Has my ex freaked out? Commitment phobia?

We were together for over 5 years. Within ONE week he became distant and a little offish. This was not a gradual slow decline where we were arguing or not being physical etc...so I was VERY shocked, it was completely out of the blue.

The reason we split was because he said 'maybe were just best friends', 'he says he loves me but doesn't know whether he is in love with me'...We had just had an amazing time on holiday celebrating 5 years together, he just turned 27. A few months before the breakup he was asking me to move in with him, marriage and future I guess was bought up more than usual. All our friends and both families are shocked.

We met to discuss breakup he said 'He isn't any happier because he wasn't unhappy' 'im his best friend' I asked him if he just loved me as a friend and he said no. I said he will regret his decision and he said 'i probably will'

I completely stopped myself from contacting him and eventually he started contacting me. We met up after he said he had bought a birthday present for me and wanted to see me (7 weeks ago) When I asked him about breakup he said he has doubt in his decision he has made, but he didn't want to tell me that as he didn't want to lead me on. He said he was confused. I told him I won't be his friend and he has to sort his head out.

Within the next few weeks following I haven't instigated any contact, its all been him...he has been making excuses to contact and see me...he keeps saying he will fix my car if I want him too. At first I rang him and asked him not to contact me about my car and only get in touch if you want to talk about this situation and us. In this conversation he admitted he was confused and missed me but wasn't sure if he just missed the habit and routine etc...

Anyway a week later he finds out my car window is playing up and he sent a text asking if I wanted him to fix it (even though I said don't text me about my car...) I kept declining...he asked about 5 times and I said no thank you but thanks for offering. I finally accepted his offer and then arranged to go to his and he would fix it but then I changed my mind and the next day sent a message saying not to worry. He didn't text back which I thought spoke volumes.

I went on holiday and he texted me before I left saying 'have a good time and let him know when I'm back and we'll catch up' he then texted me the day I got back asking if I had a good time and making small talk but didn't mention catchup...didnt hear from him for a week so I initiated the FIRST text since breakup saying 'im around at the wkend if you want to catch up' he said cool and would b in touch and on the Sun sent me a message asking if I still, wanted to do something...i agreed and said go for a drink but he suggested cinema! We went and met, didn't bring up breakup just small talk and caught up...havent heard from him yet.

Also found out he hacked into my f/book (mutual friend lives with him)-yet he broke up with me? Is he regretting his decision?
Has my ex freaked out? Commitment phobia?
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