Need advice after sleeping with my ex, he is in a relationship?

I met my ex at work 7 years ago, we have always had a connection. A couple of years after meeting we ended up sleeping together, both single at the time. We ended up in a serious relationship. We had a kitten together, I was very close with his two daughters and family. I fell in love hard with him. We had so many plans together and holidays etc. We were together just under 2 years.

Just 3 years ago we had Christmas with our families and had a nice time. The next morning on Boxing day broke it off with me, saying that he wasn't in love. A few weeks later I found out that he had cheated on me and he was in a relationship with this other girl already.

I have experienced breakups before but this felt so much worse, I was so in love with him & fell into a deep depression. There were times that I contemplated taking my own life. This was likely amplified by the fact that we work together still.

Forward 3 years , we are getting on better at work & I feel like I am in a much better place. This last year he has been heavily flirting with me , sending very random texts etc. I turned him away back then, but lately it has started back up. Last week we were play fighting at work and he began to touch me, then almost kissed me.

Two days later he kissed me. Today we worked together and were the last two left alone in the office, we ended up having sex, it was very passionate hot. He wants to do it again but keep it between us, pretty sure he's still with the girl he cheated with.

I know what we are doing is wrong , but I can't help it as we have this connection that I can't explain. I feel like I may end up getting hurt as I never fully got over him, but I find it really hard to ignore his advances. I also know that I would never get back together with him as I could never trust him. He was married once before and cheated on his wife too.

Why do you think he is doing this now after all of this time, Could he possibly be reconsidering the relationship with this other girl?

Need advice after sleeping with my ex, he is in a relationship?
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