I cheated on my boyfriend and never told him. now he did too. help

lets start off the story .

I met my boyfriend 6 months ago we clicked instantly.He's so nice I'm his first official gf,and he introduced me to all his family. his parents love me , they even told him to aim his goals on me,and how excited they are having me in their sons life.he got his bachelors this month. we are in a long distant relationship. I'm in America and he's down under.

the trouble started about a month ago. I met a boy he would make me feel so good. we laughed and joke and instantly clicked. I saw him as a friend at first, but then he started flirting more and more.At this time my boyfriend wasn't giving me attention at all. I don't seek everyday attention ,but at least my boyfriend should have tried. I know it was my fault to, but it happen. I had sex with this boy not once, but twice. I cried my eyes the first time. I told my bff , but not my boyfriend. I have kept it a secret from him I will never tell him. even though he says I can have sex with people since he knows I'm young. I'm such a hypocrite though , it's OK for me to do it , but when he does it it's wrong.

so he left last week for a trip in this trip he met a girl and they went out and danced hat happen they kissed. he told me all about it. when I first found out I was OK with it because I knew what I did and I thought well I'll let it slide, but after a few hours it sunk in. I feel horrible, betrayed, I cried.i love this man, but wow I never knew it would hurt this bad. it was a kiss, but wow1 I know he didn't have sex, but it kills me imagining another girl on him.

hat to do?

i have ignored all his text everything. I'm stuck

i know I have no right since I cheated, but wow ...it hurts bad. I know karma came to me.i just want to know what to do?

I'm hurt so hurt and some of you may say good for you.

advice on what to do. how to make the pain go away. I lost trust in him. I'm a hypocrite since I have done worse. I love him that's all I know.

the reason I cheated was because he didn't give me emotional or attention and also because I didn't value him.


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  • Well, there really is nothing we can tell you to make the pain go away.

    You get what you give. You cheated, so did he. His offense wasn't as severe as yours, but he fessed up--you didn't.

    I think what you need to understand here is that casual sex isn't going to fill the emotional void you had from lack of attention from your boyfriend. IF it was that simple, you wouldn't have cried your eyes out the first time you had sex with this other guy. You need to understand that just because someone has sex with you--doesn't mean they like you. Like or love is not a prerequisite for sex--that's why you couldn't get the emotional connection you were looking for when you slept with your friend.

    As for your boyfriend kissing another girl...If you aren't planning to tell him that you had sex with someone else, then I think forgiveness is the least you can do. He gave you PERMISSION to have sex with other men, which is not something a lot of guys would ever do. That's putting a lot of trust in someone and if you can't do the same for him, then you don't deserve him.


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  • ok, darling, the first thing you need to do is just relax... easy enough to say when you feel all crushed and gross inside but bare with me. I'm not gonna hate on you for cheating because shat does happen, though it wasn't right. But you should tell him these things, he would feel confused right now why you havnt been answering him. Just tak with him and how you feel, communicate about everything, start falling in love again, push this other guy away because he doesn't respect what you had with this other guy. Your never to young to understand love though. Tell your real man that you just need to hear his voice more often again, and you don't want it all to fall apart. You both pretty much crossed the line, just make sure you promise yourselves not to do it again and swear it! Don't damage yourself about it all :p you'll feel better in time, but you both need to pour out on each other to become close again, long distance relationships are hard but the most special kind! And its not about the sex, don't fall for other men and let them get at you if you really love this one. You need to seek his attention and tell him how you feel about what your missing from him and what you need from him. Tell him you want to know his thoughts about everything. Don't hod it against him, or he'll hold what you've done against you... If you need more help on the situation, I'm here to talk :)

  • you should breakup to save face...you've just proven that you are vulnerable to cheat on him, which is a lot easier to do when married than compared to at the dating/relationship stages...a lot of married women cheat for the reason you did


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