Was I being used? Please help?

So I dated this guy for a couple of weeks. And everything went smoothly for a couple of days until it came to our 5th day.
He started asking me for nudes. Of course I said no cause for someone that struggles with major body image problems and someone who is still recovering from a major eating disorder I'm not comfortable with sharing my body yet along naked body. So I declined.
Instead of understanding me he started being cold towards me and tried manipulating me into doing it (for an example he said stuff like "oh I thought you trusted me" or "if you didn't like me you could've just said so" etc.).
So of course I felt like it was my fault he broke up with me the first time.
We ended up coming back together but... he made the same mistake all over again.
Even though my brain told me it was his fault my heart blamed it on me. I thought he would've loved me more if I had sent him nudes. Nevertheless he made me feel like shit for not sending him nudes. And all he talked to me about was sex, nudes etc. But of course I thought that was just normal for guys so I didn't suspect anything.
But of course we ended up parting because he repeated the same cycle again.
That of course wasn't the only major red flag. At that time he shared his profile with me.
He texted some other girls one of them being some girl he always flirted with and constantly called her pretty and shit (don't get me wrong I find nothing wrong with guys calling girls pretty but he just flirted with her in a certain way and formed sentences in that type of way which just screamed RED FLAG). Of course I didn't think much of it cause I was crazy for him. But then I found out that 3 days after we broke up he got together with that one girl he flirted with.
So I think he used me as someone he can jerk off to cause he was simply lonely or just because he thought he could toy with me. Please just give me your opinions. I'm very lost right now. Please help.
Was I being used? Please help?
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