How do you get over someone who fooled you so badly?

so devastated right now. finally thought I found someone who was good man who even if we didn't work out I could call him a friend or at least remember him fondly. we both have baggage...divorce, etc. so I knew things had to go slow. biggest mistake was probably us sleeping together the last two dates...before that all we had done was kiss. and I slept over both nites...i thought we had crazy good connection...we didn't talk a lot or text a lot between dates but he would call when he said he would to make plans and we'd send a quick cute text here and there. all of a sudden after last date, nothing from him. it just makes no he could hold me and be affectionate one minute, I mean I stayed til like noon the next day just chatting and laughing and he was already planning our next date. he had said he would be busy all week so I gave him space...we had both been online that's how we met but both had been off a few weeks...not that we discussed it we both just stopped going on...i only know he stopped logging on because my friend who is online saw he was off when she was online (she wasn't spying, she just noticed it)...i text him Friday he says all is well he just busy (I didn't confront him on not calling at this point even though it had been five days... I didn't want to seem needy)...said he would call me Saturday. never did. then it's Monday and I get a call from my friend who says that he is back online...and I still haven't heard from him. so I send him a text, not mentioning the online stuff because I don't think that's appropriate but that I am not kind of girl who sleeps around and doesn't get a call for over a week from a guy who supposedly likes her...and that I was hurt and thought he should have at least told me he wanted to end things instead of just fade away. it wasn't a mean text at all...even my guy friends agree. but he never even responded to that one. I went back online last night figured I should and he was online. so obviously I was played. I know I only knew him a couple of months, but I feel so used and really hurt and upset...i truly liked him A LOT and thought he was great person. why would someone who seemed so sweet and attentive just switch off all of a sudden? and not even have courtesy of a breakup text let alone call? and why am I having such a hard time getting over it? this sucks
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and also I feel so gross and pathetic that he didn't even find me worthy of a call or even text to break things off...that I meant so little just avoiding me altogether was the way he wanted to go. it really hurts...makes me feel I was nothing to him ever. and I feel stupid because I thought he felt the same way about me. :(
How do you get over someone who fooled you so badly?
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