Trying to break up with my boyfriend but he runs every time!

I've tried to fix it and fix it but it's not working so I've decided to try and break it off with this guy and every time I say hey you need to meet me or I need to get something off my chest he either says no I won't meet you or leaves my house. I even tried to block the door he just won't freakin talk to me! I'm fed up with him talking to females online saying oh I'm just looking for friends, him denying he said he was single to them, and how he gets angry and turns everything around on me I'M TIRED!

I'm tired of him making me worthless like I don't deserve something better it's like he is scared to let me go but when he broke up with me in February he text me 6 days later saying he missed me & he was sorry for hurting me etc but yet he is doing the same thing again! He avoided me 1/2 of Valentine's day Because he was at his now roommates house (he really was) & he said "I haven't done valetines since my ex" I never got one single thing since Christmas. W.e happened in that relationship he is taking it out on me and now she's married and they broke up 2 years ago. p.s If I say I need to talk he says say it over text but I'm not a coward.

I speak to him every other day he comes over


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  • I know you want to give him respect to break things off maturely. But I think it's beyond rediculous that you just don't carry on with your life if he keeps running away.

    Before I can help can you tell me how youveven manage to speak to him at all?

    • Okay you can't break up so suddenly. It may be a little mean but you may have to do it a little out of the blue. Ask him he feels about you and everything that has happened (don't drag it out of him) then when it is your turn tell him how you feel. Don't say everything you are bothered with all at one go and if possible begin with the positives. Like one minute in just officially dump him. And if he allows you say exactly how you feel regarding everytging. At least there will be no more excuses!

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  • You've tried to do it the traditional way, he knew it but wouldn't accept the formal break up.don't let this guy hold you hostage. Consider yourself single.stop taking his calls, block his number and ignore him. You're single