Should I break up with him because he disappears on weekends?

We've been dating for almost 3 months. When we're together, he's great..he makes me feel special and wonderful and he's honestly the nicest guy I've ever met. We talk on the phone M-Th, for hours at a time and see each other then.

On weekends, I work so it's difficult for me to see him and he's usually hanging out with his friends. He doesn't call or text me AT ALL. Nothing. He just flat out disappears. I KNOW he's with his friends and he's not cheating on me (trust me, I just know..he has like 2 friends)

Feeling sort of cheap, bothered, and unappreciated..I decided to confront him about it. I told him it felt weird that he just stops talking to me on weekends and M-Th he expects to talk to me all the time. I told him I don't expect a 3 hour conversation, but at least a text to know he's thinking of me. He apologized and said he would do that.

The next weekend comes up and he calls me once on his lunch break at work, and when I called him back a few hours later, he told me he couldn't talk cause he was with his friends but asked what's up. I texted back telling him "Nothing. Just want to say hi. Enjoy your lunch" and something about him promising to send me pictures..he told me he would and that was it. He never sent those pictures (which I don't care's more of an issue of not doing what he said and not feeling like a priority), or called. He hasn't called me all weekend at all..or even texted me at all.

I don't know if I'm being too demanding or what. I just see other girls, my girlfriends, who get the occasional text from their boyfriends or some even text back and forth..even if those guys are with their friends.

It just feels like I'm not a priority in his life the minute other people are around. In my mind, I feel like if he's thinking of me, he should at least say hey..but he doesn't. He'll probably call me tomorrow and expect to talk to me for 3 hours. He has never invited me to hang out with him and his friends. I know he smokes pot on weekends (something I don't do. It doesn't bother me that he does it), so maybe that has something to do with it?

Those times that we aren't together have gotten me thinking- I can see a future without him.

Am I being some clingy girlfriend or am I right in wanting to end things? I'm so torn.
Should I break up with him because he disappears on weekends?
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