Is Feminism the Enemy of Romance?

Since I was a little girl, my mother told me I could do anything I wanted to do and she taught me to outdo my brother who was 4 years my senior. While this killed my relationship with my brother due to the sibling rivalry that ensued, I considered myself a feminist. I was a female who could do anything a man could however this was within reason.

I am a feminist however I consider myself a lady. So at what point does feminism become too much? Is it when a woman decides she can act like a man just because she is capable? It may be true that we can do everything a man can (again within reason, peeing against a tree is not so much our fortay as their's!) but the question is should we?

More and more women feel they can treat a man in a 'treat em mean and keep em keen' way while claiming this is because they are independant woman. The next you know, the same woman wants to swig beer with her man and get him to pay for it. They want a household where he cooks and cleans for her and she gets to be queen while he is extorted. These women are ruining the lives of women who like to act like a lady. Who believe in old fashioned (or maybe just correct?) values.

My partner is a few years younger than me and he has had more to do with these new age 'feminist' women. It meant that he didn't know how to treat me, I can do anything I set my mind to and my mind is set to giving him a good life with benefits in return. Old fashioned benefits. I will cook, clean and look after him but I expect to be treated well too. Give me some romance in return and woo me to keep me in your life because I (unlike the super feminist monkeys) deserve it.

Is Feminism the Enemy of Romance?

So this brings me on to another area of this subject... Seduction. When I am in a nightclub and I am wearing my Armani dress and carrying my Versace tote (which I worked very hard for by the way and I am not a princess) do I want some lager lout coming up to me saying 'alright darlin? wanna pint?' errr no. How about complimenting me on my smile which earned me the nickname of Miss Colgate during my modelling career or maybe giving me a nice compliment. Grabbing my glutes is not complimentary, it is an insult. However here comes the feminist monkey tripping in her sky high heels with her skirt around her waist falling in to the arms of the gorilla who i not so long ago sent packing. No surprise she will be going home with him tonight because 'why should it be ok for men but not women to sleep around?' Just because we could never means that we should!!!!

This is where 'feminism' has killed romance. Men have lost respect for women so they dont try the romance thing any more. There is no chase so they lose respect, the feminist monkeys make sex so easy to acquire that they dont go after the good women who have the old fashioned values until they realise that if the feminist went home with them, they were most likely at the end of a very long string of men and one nighters. So they eventually come back to the hard to get lady as lets face it, if you want to reproduce, you want to with someone worth having... so do yourself and us ladies a favour feminist monkey... BECOME EXTINCT!


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  • "Men have lost respect for women so they dont try the romance thing any more."


    Not unless by "men" you mean "douchebags" - but they didn't respect women in the first place.

    I'm a feminist. I'm also pretty fucking dominant. I have no problems finding feminist women who enjoy that, and If I meet a woman whose views on how to achieve equality differ greatly from my own? Just like any other major issue, such as religion or political views, we may just not be able to get along as people.

    But that's got nothing to do with romance, bro. That's just conflict of character.


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  • You are very obviously a man posing as a woman everyone can tell :)
    All feminism want's to provide is choice nothing more, nothing less. You can chose to be traditional or you can choose not to be, as long as you are not hurting anyone you are entitled to your choice. I choose to go out and rally with my local feminist group to build a men's shelter, because I believe that to achieve equality we may as well help men too on the way to achieving that goal. I chose to pay half of my first date with my boyfriend because I wanted him to know that I am aware that he is a struggling student just as I am and I don't expect him to pull my weight for me financially. I choose to fix up the car instead of my boyfriend, because I was raised learning how to do it properly even though my gender role dictates I shouldn't. It's more practical and logical for me to fix the care because I know how. My boyfriend enjoys cooking and is very good at it even though his gender role dictates he shouldn't but he chooses to ignore that and do what he wants. I choose to believe that the constant upkeep of masculinity is an unfair burden to place on men, just as constantly keeping up the facade of femininity is a burden on women. I choose to fight against child marriages and female genital mutilation in other countries because I am not okay with letting that suffering continue. No need to call people monkeys because all that does is make YOU look un-evolved.

    • You do realize most modern day YOUNG women (in our age group) don't like feminists, right?

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    • You realize that's bullshit right? Feminism is nothing but a label, it no longer has any organization like first and second wave feminism. Hell, you don't even have a cause, you just do what you want and say it's feminism. Oh, scratch that, i just realized you do have a cause; making women think they're victims of everything. And for the men's shelter, you must be stupid or something because domestic violence shelters will fucking laugh in men's faces if they are victims. Anyway, you're now a minority, as you should be. Get over it and stop fooling yourself. Women who aren't interested in feminism don't go near these things because all feminists do is shame them and make them ashamed for being women. That sure as hell doesn't sound empowering to me.

    • I didn't come here for a fight :) you are obviously a very angry person and I have no time for that. You are just imposing your own biased opinions on me as if they were facts. Also there are organized causes, the men's shelter being one I personally was involved in which is meant specifically for male victims of domestic abuse and will not "Fucking laugh in their faces" as you so eloquently put, because as I said the shelter is specifically for men to avoid that happening. Other causes feminists work towards are child marriage, female genital mutilation, human trafficking, and abuse that takes place in the porn industry. You can insult me or throw a tantrum now if you wish but I think these causes are important and I'm going to continue to fight for them.

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  • Don't date feminists... just don't.

    • I would have lost it... know way I could keep my cool haha

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    • I would've given it to that chick calling ol boy "scum". Long dick style.

    • @awesome93 I don't know. I'd imagine it was very difficult. It is very clear this is a hate filled movement they are pushing. I would never want any association with psychopaths like these.

  • What a stupid load of crap. You consider yourself a feminist and at the same time say feminists are the problem, instead of not generalizing every woman who doesn't behave like you want them to as a ''feminist monkey''.

    You're just buying into the male agenda to make feminism seem like the source of every problem in the world, and like their real purpose is to enslave men. ''Feminists just want men who pay for everything, cook, clean, while they rule as the queen of the household". You're brain dead, and you don't realize how you're hurting yourself by giving men a reason to justify their own bullshit. And you're honestly saying the girl in that picture is in any way a feminist? Go educate yourself instead of wasting everyone's time sharing your biased, twisted, worthless opinion.

    • Not quite the way I'd have put it, but yeah. This.

      I've dated several feminists. It's really fucking easy. You just talk to them like they're people instead of a collection of orifices for you to stick your dick in.

      I mean seriously, how hard is to not be an insufferable asshole?

    • @diarrhea

      To be honest, she doesn't sound like a real feminist in my opinion. However, I know that claiming what is a "real feminist" can be problematic to a degree, and there can be/are different types of feminists. But still, I couldn't help but think this as well.

  • "Feminists" are self-entitled, mean spirited bitches. They're unapproachable and intimidating. They think they're queens. They are ice queens.

    • You're generalizing. There are extremists in every "group". Of course extreme feminists are the loudest. But I'm a feminist who also plans on staying home with my children when I have them. I support equality, which means talking about men's issues as well.

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    • No, feminism is defined as promoting equality for all genders. Look up the definition. Unfortunately a lot feminists ruin the cause. And it doesn't help that even the word itself sounds female shifted.

    • @SparklingFirefly what do you have to say about how you accused me of generalizing? I put feminists in inverted commas to show that I meant the women who identify as feminists but do not carry out the definition of the word.

  • An interesting take geared towards a highly specific situation. In any case, its interesting enough.

    Pro tip though. Don't tell anyone you are a feminist, but say you still support equality. The whole feminist thing is out of vogue now. Especially since them and terrorists have a lot mroe in common now.

  • The difference between you and other feminists, is you are the textbook definition (about equal rights), although I could still argue nobody needs a "label" for that and anyone who does, does it for attention-seeking purposes. But these other feminists hate men, so obviously, they have killed romance.

    I must disagree that feminists make sex easy. If anything, it's the opposite. Most of them won't have sex with a man, because they're either a Lesbian or hate men in the first place. It's made sex much harder for men.

    Luckily, women in my age group usually hate feminists (new wave feminists, not textbook definition.)

  • Exactly. This is why I won't date a feminist. I'd rather not end up spending the rest of my days fighting and arguing over nonsense and disagreeances all the time.

  • I can sympathize with you in regards to how hard it can be to find someone who is interested in something more meaningful than just sex. I recently went on several awesome dates with a woman and she blew me off because I wouldn't have sex with her yet, so she went back to her ex who dumped her, has two kids from a previous relationship, and who she claimed she was over. I think that's a societal issue though, and not a feminism issue.

    I think where feminism causes problems is when they women try to be the man in the relationship. Women having careers and being financially independent is great, but when their desire to be independent becomes a desire to be in control in the relationship it's a huge turn off romantically. When women expect a guy to always be calling and texting her, or when she tries to pay during dates, wants to drive herself even after the 2nd or 3rd date, etc.

    When a woman tries to pay, or wants to drive herself, or doesn't call or text for several days, us guys assume you lost interest or just view us as a friend. It's okay for a woman to play the masculine role on special occasions, but it should not be the norm. Men are attracted to femininity and women are attracted to masculinity, and if you disrupt that you will end up losing attraction for each other.

  • YES!

    it is the enemy of romance and the ally of ignorance arrogance, self entitlement, and gold digging

  • Yeah, I am not a big fan of this take, but let's look past that. I am commenting here to ask the question why is there an obsession among females to compete with men, or prove that they can do what men can? I mean, even if women can do 100% of what we do and even more effectively, why on Earth would they want to? I just don't understand the desire. There are plenty of things that are known to be a 'specialty of women' and I have never felt the need to prove that I can do what they can, regardless to whether I can or not.

    When I hear the term feminism, I imagine a movement that aims to guarantee the same rights for both genders, irrespective of how most feminists define it or express it. This is the only thing that makes sense to me to be honest. I have a mother, a sister, close female friends, and maybe a daughter someday, and I would love to see them receiving the rights and privileges they deserve and not having their options limited or dreams ruined because of their gender. However, I feel like society is becoming childish by turning this whole thing into a competition of sorts.

    Call me crazy, but I think women can still do women stuff and men can still do men stuff while having equal rights and opportunities. The whole "I can do this, too", "men and women should be able to behave identically", and "every sector must have 50% females and 50% males" arguments are extremely silly and uncalled for. In my mind, the goal is to eliminate gender (M/F) from being a factor that companies, governments, etc.. would consider in order to reach a decision. Any decision.

    I love women the way they are. I don't want them to become mechanics or truck drivers or to change their styles and habits just for the sake of proving that they can do it like we can, or better. Grow up society! Equal rights for all humans is the optimal goal, not competing with each other, you imbeciles.

    These are my thoughts on this. It is not an attack on your take Miss Anonymous. : )

    • no i completely agree... as i said this is my take on the world and how i find it affects me so some people will find it completely wrong as unless they are in my shoes they cannot see it the same way or experience it the same way. :)

    • Well put. I like your mentality. We must apply ourselves to others' perspectives and try to understand where they are coming from, whether we agree with them or not. Each person has a unique point of view on life, no matter what.

    • I think its why it annoys me when someone comes on and says 'you are wrong' also because i have an issue with sleeping around... its about safety, morals and reputation and I am proud of who I am, have no reason to be ashamed of myself. I feel that because of this I am allowed to voice my opinion and I have nothing to justify :)

  • Feminism has its bright spots, but as with everything, you give it a little bit of encouragement and the bastards go overboard with their ideas. Hallelujah..

  • Well in some ways it can be if things that were once seen as romantic are no longer romantic because of an attitude shift or a shift in the way we view certain things. Some women really don't need any of that jazz of having to be wine and dined and honestly I applaud those women wholeheartedly. They've found a way to tap into a part of themselves that realizes we're all people and neither one of us should be trying to dominate the other gender in such an unfair way.

    The hardline ones that are totally nuts and almost militant with it are the ones you actually stay away from, they will destroy your soul as a man even if you don't have ill feelings toward women. It's a tough dating world out there, finding someone good is like striking gold.

  • Feminism is a euphemism for man-hating (and disrespecting men) under the disguise of "equality". So, most men are not interested in feminists.

    • Unfortunately I have to agree here

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    • @basinodim You're probably looking up definitions and saying. I'm saying from my life experiences and have gone through these double standards. In my country, a lot many are feminists and too many double standards are in practice. So, if you want to know, look up details about this shitty law -- IPC 498 A -- which is still in practice (because of many feminist politicians justifying it). According to this, if a women simply complains about dowry, then without even a single evidence, the husband as well as his whole family can be arrested and put in jail for at least 5 years (and he loses job, his life gets spoiled etc.). And it becomes the responsibility of victim to prove his innocence. And more than 95% of the cases were false complaints where women misused it to threaten men and extort money. And many innocent men have committed suicides due to this and still continue to do (they probably never even knew about all these shit, otherwise, they wouldn't have married).

    • Now, where is that "equality" in feminism? Is it because we were born with a penis that we have to suffer all this? Feminism was responsible for making such unfair laws (and there are still feminists who try to justify it, and that's why it's still in practice).

  • "Is Feminism the Enemy of Romance?"
    TL: DR
    Feminazis are the enemy to everything, just like actual Nazis.

  • Yeah feminism sux for sure but I don't think that it influenced the romance because this problem is everywhere (even in the places where feminism doesn't even exist).

  • I don't know where the myth that men like a chase came from. A woman playing hard to get is wasting my time that could be better spent on other more lucrative prospects. I don't respect a woman for playing games and neither do most guys. In my mind everyone gets equal respect, which is none until you have earned it. The reason for men outing in less effort is because most people are not worth the effort and time. Playing hard to get won't change that, it will just make men go after more available prospects. No guy wants to bend backwards chasing a woman.

    • men chasing women is the norm of the sexes. Hence men are seen as the predators, men used to have to fight for the rights to be with a woman. Or show is worth. Its like that in any species, animals, insects.. etc Evolution created that so yea its normal. i dont know any guy who says they respect a woman they didn't have to chase alittle. But i guess it depends on the man. I the point of feminism is so women would be treated as equal to their male counterparts. Equality in relationships is different to each relationship. So one cannot make a universal bar of what equality in relationships are. Feminists dont want to be told what to look like by the media, we dont want to be told we can't be payed as much as our male counterparts eventhough single mother household is the average American family. We dont want to be told if we dont cook adn clean we aren't women , we dont someone of the opposite sex telling us what to do with out bodies... etc

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    • i am not one of the game playing types though, I didn't really make this clear (although come on I only have so many characters to use in these things!) I would much rather get to know a guy and have some romance and honesty right from the beginning... these days there are so many dating 'rules' it drives me crazy. so many days to text etc... its just crazy! When i was younger it was full on or nothing and that was ok. now you tell someone you like them and you are a bunny boiler stalker psycho and its stupid :(

    • Dude, you have worded this pretty well. Upvote from me.

  • I think romance died with the Armani dresses and the Versace tote. And it died with the notion that just because something is traditional, it is also unconditionally correct. I am more into people who I can respect as a person and enjoys being respected as a person, rather than as a "lady". Ladies have their noses up too high. It just isn't attractive to me.

  • "she taught me to outdo my brother who was 4 years my senior"

    Wow. Sorry but your mother sounds awful. She clearly favors you over your brother when she should love you both with all her heart. Did she just not love him?

    • She probably favored he because she was a girl. Because her mother was a feminist who wanted an evil seed to sew into society. (not saying you're evil myTake owner :D but your mother sounds like she was)

  • This is a good take and I think addresses a lot of the confusion both men and women are going through at the moment, caught between two sets of gender roles. It is a complicated and confusing time for dating, but that just means we have to treat people on a one by one basis, and not just all women as women or men as men.

    if that even makes sense... not sure how else to say it...

  • I totally agree with you , feminism has killed chivalry in men and made a lot of them to treat women like shit because that was the only way to approach them , and the worst is that many women ( but not all ) like it much more than when they were treated nicely , basically , old fashioned men are just cursed in today's age

    Never had i heard any of my friends say that the girl he's talking to likes good romantic talks , or even normal talks , when i sat one time beside a friend , he talked to the girl like SHIIIIIT , and i was like : o_O , she accepts that?

    Feminism ----> killed true nice and romantic guys ------> the result is BAD...

    whos fault is that , i do not like to generalize , but it's those women's fault , but i'm SURE that are good old fashioned women hiding out there , they are the same as good guys , afraid to show themselves...

  • While i don't like oversensativity, i don't think the answer is old fashioned roles. I'm not going to treat someone like a queen, but also not a princess, if that makes sense.

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  • What you're talking about isn't feminism, it's female chauvinism, which is what happens when women lost sight of the true meaning of feminism. Feminism itself hasn't killed romance, but the egos of some women have. It's still quite possible to have a balanced, romantic relationship these days though, just like the way you describe you're approach. My fiance and I treat each other as equals and the romance is certainly not dead. We both do what we can to take care of each other and show each other how much appreciate the other.

    • Thanks for your comment and well said... I hastily wrote this while annoyed at something someone said to me yesterday and so it isn't written the best way! I think you are totally correct in what you said, I also believe that a couple does much better in life when they work as a team rather than try to dominate the other :)

    • I agree, semantics aside, this was a good take. :)

    • Men are still dominant

  • Feminism isn't killing off romance, hypocrisy is.

    Also you're clearly frustrated. "the feminist monkeys make sex so easy to acquire that they dont go after the good women who have the old fashioned values until they realise that if the feminist went home with them, they were most likely at the end of a very long string of men and one nighters."

    That phrase in particular irks me a little. There is nothing wrong with having lots of sex. Your "traditional values" don't mean jack. You're just mad that you can't use sex to get guys to do what you want anymore, because it's easier to get.

    Also the "chase" is a bunch of BS mind games, and if you participate in playing hard to get, or "giving hints", then you're clearly not a likeable woman.

    • That is the one thing I disagree with this myTake on.

      If feminists hate men, then how would they be making sex easy? It's the opposite, they're making sex HARDER. Most feminists I know aren't even ATTRACTED to men in the first place.

  • Subtle slut shaming, looking down on girls who don't share your "traditional values", thinking you DESERVE romance... yeah you don't sound like a feminist to me.

    A feminist doesn't judge people based on the sex they have. A feminist doesn't think her values are better than yours, whether those are traditional or more modern. A feminist realizes she doesn't "deserve" shit. Either she gets it or she doesn't. She's not self-entitled.

    It's fine for you to have traditional values. Feminism is all about being able to choose what's best for you. But realize that what's best for YOU might not be what's best for EVERYONE ELSE. If these girls want to sleep around, let them. Not your life, why should you care? Why do you think it's important that every girl should act like you and keep their legs crossed at all times? Why SHOULDN'T we have sex if that's what we want? So yeah, basically stop shaming other girls for having sex and mind your own business.

  • This was pretty bad

  • "Look at me! I'm so much better than all those *other* girls!" <--- what you sound like

    • Agreed. Humans all want the same things, men happened to be the stronger ones so they were in power for awhile, but women would just as happily treat men poorly given the chance. If said person can borrow the protection via titling themselves ''feminist'' and undermining the work of real feminists then that's what they'll do.

    • @e-nigma yep. All humans are terrible. Hopefully some more balanced species will take over for us. We have no idea what we're doing.

    • So much yes to this comment.

      "I'm a feminist, but I'm a GOOD feminist unlike those monkeys".


  • You have the values of feminism completely wrong. Feminisms first goal is equality between men and women, not competition between them where a woman proves she can do anything a man can. Also its about working together with other women and not pitting them against each other or putting them down because of their actions. Feminism isn't about forcing gender roles to switch (making a man do household chores while the woman does nothing). Any women who do any of the things you mentioned above while claiming its in the name of feminism are wrong. If a feminist wants to be promiscuous she can, but not all feminists are, and they certainly don't all behave the way you mentioned.
    Don't act all high and mighty because you don't take part in one night stands and believe in traditional values. Don't lump promiscuous, independent women all in one category and say that they're feminists. Don't say you're a feminist when you're not, you're just adding to the problem.

  • Men don't respect women anymore because of feminism? One could argue that many men didn't repect women before feminism. Feminism wouldn't have come around if women were given the same respect a man receives.
    ~Just saying

    The rest of the take is wonderful though! Well done.

  • I just want people to know that there are a lot of moderate feminists out there. I identify as a feminist but I love and respect men. There are so many more respectable feminists who aren't man-haters out there.

    Think of it as the Tea Party vs. Regular Republican. There are different levels of extreme. I'm a feminist but I think it's just common courtesy to have the door opened for me and things like that. I believe in equality for the genders. Both genders have their strengths and weaknesses, and there's nothing wrong with admitting that.

    Men tend to be stronger physically, women have a lot of perseverance and multitasking ability. What's not cool is judging each other based on what we "should" be doing according to our genders, because everyone is different. Men should be allowed to be emotional. Women shouldn't be treated and seen as sex objects.

    There's nothing wrong with admitting that men tend to be taken more seriously in society than women. Women, who say they aren't feminists, I think you should educate yourself a bit more about what being a feminist really means. It's not about man-hating or having to prove anything. I used to think it was cool to say I wasn't a feminist. But after some life experience, and education I understood what it meant.

    Men, I'm sorry that there are man-haters out there who abuse the term "feminist" and that this has made it confusing and difficult for you. But not all feminists are like that. A good majority of them are not and they're usually not the ones going around saying "I'M a FEMINIST HEAR ME ROAR". I feel really sad to see the comments that have been made.

    • I absolutely agree with you. I identify as a feminist and have made it a goal in life to continue to educate myself and others on what feminism is. This man hating, bra burning feminism confuses everyone. I wish it would stop.

  • I see what you mean, although I think you can be a total feminist and still be a 'lady'. Feminism is about equality- so the men and the women have equal say and responsibilities in the relationship.
    The women you describe above may identify as feminists, but their ideas are really aligned with the true essence of feminism.
    Therefore, I can't say romance and feminism are enemies, it's just getting the balance right ot make them work.

  • What does someone else deciding to have a one have to do with you or your view of feminism. And sibling rivalry is very common I doubt you'd see anything different amongst most brothers or sisters.

    I do not think feminism, idled anything. I'd date a feminist I'd never however date a traditionalist.

    • Men are not feminists so don't worry about dating one

    • Actually I would date an equalist not a feminist nor a traditionalist
      ... Just a guy who loves me for me...

  • I feel the exact same way except that I don't identify as a feminist. I will take care of my guy and he will take care of me. I have no problem cooking for him, but when I ask him to chop some lettuce, I expect him to do it out of respect for me and our relationship. I don't require him to pay for every dinner, mostly because we've been together for 3 years and I have my own money, but he is a gentleman enough to do so and I am so grateful for that. We just try and make each other happy.

  • I pretty much disagree with everything you said. You honestly sound nothing like a feminist in my opinion.

  • I think its not feminism in itself, but people's attitudes towards it. For example, a feminists view on feminism. Will he/she make it take up most of their life and use it whenever they can, ruining any relationships they get into.

    Or on the other side, the feminists partner. Will they allow their partner to let feminism control every aspect of their life? In a relationship it's all about teamwork and evening things out. People should do the same with feminism.

    I'm a feminist but I don't act like a bitch about it. I support equality and stand up to those who are misandrists and misogynists but I don't act like a bitch about it and shove it down the throats of anyone close to me.

  • Old fashioned values are "correct"? I'm not gonna stay at home and cook and clean because that is not what is "correct". I think people should be able to do what they want to and consider themselves as equals to the opposite sex, I think that is what's correct. I think women should be able to do what they want just as much as men can.

    I myself am a feminist. I don't need a guy to pay the bill if we go on a date (not that I've actually gone on any lol), and I don't need him to open doors for me. Having a guy open a door for me on a date would still be nice. But it's not necessary at all. I'm not just gonna receive things though, I wanna do nice little things for the guy too. I think it should go both ways, it's not fair if the man should treat his girl as a queen if she treats him as her servant instead of her king..

  • i am not a feminist but i think it’s safe to say that some men have always been rude and classless.

  • I can see where your coming from..
    I say instead of being rude to feminist, just be yourself and find a man that is meant for you..
    Forget those feminist who are rude, mean bitches...
    Be who you are and keep your head up...
    Not only that I'm the type of girl that likes a relationship that's very in tuned..
    I believe that both partners should work together in any activity that they can do together like cleaning, cooking, washing clothes etc.

  • People will sleep around just because that's what they want to do, and who are we to judge that? It gets to the point in life (some people just go straight to it) where you want to settle down. That's where the romance kicks in. Personally I've talked to guys and they've been so complimentary and don't expect 5 minutes in the bedroom for return. Certain people want certain things, it'll always be that way.

  • no it's not...

  • A feminist's dream date :D lol

    • Lol omg xD Hahah. Fuck that.

    • @Sex-Kitten I'm surprised a woman found it funny. I was waiting for all the down votes :D

  • Very few average people are really feminists or any other ist that really walks the walk. Much of what you're writing isn't necessarily related to feminism as causally as you're insinuating.

    People are hypocrites because they're jerks. People sleep around for a whole slew of reasons. Tons of people have sibling issues. Etc.

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