After 3 years why would my ex start texting me?

We were in a brief but very committed relationship. He ended it suddenly, and with no explanation. He immediately got back with his ex-wife..married and had a baby with her. I took it very badly but after a year finally moved on and I am happy. Out of the blue (and after 3 years of no contact at all) he starts texting me. At first I didn't know who it was because I deleted his # long ago. We've been communicating for about 2 months now. I have been nice and non confrontational, just trying to figure out his motive. Is he just bored and fishing? Or being sadistic and trying to open old wounds?


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  • Sounds like his marriage didn't turn out quite the way he expected it.

    Sounds like he's looking for an affair.

    Tell him to fuck off.


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  • He's lonely, because now it's not working with his ex, again. He is hoping to ignite an old spark between you two. If you were to get back with him, my money is one it just happens all over again. Ask him what his wife thinks about him texting you. My bet is he says the relationship is on the rocks. He wants what he used to have with you. But what happens when he gets bored and dumps you, again?


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  • I would have never even responded to him... I mean I get why you did but think about it... he ditched you.. didn't even have the decency to explain? To tell you what you meant to him or anything? That's heartless.. You should not talk to him.


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