Boyfriend still has kissing pictures with ex on Facebook...

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year and a half. He's only had one other serious relationship, and it was 4 years ago. This girl is still around, she's friends with a lot of our friends so I see her time to time. He doesn't get along with her or talk to her, but we've always been friendly. I'm not jealous or nervous about her at all, I know he is completely over her.

Well, recently she added me on Facebook and because we are friendly I accepted. A few days later I noticed my boyfriend all of a sudden had about double the amount of pictures he had previously (Yes, I'm weird and I notice this stuff) So I go looking through them and now all of the pictures she had of him are visible to me. Most of them aren't bad at all, they have other pictures of the two of them floating around and it doesn't bother me. However I found a couple that REALLY annoyed me. A couple of them kissing/making out and one of his face pretty much in her boobs.

Im kind of shocked because my boyfriend isn't like this at all, I wouldn't expect him to have pictures like that...let alone still up. I texted him letting him know they were up there and he replied that "Oh yea, I knew I just never deleted anything from Facebook". This is the part that kind of annoyed know they're there and you're too lazy to figure out how to delete them? Am I overreacting or do I have a right to be mad? It's just weird knowing these pictures have been floating around on there for the last year and a half that I've been in his life and he hasn't thought to remove them..
Boyfriend still has kissing pictures with ex on Facebook...
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