Does no contact work 100% of the time?

Ok so I have always sworn by the no contact rule because its the only way to move on. But also because so many people claim its the best way to get an ex back and have experienced this myself. But a friend of mine is telling me that she had no contact with her ex and never heard from him again... its been a year now. They had a distance relationship so I don't know if that was part of it.

Now, I still believe in no contact to move on. But I am wondering, if you want to get your ex back with no contact... will it work if they know about the no contact rule, and what if they are trying the no contact rule on you?


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  • The point of no contact is never to get your ex back. If you are using no contact for that then you are playing a one sided game that doesn't necessarily guarantee the outcome you hope it does. Go no contact because you want to MOVE ON. If he calls, he calls, not because of no contact but because he WANTED to call. He can't play a game with you he doesn't know he's even in. Using no contact to win an ex back is just an excuse to stay attached to them, you have zero control over their actions whether they call you or not.


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  • The no contact rule does work, but it's only a small piece of an overall plan. Try listening to this girl => link she gave me good advice. Everyone's situation is different, just make sure to start acting fast before he meets someone new.


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  • No contact has worked in different ways for me.

    First time I did NC, I never heard from my ex. Still haven't seen/heard of him

    Second time, my ex was texting me after about 2 weeks of NC. He did say he still loved me, and missed me, etc however nothing about getting back together so it was a waste of time imo. He continued texting me for about 3 months before I told him to stop.

  • not always but it will make them jealous and be like why aren't they tring to talk to me like keeping them wonder about you..

    my ex boyfriend broke up with me, the next day I acted like I never met, when he tried to talk to me I was short with him ..

    -This happened two years and he just apologized to me THIS summer.. it took him 2 years to apologize .. what a douche.

    • well at least he apologized... my started seeing someone else before we broke up, then dumped me to be with her and never aplogized because he somehow convinced himself there was nothing wrong with what he did... luckily for me, that just made it easier to get over him.

    • yeah my ex broke with me because he liked my best friend and not only was she my best friend she was the one who introduced us .. iv never been so hurt in my life but I'm actually glad it happened because it made me stronger and made me realize people are selfish

      But everything happens for a reason! We will find guys that will treat us right .. I hope

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