Should I tell him I miss him?

So D and I went out couple of times , over a month and a half ago. We had an extraordinary connection and felt extremely comfy with each other. The attraction was amazing too.

Though after the one night we spent together (almost had sex) he cooled off.

He had mentioned his ex (they only dated for 3 weeks, long months prior to us going out) and how he'd hate to bump into her, and that she was immature, etc. She just posted she's in a new relationship that same week..

After almost not talking to D for two days after that night, I asked him if all was good, and he admitted things were going a bit too fast, though he said nothing had changed in the way he felt.

Next day I had this general status on FB about dating and bad kissers (wasn't about him, he's probably the best kissing machine ever :O) and I even recall telling him he's an amazing kisser) and in a retrospective, I know for some reason he took it personally and even talked to a mutual friend about it. Unfortunately I only heard about this from my friend only two weeks after. Those were two long weeks after this stupid status, and me trying to tell him I think we should meet again.. to which he replied that he's "not into anything right now" and that he's "stuck in another place". (I assumed it was his ex.. but I no longer believe it).

Needless to say as soon as I heard about it I immediately contacted him, explaining it had nothing to do with him, and reminding him I really enjoined our time together. He said something short as "you're sweet, I didn't read anything to it, as I haven't seen anything". This reaction bothered me as it was a lie, but I respected his will to put the story behind us.

Now it's been almost two months since I've seen his beautiful smile and actually talked to him, he started liking my FB posts again (this last week) .I have tried to move on.. really I was so sure I was doing OK, and learning how to let go..but the way he made me feel .. and the way we interact is so unique.. just got stuck with me. I miss everything about him.Even tried to go out on a date, nothing works. I still feel this sense of belonging to him, it's crazy. I get butterflies I haven't felt for over 8 years, whenever I think about us.

I've had long term serious relationships, I know exactly what I'm looking for in a man, and he seemed to have those things, up until he decided he was "stuck in another place". I know it's kind of obvious but I feel if I told him I missed him, he might even feel the same way. It's just a thing bothering me now, I doubt I'll do it.. Since I believe if he wanted me, he'd be trying to get me back..

Anyways, it's on my mind and I'd be glad to hear your opinion.

Wishing you all the best day!
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I'd really like to hear a guy's perspective too .

Should I tell him I miss him?
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