I texted Happy Birthday to my ex and he didn't respond. Now I feel like a fool. =(

In a nutshell, my ex boyfriend and I had been broken up for 8 mos, but we have stayed in touch off and on since. The thing is, I have been doing all of the initiating, because I still care about him. Why? I don't know. We last text chatted this past weekend, and it was nice. He had been ignoring me for a few weeks, but he finally "decided" to respond. Well, I texted him HB this morning, and he has yet to respond. I'm sure he's probably busy at work, but I'm really not liking how he "chooses" when he wants to talk to me. This will be the absolute LAST time I contact him. I wasn't going to text him at all today, I should have listened to my gut. Even if he does end up responding, I know I have to be done with this. Do you guys agree he sounds like he's toying with my emotions?


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  • yes I'm sorry :( but it does sound like he's playing with your emotions. especially since you say YOU are the one that does all the contacting, not him. it sounds like sometimes he does contact you back just to be nice but it sounds like he's already moving on :(

    • Yeah I know. I don't why I care like I do. But it's fading already after today. That's got to be the lowest of the low not to even acknowledge a happy birthday. Total a-hole. I guess this needed to happen for me to finally see his true colors. If I hadn't of texted him, I wouldn't have known that he truly is a selfish d***! Thanks for your comment. =)

    • Yeah I completely understand. I don't wanna move on from my ex either... but we just have to acknowledge that enough is enough and THERE ARE other guys our there thay will respect us. :)

    • I have shown him too many times that I continue to care about him even after he has not made any effort to contact me. The pain and anger I was suppressing finally came to a head a week and a half ago when I text him telling him I wish him happiness, that that's all that matters to me. He never responded, and that just made me feel stupid. I told him I don't know why I even care and to eff off (I had put on a facade for too long). He text back and said, "No you need to". That was enough for me!

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