Best advice for divorce?

Married over 20 years to a cowardly bully. He said he's leaving in 3 years. I'm all too happy about it and now he is trying to undo his threat. I'll be holding the door wide open for him.

Meanwhile, what should I do to prepare? I don't have money or skills, I've been isolated from friends and family all these years, I don't have a single friend to confide in. He checks on on me several times a day, so whatever I do will have to be on the sly.

He never wanted me to work, so he's been the breadwinner. I'm going to be in a heap of financial trouble.

Forget working it out. I will never be attracted to him romantically again for a multitude of reasons.

Any advice on what steps I can and should take or resources that are available?
Best advice for divorce?
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