Dear Future Boyfriend


Dear future Boyfriend,

Here I am writing this, because if you're falling in love with me it's only fair enough to let you know what you'll be dealing with.

I'll drive you crazy with my sarcastic comments and frustrate you because I always will get back at you as a little payback. I'll make you laugh about the ironic things in life and the stupid things I went through that day. Talk about the little things that amuse me and mock the things you like while I secretly like them too. I'll enjoy being with you every second and miss you the second you leave even though I won't show that because that's a weakness to me. You'll be the last thing I think about before I fall asleep without saying goodnight because I force myself to stay awake to talk to you till my limit.

You'll be the first thing I'll think about when I wake up and smile brightly when I see a good morning message letting me know you thought about me too. I'll make tons of selfies of us together because I honestly think we're the cutest couple out there. I'll love it when you hold my hand while you're driving and kiss it, love the way you kiss my head when we hug. Make my body tingle when you give me a kiss on the cheek or forehead, showing you respect me since I'm not your typical nights of sleep around kind of girl, I'm a prude, Intimacy is important but the conversations we'll have will be way more important. I like intelligence more anyway.

I'll be jealous, not overly jealous but enough to let you know that I care about you and don't want to lose you to the other pretty girls obviously trying to get to you. There will be a lot of compromises because we will have a lot of different opinions and have a lot of fights about this.I'll get mad over things that seem so tiny to you but will be huge to me, when this does happen have patience with me and I'll do the same when you're mad at me.

I won't need any expensive presents every anniversary I rather spend a day together and make memories then get only material things that will lay around in my room without any use. I'll care for you when you're sick I'll try my best to help your heal. I'll fight for you if you fight for me. Please just show me you care for me always. Show me I'm worth the hard work and I'll give you the biggest love you'll never be able to find anywhere else because in this world, there will be none else that loves you the way I do. Think about you the way I do. Laugh the way I do when I see your name on my phone screen.

There will none who has your back like I do even when time will get rough between us, I'll never back off unless you make me. You and I are a team, we're partners for life.

Dear Future Boyfriend I can't wait to meet you,
Kisses and hugs <3

Your Future Girlfriend

Dear Future Boyfriend

Dear Future Boyfriend
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  • Anonymous
    Dear future boyfriend of @Masana,

    Don't say she didn't warn you when she said, "I'm a prude." She's telling you up-front that this relationship is about compromises. "There will be a lot of compromises because we will have a lot of different opinions and have a lot of fights about this." That will mostly be "you" compromising about what's important to you as a man, and what you need as a man. This will lead to a lot of "fights," which you should be prepared to receive tons of guilt-trips and endless shame until you surrender and give up.

    Eventually, you will concede that "sex" is something you can learn to live without, unlike all the things she cannot learn to live without. But hey, at least, "I'll give you the biggest love you'll never be able to find anywhere else." Love! Just imagine your penis was blown off by a road-side bomb on your tour in Iraq. Prepare for a wonderful future together where "her dreams" become "your dreams."

    I'm telling you all this, because "I care about you and don't want to lose you to the other pretty girls obviously trying to get to you." You know, like those selfish and inconsiderate girls that are always trying to give guys things that are not really that important to you as a real man. . . you know, like sex. Eww, yucky.

    I know you're much better than that. You see what I did there? I called your morality into question, in a self-serving way. I created a double-bind. You're either a good person and agree with me, or if you disagree with me, you're a bad person. That's just a little preview of how our relationship is going to be from now on. . . "nice, good, sweet," on the outside, but "all about me, me, and me" on the inside.

    "Fcuk you! And fcuk what you want as a man! And fcuk what's important to you!" Everything you want is nasty and disgusting. Whereas, everything I want is nice, sweet, holy, pure. Who can argue with that in 2,500 words or less? Surely not you.

    So, I really hope you will appreciate all the love I give you. Because if it's anyone that's compromising in this picture, it's "me" for being with you. . . totally not you for not being with all those other yucky girls that give two flying sh*ts about what guys are into and things that are important to guys.


    Your fellow bro
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    • Masana

      Are you describing me or your ex girlfriend I can't seem to figure it out sorry.

    • Satire at its finest

    • Clinkz

      gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it an 8/8 please don't h8

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Most Helpful Girl

  • justbanANNAz
    omggggg!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Dear Masana's future boyfriend,

    You will ob overwhelmed by how blessed you are.
    PS: hurt her and i will fly over and kill u.
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  • bryon
    It sounds like some unworthy guy has heaven waiting to be found.
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    • Masana

      Thank you thats really sweet of you:)

  • Phoenix98
    Dear future boyfriend of @Masana your girlfriend looks like a girl I went to school and grew up with.

    don't hurt her now or else lol.
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  • YourFutureEx
    "fair enough" 😩 I hate this phrase

    Anyways, may I ask you one thing? Do you even exist? How can this be possible, it's superlatively sweet.

    #DearFutureBoyfriend of Masana,
    I'm jealous of you.
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    • Masana

      Most certainly I do. It just has always been taken for granted and misused.

    • If you're exactly like the girl you described, you have a bright future ahead. And even brighter for that lucky guy :)

  • MaskedSanity
    If I was a guy, I'd run for the hills.

    "I'll make tons of selfies of us together because I honestly think we're the cutest couple out there."

    "hold my hand while you're driving and kiss it"

    "have a lot of fights about this. I'll get mad over things that seem so tiny to you but will be huge to me"

    Being around you would be extremely exhausting and I don't feel like the rewards would make up for the bullshit I'd have to deal with. The overall tone of this whole thing is unbearable.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    Dear future boyrfriend of @Masana

    Good luck.
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    • Masana

      Hahaha am I that bad :P

  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    I feel like you did this for yourself, so selfish lol. Just kidding.
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  • BrighteyedAsh
    This is {mostly} my love and I's relationship. <3 (Though my appreciation for the things he loves is open, even if we don't share them. We tease each other about quirks like... how often the other washes their hands (even though we both totally do it) or how quick he is to disinfect the counters after cooking. ("Ahhh yes, you can clean the counter now! Such sweet release for you. I could see the building desperation in your eyes as you watched all of that disgusting bacteria fester for that whole 10 seconds!" which is always either met with a look of appreciation or an equally amazing quick-witted reply. It's wonderful to have your partner in life truly be your partner. <3
  • Tarvold
    Many have made these exact promises to me in the past. No one has yet to live up to them.
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  • SassyGirl171123
    THAT WAS SO TOUCHING! I LOVED THAT! That's exactly what I think all us girls feel & think about Mr. Future Boyfriend & hopefully one day he will be the one!! So perfectly well written!!
  • RationalMale

    I have to notice though... "future boyfriend" not "future husband" lol.
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  • Ibokan18
    im sure that you will meet him soon😊
  • Anonymous
    I guess I'm weird because I don't think about my future boyfriend or who I'm going to be with. I'm single now but I don't really think about those things. I'm really at a time in my life where I want to be more financially stable and take care of myself
    • Masana

      I'm already there. The financal stable part.

    • Anonymous

      Yea but there are plenty of women on this website who are not financially stable who think about boyfriends and who are in relationships

    • Masana

      Yeah okay I can understand that :) at first I did nt have any intrest in guys at all. Now i've got my own place and a decent paycheck I miss a partner.

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  • Anonymous
    you can go love your self with a morningstar. your "i'm not that dumb to ever become your boyfriend".
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    • Masana

      Then don't :)?

    • Anonymous

      like i'd give you the honor? :)

    • heart_beat

      Anonymous cry baby.. go find somethin to do cuz it is obvious what all u can do by being this rude to such a fantastic take.

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  • Anonymous
    Want a letter too now?
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  • Anonymous
    ok, this take is not meant to create debate I take it, I have nothing to say but well written and I am sure you are right.
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    • Masana

      I don't know if I'm right it's the way I feel and am :)