like her, and since it is your parents best friend's daughter then you should be able to find a way to talk to her in person about this matter. When you see her say something like ' we need to talk' then ask her why she doesn't want to see you again and things. It's the only way you can clear this off your mind or else it will be one of those mysteries you'll have to face and get over.

    • Hello there,

      Thanks for the advice you advised me even it was so hard to accept the truth it's been a while know and how over it and I think time has healed me as people say.

      I would like you to advise me more time on my new dating girlfriend as I am having a problem with our relationship recently.

      Please send me a message if you want to advice me on that one then I will write you what is happening and what kind of advice I need from you.

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  • I tell ya, this is too easy... she don't wanna see you... let her go. Go do something other than feel sorry for yourself. If this is kinda rough to hear, yes, I accomplished my goal. but you know I'm right. Let this chick go, move on with your life. You cannot allow this to get you all hung up on getting her back- she does not want you. Do the smart thing, do the right thing. Let her be. And go live life. Don't waste anymore time on this one. She needs to be the LEAST of your concerns, dude.

  • did you have sex with her?


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