My ex is confusing me, am I just overthinking this?

My ex and I dated for 2 years tell she broke up with me in December (she has since stated that was to "push me" to try and become a better person). The last couple of months I've been working my butt off to try and improve and she's said she's noticed! She stated about a week ago that she is "in a relationship" but based on people who know us they say this is for sure a rebound.

A few nights ago I ended up heading to her apartment to take care of some stuff and we ended up getting physically intimate at her initiation (she NEVER did that when we were dating) After we finished she talked about some concerns she had if we got married (first time she talked about that sense breakup). She stated 3 issues, one of which she kind of proposed a solution to. One of them was something she blamed my parents for as it turns out (not to get into too many details, but that's fair): She said for this one that she would be willing to help me work on this one. The final issue seems to be projecting some of her standards on me. She told me unprompted that she "doesn't know what she wants" (as she did a time or 2 before this other guy) but she also told me that I for sure have a shot. Ended the night with her kissing me (again that never really happened before).

so I have a few questions here: and if you're going to disparage this girl or my judgment please just don't comment! I've already made my choice for this and I am going to work for a few more months but if she hasn't made a choice then I will am just going to cut her out of my life completely.

1. What could she be meaning when she says "I don't know what I want"? And any suggestions on how to help influence that one way or another?
2. What are some ways I could stop projections?
3. I am thinking I want to have a conversation where I say "hey, I've done x, y, z so what is the issue here? Anything I should say if I do such a conversation? Anything I should avoid?
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To be clear when I say
"I've made my choice" I am meaning that I am going to work for a few more months on this and then depending on the results at the end of the summer cut her out of my life. I can understand why people would suggest this but I have decided that I do not want to do that.
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Also (no clue if this makes a difference) but she has some past trauma from being raped/terrible guys before me. She also has some pretty major depression and anxiety and is mildly autistic. It's an interesting combo for sure, but I still really do love her.
My ex is confusing me, am I just overthinking this?
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