Am I Considered a Fickle Pickle in this Relationship?

Am I Considered a Fickle Pickle in this Relationship?

**My Fiance (Not sure I should Call him this now) Took a Break (Not even sure If IT Wasn't just a Break-up instead) For I had just Moved Nearly a Month ago to a Lovely place On My Own. I share this Place with Two other people but Not an EX (Bestie Friend) who is just a Part of my Family For Years and also a Biz partner. I now have More Freedom and Space and Feel Happier now. I can also get back into My Second book I am Writing. However, For Three years I have Been in a Long Distance Relationship with Alistyr from Gag (Not here anymore) and We became Engaged. Rings, etc. I became Part of His Family as well. We exchange Gifts, etc. I realize (Not judging neither) Many of You Frown on a LDR but it was Everything Beautiful to Us and We have/Had made it Work. I became a Bit of a problem in My Own Right with some Things and It Caused friction. And of Course, He Has/Had his own Flaws. But we still Love One another very much. Trouble Is, I am Not SURE anymore I wish to get Married and Be his Wife. Even now to Wear his Ring, Which I put Aside for Now. I don't Want to Keep going Back and Forth to Cause Him anymore pain and Anguish and Confusion. I need Advice from my Friends Here on How to Proceed now? Any Input Is Greatly Appreciated. Thank You, Friends. xx

Go slow with just Friendship and see where it Goes, Paris!
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Be his Friend Only, Paris!
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You don't seem like you Want a Relationship, Paris!
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Don't get back INTO a Relationship until you are Sure, Paris!
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Look down Here, Paris!
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2 mo
***The ONE THING I am SURE OF I want Him in My Life. xx
2 mo
***Thank YOU so Much, Everyone!!! I gave Him a Helpful HINT (S) and Knowing he KNOWS ME as Well as He Does... he is Going Slow now and Backing Down some. He was Trying Too hard to Move too Fast Track Back Onto Our Fast Memory Lane from... Yesterday. xxoo
Am I Considered a Fickle Pickle in this Relationship?
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