What does it mean when a guy doesn't respond to some texts?

So let me explain I've been dating this guy for a month now...and a week ago I dumped him cause I felt like he wasn't communicating enough all of a sudden, it was like he was calling me everyday and then it stopped. Then he had came back to me saying his phone had broke and that's why he hadn't called, so we ended up starting to see each other again. But now its a week later and I feel like I'm back in the same cycle.

So this week he always calls me, like every other day...and then he called me day before yesterday and asked me out for this weekend...So then after we got off the phone friday night I sent a little flirty sexy text msg & he didn't respond..Then I sent one yesterday morning just saying "hey what you up to?" and he never responded. Then I sent one couple hours ago tonight asking the same thing...And he didn't respond again.

Am I looking too much into this? Why do guys respond to some texts for a while and then stop for a day or two or something? Plus I saw him on myspace already today haha so I know if you have time to be on myspace, you should have time to respond back to a text msg. Is he doing this on purpose? Is a guy tired of you if they don't respond to some texts?

really? I thought I was the one not giving enough attention to him since I had dumped him a week or so ago lol but yeah I'm just gonna lay low from him and step back. We supposed to have a date on saturday, so I'll give him some time to get back to me
So I haven't said nothing to him...but just to see if his phone was broken or something, I had a friend call him just to see if his phone actually on...And guess what? its on! haha so I know he must have gotten the texts over the weekend..So WTF?
Ok I dumped him hahaha I got sick of waiting, drove me crazy! lol We had a date this saturday, and he all of a sudden didn't get in contact with me whatsoever this week. So I don't put up with that..hes done.


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  • I have been in the same situation and it is nothing to worry about. You are overanalyzing something which is not a problem. Guys do not like to communicate or open up as much as girls and they don't feel the need to. If he does not respond it does not mean anything and does not mean that he likes you any less. He could just be busy, not near his phone, tired or not in the mood for talking and he will get back to you when he is ready/when he has time.

    If he did not want to be with you then he would not be and if he did not want to talk to you then he would not reply to the messages eventually. A lot of people like to communicate with their partners everyday even tho there is no need and there is no need to worry if you don't communicate everyday.

    Just cut back on the communication and see how it goes from there. Just call or message him once a day max and if he does not reply just leave it and don't mention it. He will get back to you when he can. There is no need to communicate more than once a day.

    • I love your answer. I am in the exact same situation. my crush came over today and we had a great time! he said he wasn't going to call when he got to the house, he didn't. what does that mean?

    • It means what he told you. He wasn't going to call. There isn't anything more to read into.

    • I mean he said he was going to call but he didnt, what does that mean? also, he was suppose to come over again today but no hear from him, what's going on? he says he likes me and wants to get to know me more. I'm confused.....and our spending time together went amazingly well!!!!

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  • If your texts contain a serious question, I can see how this would be annoying. Asking him to respond to silly or texts that don't have any particular purpose other than to be cute or have fun is fine. You are probably smothering him a bit. Simply put, guys don't need to talk as much as girls. As long as he is treating you well in other areas, give him a little space. Trust me on this one.


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  • UGH! I am in somewhat of the same situation. I don't get it. My crush will be texting for a while then he would stop, then I see his behind on myspace! He can myspace, but not text back? I would like to know also what does that mean, so guys answer for us ladies please! lol

    • Boys, from in the womb, are hardwired to have reduced emotions, desire for communication and also communication in general. While inside of our mother's belly, we literally grow to be a differnt creature than girls. Once on the outside, we are already hardwired. Chemically speaking, girls actually get a buzz similar to herion effects when they feel the need to talk and resolve something. You can't help it any more than the guy who doesn't want to talk at the moment. Find the happy middle ground

    • Um break that down alittle more please???

    • It means you feel ten times the urge to talk. Guys don't need all that talking to feel there is sufficient communication.