Why Guys Prefer "Inexperienced" Girls - Explained in lyric/song form

Many girls are baffled at why men seem to prefer young, inexperienced women. Reactions range from typical scoffing, to mocking said men, or just disregard. It's understandable, as women prefer men who are experienced, so our choices seem baffling at best, insane at worst.

But fear not! I shall explain, in song form! See, many of us men have noticed girls seem to frequently go through the same patterns, over time and through what they experience. And the simple safest bet to get a girl who hasn't reached the bad end of that road, is to find the youngest and most inexperienced girl we can date.

The STAGES (In Taylor Swift Song!):

1. Hopeless romantic

Why Guys Prefer

The young girl that adores the boy, and wholeheartedly believes in all the good things of love winning out in the end.

"I'm the one who makes you laugh, When you know you're 'bout to cry. I know your favorite songs, And you tell me about your dreams. Think I know where you belong, Think I know it's with me."-- Belong with Me

Said girl may have had a rough childhood, or a bad relationship, but she still believes that love will win out in her life and things will be alright.

"Then you took me by surprise
You said, "I'll never leave you alone."

You said, "I remember how we felt sitting by the water
And every time I look at you, it's like the first time
I fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter
She is the best thing that's ever been mine."--"Mine"

Stage 2: Epiphany, Getting Burned

This girl is starting to realize that the problems out there will impact her, and they have. It stings and she's kinda upset. Life isn't going the way she hoped.

"There is nothing I do better than revenge!"

"Stay up too late, got nothing in my brain
That's what people say mmm, that's what people say mm
I go on too many dates, but I can't make 'em stay
At least that's what people say mmm, that's what people say mmm"

Why Guys Prefer "Inexperienced" Girls - Explained in lyric/song form

Stage 3: Acceptance

This girl has lost all her dreams of love, and is trying to just soothe the ache that she feels each morning after a hookup, after a fling ends. She's at the point she flat out wants the boy to lie to her about how it wasn't just casual sex, even though she knows full on the truth. People used to think she'd probably get married soon... now they just crack jokes about how many men she's had this year.

"I can see the end as it begins... His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room....Say you'll see me again even if it's just pretend!"--Wildest Dreams

"Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane
Cause you know I love the players
And you love the game"--Blank Space

Why Guys Prefer "Inexperienced" Girls - Explained in lyric/song form

Now you know, ladies, why we lads prefer ""inexperienced" girls. Dating around, and dating bad guys, has a way of tearing down what's good and precious in most women.


Most Helpful Girl

  • maybe its because inexperienced girls are a lot more easy, naive, have lower standards and are more willing to turn a blind eye to a guy's misgivings. once they get more experienced they know how to respect themselves, know themselves and want they want, how to get it, and don't put up with shit. same could be said for anyone who's actually lived and struggled.

    • Smart girl.

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    • @Metlahead Do not pretend you know my standards or anything about me. a girl could be a non virgin for a million reasons. She could have trusted her whole heart to a man and he betrayed her. do you imply i believe this girl doesn't deserve a second chance? yes, indeed i'm appalled by your standards or better your mindset.

    • @myTake Owner: I'm talking about the reality... about predatory guys, not all of them.

Most Helpful Guy

  • "Experienced" girls have dopamine insensitivity vis a vis sex.

    It's the same thing that everyone in modern society has, to some extent. The availability of easy rewards floods the dopamine pathway and makes us crave more for lower amounts of satisfaction.

    When someone experiences this insensitivity, they tend to pursue shorter term, less committed, and instantly gratifying activities.

    For an individual looking for entertainment, this would mean playing a low-thought video game or watching television instead of reading or creating something.

    For an individual looking for food, this would mean getting addictively tasty food like potato chips or hot dogs, instead of a wholesome nutritious meal.

    For an individual looking for romance, this would mean seeking partners of greater and greater attractiveness, and committing to them for lower and lower spans of time.

    It is a fact that women who have more sex partners are more likely to cheat/divorce. So the theory is right.

    • its not only biological, but ethical, spiritual, and many other things. a serious man that cares to open a household, looks for a good, discrete, wise, solid woman to be his wife and mother of his children. a bimbo can't do it.

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What Girls Said 9

  • mainly guys who look at Jailbait sites want this, they want an easy to manipulate girl with no real life experience so they can use her and she will think it is normal because she has no past experience to compare it to. This is why it is so easy for older men to manipulate naive young girls and why I always rejected much older guys. Like I know what's up Mr. 32 year old you want to feel powerful and in control and I look like an easy target!

    • Oh good lord I know a girl who fell for this exact thing... it's sad I almost want to try to talk her out of it but she's gonna have to learn the hard way.

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    • There's a difference between a person carrying a backpack, and a person who has a backpack and two full size suitcases.

      There is a huge difference in the emotional baggage of inexperienced girls and ones that dates scumbags.

    • you sound like you are one of those scumbags

  • Insecure men want women who aren't experienced. So she has seen life? What do you want, a baby who believes in fairytales? Sorry but I have no respect for a man who himself is experienced and wants an inexperienced girl for this purpose, nor is he dating material.

    • The reason we like inexperienced girls is because they are usually sweeter, more romantic and caring. Plus the process of getting them out of their shell sexually is hot as fuck. I don't know why you think we want inexperienced girls but you really are jumping to conclusions on some thing.

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    • Nobody cares about your MyTake either, its pathetic.

    • @ArchDruidMordred you know what? You're scared of a girl's sexuality. That you won't be able to satisfy her or own upto her past lovers. That is the ONLY reason guys want inexperienced girls. A MAN will want a woman as she is and if she's experienced its good she actually knows how the dating pool operates. Same reason why men wanted 'timid, docile, subservient fools' who will act like they don't anything when they probably know more so it boosts men's egos and makes them feel like they are so superior they get to enlighten the girl with their knowledge. Read Gone With The Wind, it records all this accurately and how moms actually trained their daughters to do all this. Men were afraid of knowledge and experience of women and this applies on sexuality also. Like you said, loved to 'get them out of their shell' and feel superior.

  • You belong with me, is about her being in love with a guy that chooses to date a total bitch. Or well at least a girl she perceives as a bitch. I don't see how being hung up on a guy that chooses the more traditionally girly girl over her is somehow a desirable quality?
    Mine, is about a good relationship but I really don't see your point here? And the passage you choose is written from his perspective, so what are you trying to say?

    Now, shake it off is about gossip, in case that was somehow lost on you? It's not about relationships and has nothing to do with the topic

    Blank Space and wilddest dreams are more about crazy casual relationships, but it's not about getting older or more experienced. I think especially blank space describes a very high school like relationship, fall deep, land hard.
    But point is whether you choose to have hook ups or not, is not a question of experience or age

    I really think you've failed to make your point. At least I still think the same about men who want young inexperienced girls that I did before, which is that they're insecure and shallow

    • As I said in the take, "Many girls are baffled at why men seem to prefer young, inexperienced women. Reactions range from typical scoffing, to mocking said men, or just disregard. "

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    • So this was a take about taylor swift?

      Because otherwise I don't see your point?
      Talking about Taylor Swift did you ever listen 15? One of her earlier works. It's exactly about young girls being quick to fall in love and easily manipulated or hurt. She urges them to be more careful about who they give their everything to and that's not bitter, that's just reality. Not everyone is gonna treat you nice and you have to be careful about men sometimes. Being blindly in love is not a good idea.
      And I think after a lot of girls have been burned a few they ARE more careful about who they sleep with. It's quite the opposite from what you claimed

      "Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
      You're gonna believe them"

      "In your life you'll do things greater than dating the boy of the football team
      But I didn't know it at fifteen"

    • "When all you wanted was to be wanted
      Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now
      Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday
      But I realized some bigger dreams of mine

      And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy
      Who changed his mind and we both cried"

  • Great take! But I have to correct you "Stay up too late, got nothing in my brain
    That's what people say mmm, that's what people say mm
    I go on too many dates, but I can't make 'em stay
    At least that's what people say mmm, that's what people say mmm" isn't Better than revenge, it's shake it off.

  • What about inexperienced girls who are just inherently cynical?

    • I'd say they have less issues than the girls who are burned out from dating bad guys.

  • What's given freely has lost all value.
    Sex is not something to be given out cheaply. I think true intimacy is coupled with emotional as well. For the very reason that people break up i am choosing to wait until marraige.
    Just. Want to point out i am not talking about victims of rape or csa. I mean come on some seld respect can be healthy

    • You're right. Sex isn't cheap. I paid $500 total for four girls. It was worth it.

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    • Use it more. I <3 your cuteness.

    • @Monsters <3

  • honestly... all of this can happen to a girl who hasn't had sex too. like if a girl had a boyfriend in middle school, and then she found out he had his other little gfs and she wasn't the only one... they might have only kissed, but that betrayal hurt her feelings for a long time.

    or even guys with the whole friendzone thing... they do all of those favors for her, and then just feel like they've been used at the end of the day.

    it's all called having life experience.

  • THANK YOU !!!

    i knew it lol and I've always been saying guys who are urging girls to lose their virginity and date and do one night stands... etc because "us guys just hate virgins"
    they just do it to make girls go more wild and loose which increases their chance in sex !

    and a lot of girls believe that for some reason and they throw out all self respect they have and tear themselves up and ruin thier hearts with bad boys and one night stands and such

    real men want wife material not a slut !

    • Dropping truth bombs over here.

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    • yes, don't listen to guys for sex advice... a lot of girls think they need to impress their bfs, but if he's going to leave... then he will. you can't make him stay with sex tricks.

    • EXACTLY !!!
      omg im so happy i thought i was the only one with this mentality lol !!

      and even IF you manage to make him stay with ex tricks, you might as well tie him and hypnotize him or something lol he is not really/fully there anyway lol

  • Not all guys are the same
    Some men will tell me that they don't like inexperienced girls
    Also define your definition of inexperienced because I know a lady who married her best friend and she had precious relationships and she was not a virgin and her husband was a virgin before he got married and he was going to sleep with a girl but he decided to marry his best friend instead and they never dated.

    • Well thats ok because thats what they both wanted right. Where as imagine being a guy who wants a girl with a lot of expuernce butthe girl he really likes has none. Or a guy who doesn't want a girl with a lot of history but finds out the girl he really likes has a lot. It just worked in your friends case because they were both ok with it. Get what im saying.

What Guys Said 17

  • Men's preferences are always attacked for some reason.

    Girls have preferences for height , salary, dick size, but god forbid a guy has a preference for the number of sexual partners his girlfriend has had (something she actually had control over)

    • Ok I'm curious... who was the one girl who actually upvoted me? 😯

  • May be why girls prefer a dumb "bad boy" over an experienced good guy with a hard edge. They don't want a dude who takes one look at her, and starts acting like he suffers borderline disorder. Is she a dream wife? Or is she Cruella in disguise? If she excuses herself, is it to go to the bathroom like she said? Or is she trying to sic some goon on me, like the last 5 girls did? If she wants me around, why is she so shy? If she doesn't, then why is she not respectful-yet-honest? Why the games? The charades? Why the treachery? If you tell me to get lost, I think you're a bitch. But I might forgive you. If you smile at me, then call the cops when my back is turned for no damned reason, just to mess with me... you can go to Hell.

    Here's the guy version of this:

    1. Stage one: Romantic hopeful

    Miss Perfect has gotta be around here somewhere. If only I knew the right words to say.

    2. Stage two: Epiphany, Every Other Girl is a Landmine

    Why universe hate Waspinator? Being overwhelmed by how cruel women can be.

    3. Stage three: Lonely, paranoid, miserable, and defiant

    If she excuses herself and is gone just a little too long, especially if there are ugly looks in the room, don't wait for her enforcer to show up. Leave. It's a trap. You should have known it was a trap. That off-glance of hers reeked with insincerity. Leave now. If it makes you feel better, tell yourself you're in an NBC drama, and the pursuers you just know are coming for you will likely have guns. Drive away. F* 'em all. You're too old for this sh*t.

  • Inexperienced girls are less bored and much more easy to handle. The more experience a girl has the more you have to work to keep her interested because she has seen everything.

    • yeah and thats not the purpose of life. trying to satisfy people who have spent their inner qualities all over the place, and are left empty, cold and broken inside.

  • I'd prefer to be with an experienced girl tbh. Or at least a girl who may be inexperienced but willing to learn and contribute.

  • There's something nice about having a girl/woman you can control a little, inexperienced women are sometimes esier to handle and show what I like. But really I just want a women who can kiss Nicely to start with. I really think as you get older in a relationship sensual kissing is something that goes away.

  • I prefer "inexperienced" girls because being "experienced" implies
    A) somebody who just sleeps around frequently
    B) somebody who had multiple relationships that failed
    Neither one sounds like a good candidate for a relationship.

  • Actually, i prefer inexperienced girls simply because i can't stand the thought of them being bent over and fucked by another guy in the past. Lol, it has nothing to do with anything you just said 😂

  • Count me out. I prefer older, more mature, experienced women.

  • I don't know about that. I have my insecurities but thank god they didn't manifest in a way that makes e want to take advantage of naivety (the real reason old men and cougars date younger)

  • I don't get why so many girls are acting like a guy who prefers "inexperienced girls" is some predator trying to take advantage of one's dating and sexual innocence.

    No need to be so cynical.


    The main reason in my opinion why these guys prefer "inexperienced girls", is because some guy's egos can't take the idea of his woman doing dirty, naughty, kinky, sexual things with some other man before him.

    In short... jealousy.

    It takes maturity to not get bothered by the idea of his woman cuddlling, kissing, sexting, having foreplay with and fucking some other guy besides him in her past.

  • I like experienced girls, because I got shit to do, and I don't need to be getting into arguments because I missed a call/text during work.

  • No one wants used goods, guys or girls.

  • I don't like promiscuous girls, that's all.

  • i fucking hate michelle rodriquez what an ugly butch dyke

  • you said it dude. all the beauty in women is innocence. when they degenerate they hopelessly try to cover the lost innocence with tons of makeup.

  • But no girls what inexperienced guys. So I'm glad at least the inexperienced girls are sought after by someone.

  • Whatever, even young girls (18-20 years old) are more experienced than me (39 years old virgin) :(


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