He says we can't be friends. Why?

He says he's over me but we can't be friends. However, he still would like texts and to catch up. He did mention that seeing me would be difficult and so would communication. Just hearing my voice brings 'it all back.' He's on a rebound who he's only known for four weeks. When we bump into each other, he can barely look at me but steals glances when I'm not looking. I'm friends with my old ex because I'm completely over him. I feel nothing bit friendship for him.

I don't under my ex's feelings?

Why can't we be friends? Especially when he told me he cares for me.



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  • It's becasue he cares for you that he can't be friends. Just being friends is not enough when you still have feelings for someone. Knowing you can't hold/kiss your ex when you still like them is horrible and knowing you will probably find someone else is even worse. I'm still getting over my ex who I split with recently and even though I want to be around her I just am not ready to do so on a plutonic level. He may be over you in the sense that he knows you won't get back together but he is obviously not ready to become friends yet. Seeing/ hearing your voice probably just stirs up to many feelings and it sounds as if he is trying to move on and doesn't want to jeopardise how far he's got so far.

    He may come around but he may not (just depends on how much he liked you and how long it will take him to get over you). You need to respect his feelings and let him approach you when he feels ready


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