Ex and his new girlfriend always stare at me - why?

My ex and I broke up a while back and haven't had much contact since. He basically pushed me away and he has never told me what caused the break up. We have mutual friends, so we have seen each other out a few times. Each time he has had a different girlfriend with him, while I've been in the same relationship. He never talks to me, I just get stared at by him and the girl he is with. Occasionally I will see them arguing or the new girlfriend will look mad at him.

I don't go out of my way to make a scene or give reason to be stared at. Nor do I say or acknowledge them. I don't act like I'm having a miserable time to give them something to talk about. I'm generally in a happy mood. It does hurt to see him with someone else because I still care for him, else, but it happened.

The girls he has been dating look nothing like me. They are some what frumpy looking and just don't take care of themselves Which there is nothing wring with that, but it's nothing like what he went after when he meet me. I work out and play soccer 5-6 times a week. I have lost weight since the break up, but I enjoy being healthy, but not a health nut.

I hate the feeling of being judged by someone I used to date, let alone his new girlfriend.

Why would an ex stare at you if he is with another girl?

Is it a sign of jealousy or regretting what he lost?


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  • I think he is probably regretting the break up especially seeing he has been unable to be in a happy relationship and having no closure for either of you is a hard thing and that is a tuff thing to move on from . Maybe he doesn't know why either could be a matter of cold feet.

    Having mutual friends means you will always be stuck unless you resolve the situation by talking to him and that means forgiveness on your behalf but forgiveness is not for him it is for you so you can move on and because you still care for him means there is still love there and I recon that is how he feels as well.

    It may not be the romantic love that you had before but the love you have for a friend. Woman will aways check out the competition or the ex girlfriend so you probably won't get any love there which is to be expected.

    I don't think he is judging you he may well be caring a torch for you

    which is a cross he has to bare of his own doing.

    • Any advvice on how to get him to talk to me? I tried to get closure after we broke up, but he kept pushing away. so I gave him his space. Before, if I saw him, I'd say hi. Now, I act like he's not there, but I can tell he still looks. It's too hard for me to look at him knowing I can't talk to him. Lately, I have been missing him and thought the storm had settled on his end, so I sent a friend request via Facebook. He just blocked me instead. Did I cross the line with a friend request?

    • You can try to get a friend who is close to you both to act as a mediator or you could try writing him a letter the old fashion way by post.

      The FB request would have put him in an awkward situation, if he accepted his girlfriend would be aware, he might have done you a favour in avoiding her wroth toward you.

      For your sake and his and your friends you all need closure and if he can't give it then you ask your friends to avoid inviting you both to the same get together and give it to the universe.

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  • I think your last two sentences are probably corect but don't worry about. Sure you still have some feelings Move on all of us me included need to take starting and ending relationship more seriousely. it is too easy to just say good by now and people end up hurt and then hurt the next person they are with trying to get over it.

    Forget the guy enjoy your new hot bod find someone to love you and fight for you not toss you away.


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