Message to ladies with height requirements? From short guy

Message to ladies with height requirements? From short guy

Ok ladies as a short guy I'm going to make an open letter to you all who have requirements for height in guys. The whole social stigma rule of guys having to be tall than the girls.

Now ok preferences, attraction, yes of course I know we can't help what we're attracted or not attracted to mostly, its natural its conincidence and this could include height. Even I have a few physical preferences but they are far from dealbreakrs and far from the most important preferences between a yay or nay.

I'm not saying its a crime to not be attracted to someone, but I wish to say this about height.

Height affects everyone different, some are tall, some are short, males are GENERALLY bigger and taller than females but then again you get plenty of males who are on the shorter end of the 5 foot range and plenty of females on the higher end up to 6 foot+

Celebrities, plenty of them too, plenty more who are dating shorter guy/taller female couples.

Height is one thing we can't control or change at all, whilst good nutrition and protein as we grow along with regular exercise can help, it's mostly down to genetics that are out of our control. It's down to pot luck if we're tall or short. We can change personality, we can change our hair colour, we can change the style of clothing we wear, we can change our sexuality, we can to some extent control our weight by what we eat and exercise but height you can't. Particularly with certain conditions such as dwarfism etc.

So for most of us shorter guys, we never chose to be short, we can't help it and unless your that stupid you know that too but it doesn't make us any less of who we are. I know there are some shorter guys who can take things to extreme thinking they have to stand to fights but that's them as characters, it doesn't mean the same stigma should be painted on all short guys just because of a handful. You don't know the person until you get to know them. I'm sure it gets you down a bit if a guy refuses to date you because your not 'fit' enough for their liking.

Preferences are preferences but when its something we can't control it can hurt, ok if you really can't get over it, at least be as kind and considerate as you can to us about it then we will have more confidence, otherwise it can hurt and damage our confidence being rejected solely over one thing we have no control or choice over.

Preferences Vs Requirements=big difference

Regarding preferences, again nothing wrong with it but it's when it becomes a dealbreaker that's the worser stigma, now EVEN I may have a slight preference for a girl of similar height but despite that it's literally one of the last things I would look for. I couldn't care less if she's 6 foot or 3 foot if she's a great outgoing girl so what? Height makes no difference to who she is. Same with guys. We are people like you. No one can be perfect looking, and finding 'the one' shouldn't devolve solely around physical preferences, else it takes a whole light away from the person of your life, the one who treats you the way you deserve to be treated as a loving girlfriend/partner/wife.

Now I will make it clear as I said, it is absolutely no intention to force you to become attracted to what you are not attracted to, of course not, I'm not saying its a crime as such we would rather you be straight and honest then feel forced to date someone your not comfortable with, but at the same time attraction can change, people can change and you'll realise that if you do try to be more open including with height preferences then it will actually benefit you as much and give you more choice. No one says you HAVE to date a shorter guy in order not to be heightist or anything, but it should be about the person not the height regardless of if he is 4 foot or 7 foot. I'm sure that unless you are that stupid you would MUCH rather date a 5 foot 5 guy who treats you right than a 6 foot guy who beats you up and treats you like crap. Common sense.

But just please, realise that we are people, we are humans too we are just as capable of giving you everything a tall guy can give, and there should be nothing weird or awkward or embarassing about it. We are just as capable of loving you, protecting you and being there for you and everything else that goes along with a strong successful relationship. If you care that much about what others think then it means you insecure with yourself (when we get all the critictism for being insecure with ourselves) I couldn't care less. I love my height, I love the physical advantages that I have over taller guys like fitting in smaller spaces and better flexibility in my body and things like that. I am happy with who I am. I just wish we could learn to all be one together! You could be missing out on a great opportunity by turning someone down simply because he is vertically challenged All the best x


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  • Girls are genetically predisposed to liking larger men. They can protect then better according to nature. Girls who are taller than their boyfriend feel like mothers. You can't just change millions of years of evolution. But believe me there are shorter women than you.


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