A Message To All The Boys, From a Teenage Girl


A Message To All The Boys, From a Teenage Girl

Over the past few years I have come to the conclusion that no teenage boy in the history of adolescence has ever had the slightest clue as to what in the f*ck he is doing.

Now most of you can never seem to tell the difference between a young woman having interest in you or not.
So without further introduction, I give to you, young men of modern society, a guidebook of all the ways to know that I am NOT in ANY WAY interested in you.

Let’s start with the internet.
If I ignore you through text, Facebook message, Twitter, Snapchat, or any other form of social media, firstly, STOP sending me messages, and secondly, I do not like you. If I’m having a nice conversation with you and you suddenly send and/or ask me for inappropriate pictures, I do not like you. If you make inappropriate jokes about the female anatomy, I do not like you. If you upload overly friendly pictures with scantily clad girls to make me jealous, you don’t care about my feelings, and I don’t like you. If I upload a photo of myself and you write something along the lines of “smexy” or “I’d get on that”, you’re an ass, and I don’t like you. If you only ever “like” my selfies and OOTD’s (Outfit’s of The Day) and have never “liked” a single picture of my dog or post about my little brother’s soccer game, I don’t like you. If you text me that I’m cute and I respond with something like “Aw! You’re so nice!” or “You’re such a sweet friend!”, don’t get any idea’s, I’m just being nice, and I don’t like you. If I never start the conversation, I’m not playing hard to get, I simply do not like you. Just because I “liked” something you posted doesn’t mean I want to get with you, and your thinking my “like” meant something more than it did, makes me not like you. If you regularly update your Twitter feed with how many “bitchez” your hanging “wit” and how many clubs you and “the bros” hit tonight, I don’t like you. And if you have a Facebook album entitled “My Car”, I don’t like you.

Moving on. You.
If you are over sixteen and dress like a twelve year old (I.E. Underwear showing, sideways snapback, bright red Nike’s, AXE Cologne, Etc Etc), I do not like you. Now let me push this up a year. If you are over eighteen and still play video games for six hours a day, I do not like you. If you get wasted every. single. weekend. I do not like you. If you have dated all of my friends, and especially if you have dated all of them within the last year, I do not like you. If you have a “reputation” (whether it be partying, girls, or anything juvenile), I do not like you. If you stay up until six in the morning every night, with unreasonable reasons to do so, (I.E. To play Call of Duty or watch two seasons of Supernatural), I do not like you. If you are ten years older than me, I don’t like you. If you are married, I don’t like you. If you are twenty years old, work at a fast food restaurant, and have zero ambition to do anything with your life, I don’t like you. If you think Drake, Lil’ Wayne, and Machine Gun Kelly are the greatest musicians of all time, I don’t like you. If you aren’t passionate about something, literally anything, I don’t like you. I don’t care if you are a musician, an artist, an actor, or and athlete; as long as you care about something, I know you can eventually care about me to. And if you don’t love anything, how do you consider that living? Alternatively, if you are absolutely obsessed with something, (a band, a sports team, etc) to the point where it’s the only thing you can talk about, I don’t like you.

A Message To All The Boys, From a Teenage Girl


So here is a little about how I want you to treat me and how certain ways you treat me convince me to dislike you.
For starters, if I’m talking to you about something I’m really passionate about and you dismiss it with “Cool :)” or “Yeah that’s not really my thing”, I don’t like you. If I don’t ever mention my dad to you, I don’t have any intention of you ever meeting him, and I don’t like you. If you see me wearing something provocative, I am not necessarily trying to get your attention, chances are you just happened to be there on a day I wanted to feel good about myself, and I don’t like you. If I end conversations quickly and with long explanations as to why I have to go, I’m lying, and I don’t like you. Or want to talk to you. If your religion is different than mine and you make a point of trying to convince me my religion is “wrong” or “silly”, I don’t like you. If your political views are different than mine, and you make a point of trying to prove THEY are “wrong” or “silly”, I don’t like you.

Here are some things that have been bothering me personally in recent months.
If I’m at work, you show up, and I barely acknowledge your presence, don’t get mad at me, because firstly, I did not ask you to show up and I don’t have time to deal with you, I’M WORKING.
If you want to give me a compliment, do not call me “pretty” or “cute”. I have a complex about this. I don’t want to be thought of as “pretty” or “cute”. The definition of “pretty” is “less than beautiful” and the definition of “cute” is “pretty”. Go big or go home. Call me beautiful, call me gorgeous, or call me stunning. No girl wants the man of her dreams to think she is simply “pretty”.
Don’t treat me like you treat every other girl. If you treat me the same way you treated the girl you just spoke to, I’m going to think you think of me as just another girl, and I won’t like you.
And if you find out that my friend knows who you are, don’t take that as a sign that I like you, I talk about the boys who bother me just as much as the boys I like.

A Message To All The Boys, From a Teenage Girl

So there are some reasons that I don’t like you. They are few but they are important. ...Now here are some of the reasons, I like you...

If I take the time to talk to you everyday, I like you.
If you compliment me and I respond with “Aww… <3”, I like you.
If I confide in you with personal things, I like you.
If I touch my hair or straighten my shirt while talking to you, I like you.
If I purposely avoid looking you in the eyes most of the time, I like you.
If you catch me looking at you and I look away quickly, rather than smiling, I like you.
If I take interest in things you are interested in, I like you.
If my best friend “likes” everything you post, I like you.
If I want you to meet my best friend, I like you.
If I stay up hours past when I would usually go to bed, just to talk to you, I like you.
If you genuinely make an effort to care about the things I care about, I like you.
If you are ambitious and humble, I like you.
If you genuinely like me as a person and not as a pretty face or nice body, I like you.
If my family knows and likes you, I like you.

A Message To All The Boys, From a Teenage Girl

And finally, to whatever boy is reading this, no matter what type of guy you are, or what type of girls you like, just know that every girl just wants you to care about them as much as they care about you. Girls are not just something to have fun with and when we tell you we love you, we mean it.


One of many.

A Message To All The Boys, From a Teenage Girl
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  • Anonymous
    This will completely flip flop when your looks go to shit and you can't rely on them to get you attention and things anymore.
    When your are invisible to the majority of males and start becoming desperate for the attention you were so against when it was common.
    You will discover that without a good personality, once the looks are gone, you will have nothing. People won't simply like you even when you are a total bitch. You will try desperately to get some guy to give you attention, dressing like a young girl when you shouldn't anymore, starting to approach men and having them show signs of disgust on their face, you will go online and join a dating site in desperation of finding a guy who will "like you for you", but you won't get messages from anyone but guys playing your desperate ass for some cheap tail. Eventually you will become more bitter and angry towards men that you will start joining hate groups aimed against males in an attempt to cause them as much hurt as possible. Eventually spending your later years alone with cats, desperate, frigid, and angry.
    This is common for females like yourself.
    But hey you got a couple years left before that happens so enjoy them while they last.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • xHoneyxBeex
    While some of what you mentioned is totally understandable (such as a difference in religion or political beliefs), other things you mentioned here are VERY trivial and hardly worth "not liking" someone for (such as, "if you only 'like' my selfies and never pictures of my dog" part). I also think it's very silly to say "don't call me pretty, call me beautiful!" However, that's all your prerogative I suppose.

    There's nothing at all wrong with knowing what you want and having high standards as long as you realize that sometimes super high standards and expectations at some point can become unrealistic and could result in you being single for quite some time. But anyway, best of luck to you.
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    • Anonymous

      I respect your opinion and would just like to clarify that the "liking pictures of my dog" was not literally meaning to like pictures of my dog. It's to note that I'd like him to care about my life rather than just my face.

    • Okay, and of course that is understandable.

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  • Ginnyweasley97
    "If you stay up until six in the morning every night, with unreasonable reasons to do so, (I. E. To play Call of Duty or watch two seasons of Supernatural), I do not like you."

    excuse you that is a good reason to be up at two in the morning supernatural is an awesome show.

    Don’t treat me like you treat every other girl. If you treat me the same way you treated the girl you just spoke to, I’m going to think you think of me as just another girl, and I won’t like you.

    so if he is nice to all girls, you won't like him?

    and you are being unrealistic when i first saw the guy i am interested in right now, i thought he was a jock who only thinks of himself. He always dresses like an athlete and always has a hat that he wears backwards. (he was a soccer player in high school and still likes to work out) But when he started a conversation with me i decided to give him a chance. As we talked i noticed how incredibly smart he is and how easily he can make me laugh. And he is a harry potter fan thats the best part.
    • Anonymous

      1) I disagree. If you are a 20 year old man with a job and responsibilities, this shouldn't really be a lifestyle, should it?

      2) "I won't like him" means I won't like him in a romantic way. I will think he's a nice guy, but I won't think he likes me in a more-than-friends way, therefore making me not like him that way either.

      3) Did I not say being an athlete, musician, or anything in between is commendable? Did I not say a passion for sports or anything else is good? I'm failing to see your final point.

    • 1. Not totally true I am a college student with straight A's and I still have marathons on Netflix.

      2. Fine. Understandable

      3. I am saying if you have impossibly high standards like not liking your little brother soccer picture what if he just didn't see it? Don't jump to conclusions so fast. And secondly I met a lot of jocks in high school who only cared about themselves and were arrogant. If I had judged him by saying oh look another jock and not given him a chance when he decided to talk to me, we wouldn't be friends. Now instead of judging everybody based off your rules and expecting them to fit, give them a chance.

    • Anonymous

      Do you think your own lifestyle choices reflect the perfect way of living? Are you saying your way of living is 100% the best way to do so?

      Again, like I responded to a previous commenter before; The line about "liking the post about my little brothers soccer came" is not meant to be taken in the literal sense but in the way of me wanting him to care about my life rather than just my face and body.
      The statement about how a person dresses and presents themselves is only one part of the Take. It is the accumulation of all things, personality, dress, and other things that make the man. One could overlook a style they typically wouldn't find attractive (a dumb jock look in your scenario) if the guy was as genuine as I was stating he would be better off being.

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  • RachelBrigs
    I understand a lot of what you're saying, but maybe its the way you wrote this but you don't come off as a reasonable girl who is tired of being pestered by boys who can't take an obvious hint or a girl who simply is sick of childish guys, you just sound like a prissy bitch honestly...
    • How dare you call me pretty!! I DEMAND TO BE CALLED BEAUTIFUL...
      But also, don't like my selfies you perv!! But also think I'm drop dead gorgeous! !

      Basically you're saying you hate being flirted with but what you're really saying is only a certain type of guy can flirt without you without igniting your fury, and its like, guys aren't mind readers...

    • basically, she's full of shit and she has 3 years to grow out of it.

    • @chitown1234 eh some people never outgrow it. She seems to have princess syndrome.

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  • loveisbeautiful
    I've come to the conclusion, there's not much you do like about a guy. Which, may in the future as you get older become problematic. I counted and there's 33 things that will make you not like a guy and only 14 things that will make you like a guy. I know you're young but, looking at those numbers does that seem reasonable to you?

    Look, I won't pretend men can't be frustrating because they can but just because someone is frustrating doesn't mean they are not worth while. I agree, that a girl wants to be cared about by the guy she cares about but who's say he doesn't care about her even if he did do those things on your list?

    And, I'm not sure about other girls but being told I'm cute or pretty doesn't bother me. In fact I know person who use to call me pretty girl and I found it endearing. Also, I'm no walking Webster's dictionary but from what I understand to some people pretty and beautiful are kind of in the same realm, so it's not a bad thing.

    Let me ask you a question, if in 5 or 10 years you come back to read what you wrote on here, do you still think everything you wrote will be considered reasonable to you or do you think once you grow older and see how things really are that maybe you'll see this article from a different perspective? What do you think?
    • Anonymous

      Basically from what I understand you are telling me to lower my expectations, correct?
      Now I want you to imagine you have a daughter. Would you tell your daughter to lower her expectations? Or would you want her to have high expectations? To expect a man to treat her beautifully and be a good, kind hearted, ambitious person?
      Yes, in ten years I will look back and want my little girl to only have the best of a man in her life, even if looking for one makes her seem unreasonable, because I'll believe that her and every other little girl deserves the perfect man for her.

    • I'm not telling you to do anything, it's your life you can do whatever you want. But, you want a perfect man and perfect doesn't exist. You're not perfect, I'm not perfect, no one is perfect and if there's only 14 things about a guy that will make you like him as opposed to 33 that will make you not like him, that is a problem. It means there's not much a guy could do to make you like him, so basically there's no point in any guy trying because every thing they do your going not like them for it. So, what would even be the point of them trying?

    • To answer your question, if I had a daughter of course I would want her to have someone that treated her well and was good to her but I would want her to know that everybody is flawed and sometimes the most worthwhile people, the ones that make you a better a person and help you better yourself and life, are the ones you would never think would be able to that for you. I speak from experience. I've met people that I believed were perfect and I was so infatuated I couldn't see how not perfect they were and they really just wanted me to be there for them but were there for me. Then I' ve found people that were different then me and not necessarily someone I would think I'd have anything in common with but I was wrong and those imperfect people were the best thing to happen to me and I don't know what I do without them. You can find a guy to treat you right, without him being perfect.

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  • tyber1
    Lmao you have a lot of deal breakers and while plenty of them are reasonable I think you're unrealistic.

    You're not okay with being called pretty instead of beautiful? First off, most guys don't put that much thought into which forms of good looking to tell you you are. And did you consider that maybe they do just think you are pretty? I'm sure you don't think every guy you like looks like Fabio and unless you're well above average you should realize that plenty of guys will think you are just pretty. Pretty isn't even a bad thing, you're complaining about being called good looking instead of great looking. Unless you are a supermodel you should stop acting like you're being shat on by getting a compliment.

    As for being treated differently than every other girl, it's a perfectly natural thing to want but we are not entitled to anything in life so if you want to be treated like you're extraordinary you have to be extraordinary in some way. Maybe that means you connect with a guy who you haven't seen in 7th grade and you both had crushes on each other so you're special to him. Maybe it's as simple as being really attractive, or being really charitable. Regardless, if you expect to be treated like you're special you have to be special.
    • Anonymous

      I'm not stating that every guy has to restrict himself from the words pretty and cute. I'm stating that personally, if the guy really genuinely cares about the girl, she'd rather he call her something more prominent, whether it's true or not is really irrelevant.

    • Cute = girlfriend material though. I'm much more likely to call my crush cute (if I had the guts) than hot.
      Context also plays a part.

    • Anonymous

      I've never once said using the word "hot" was appreciated.

  • Sreemukh
    Look, I'm not trying to offend you or pick a fight, just another random person trying to prove a point. The world isn't here to please you. People are far from perfect and if you continue to judge people entirely on the basis of the small things they do, then yes, you do have unseasonably high standards in my opinion (most people here seem to agree). Life is not a fairy tale, it's, uhh well, 'real'. Relationships require compromise cause nobody is going to please you 10000%. Sometimes you have to accept people for their flaws in order to enjoy them for their strengths. So don't be very quick to judge people on things like "playing call of duty for 6 hours" or "stay up till 6am for no reason". I've had days in which I did that, and I still got into a great college for my masters degree. Also, calling someone "pretty" is NOT degrading. Maybe that's your perception of it, but that is not inferior to beautiful. I've called girls that before and no one had ever gotten offended by or felt degraded by it by any means. When you get a compliment, you simply take it and say thank you. Also, if you're not replying to person on social media when they take the time to text you, then I'm sorry, but your being a bitch. If you want perfect man, then you better start being perfect too. There are all kinds of people in the world, don't judge them too quickly or you might miss out. It's just a sincere word of advice.
  • Bonnie12I27I12
    may i add some things to this list?
    if you say "wyd" every 5 min I DONT LIKE YOU. i mean really? you can't think of a topic that we can talk about?
    if you say "send a pic" I DONT LIKE YOU.
    "whats your bra size?" BYE
    if you only talk to me about sex BYE
    • Anonymous

      Yassss girl xD

  • Mekkalyn
    Am I the only one that found this extremely judgmental and rude?

    Guys don't need a guidebook, they need a girl that will have a conversation with them and tell them, personally, when the issue comes up, that you have an issue with their behavior and you don't want to talk to them.

    And, by the way, someone else's behavior is never an excuse for you to act rude.

    The entire time I read this I was thinking "this is rude, that is rude, rude, rude, rude, rude, rude..."
    • Tomsta

      My words exactly, i was thinking someone has been hurt a lot and is taking their anger out by making sweeping generalisations across guys, granted when we are teenagers most of us don't know what we are doing, but we are bloody teenagers we aren't supposed to know... that's the whole point of adolescence and growing up

  • Anpu23
    Can I share something with you? A guy has a sensitive nature under his bluff exterior. One reasons guys stop asking girls out is because they get to many "I don't like you's" from young women. I hear all the time on this site from women who say "Why don't guys ask me out?" The reason is because when they were in high school and college they were rudely turned down. Of course you can like whomever you like, but be aware that people change over time, I was a loner touch freak in high school (if you touched me even accidentally there was a chance if you were a guy that we would fight, if you were a girl, a very rude "don't touch me!" [the result of me being raped when I was 13]) when I was in college I had a steady girl friend and I made my first million by the time I was 24. I am sure that I would have been one of those guys who you "do not like" but by the time I was out of college I was out I was certainly dateable, and by the time I had opened my 4th company I was marriageable. (My Christmas gift to my wife for 1994 was a 4 story Victorian mansion with something like 8 bedrooms) of course you would have never known it. Don't be too quick to judge.
  • Bluemax
    To this I might add, and this applies equally to both genders, if he/she doesn't like you, move on. If you feel that someone doesn't like you for foolish reasons (and some, though by no means all, of your reasons I consider foolish, mytakeowner) I advise that you simply don't give a shit what this person thinks of you.
    • Anonymous


  • Fearghal99
    "If you are over eighteen and still play video games for six hours a day, I do not like you." There's nothing wrong with video games 😂 Anyway, you sound like a whiny typical white girl bitch, I wouldn't stay within 10 feet near you.
    • Anonymous

      If you think playing video games for six hours straight as a grown adult with a job is cool, you may have a problem.

    • Fearghal99

      Hey, did I say it was cool? 😂

    • Sreemukh

      If you think having an intense hubby fir playing video games is bad then you have a very stereotypical image if what would be considered good or bad. Some people play a lot of video games, some play instruments, some just kill time, some people work all day without doing anything else, some people paint. What people do is upto them. Just cause someone plays a lot of video games doesn't mean he can't be successful person overall. People are different, deal with it.

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  • AleDeEurope
    A message to all girls out there (including you take owner): Stop demanding if you don't plan on giving.

    All I read on this take is a girl that wants the guy to give her everything, while she gives nothing back.
    You sound like the type of girl that's a "walking flaw", but gets mad when the guys displays a small flaw.

    What you don't understand is that guys don't give a shit about you, there are thousands of girls out, all those better than you. Keep demanding more than you deserve and you'll end up along. You think you're one step ahead of guys, but in reality, guys don't give a fuck.
    • alone*

    • Anonymous

      Did I once say I didn't expect to give anything back? Have you met me? Have you dated me? I think not to all of those questions, so tell me, does your statement make any sense?

    • Re-read your take, and hopefully you'll realize how you come across. Ask your mother to read it, she'll agree with what I'm saying.

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  • lovebae55
    LOL wait, so a bunch of guys 18+ waste their time commenting about how this is a load of crap. It's her opinion, but you took the time to tell her you 'dont like her' and she's immature... k...
    • "A message to all the boys..." that's her title -_-

    • Anonymous

      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • SakuraChii

      They have every right to give their opinon. Its not only 18+ guys commenting either (obviously).

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  • aficionado
    Whoa, this is the biggest load of crap I have ever read in a while! Makes me wonder if there really should be a way to filter out content by immature, kiddish under-18s like yourself.

    I am hardly, if ever, this harsh. But this is the limits, really. A perfect example of a spoilt, self-centred kid.
  • Yeahno12
    Sorry, but at least in my view this article came off as simply an immature rant. I would think a significant proportion of the female population would disagree with many of the things you just stated are the opinions of 'one of many.'

    If you want people to listen to you and your opinions, try not writing like a preteen; no one will take you seriously otherwise.
  • apple24
    Don’t treat me like you treat every other girl. If you treat me the same way you treated the girl you just spoke to, I’m going to think you think of me as just another girl, and I won’t like you.
    • Anonymous

      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • HikerDude
    ... the self-important musings of an entitled suburban princess. The world is uninterested in what you do and don't like in guys, and none of us have ever solicited your approval of how we dress or act. Your opinion isn't nearly as important as you believe it to be.
  • zagor
    Wow, am I ever glad I'm way out of high school. Thanks for reminding me of yet another reason I don't miss it.

    And by the way, "pretty" and "cute" are not less than beautiful. A mountain is beautiful, a mountain cabin is cute. The meanings are mixed; a puppy may be much cuter than a beautiful girl. It's not a linear scale, even when limited exclusively to girls.
  • justbanANNAz
    hmm. ok.
    while i can understand the views u have here, i think their presentation has come off the wrong way, as u can tell by the responses. i was interested to read some of those before answering, and unfortunately you've been slammed, so i do feel bad for u on that.

    on the other hand, we must remember that love is a 2 way street dear. i can't expect Mr Perfect at my door. men have flaws, and so do i. i must learn to coexist with those flaws. if i expect something in a relationship, i need to be ready to give all that back. I'm pretty sure you'd know what you're doing if u have a partner, but i think considering the realities of human nature is helpful. i can see why u wouldn't like guys who do this and that and so on, but we need to be reasonable here. there must be a whole list of things guys don't like about us either.

    for both men and women in general... when we notice flaws in the other gender, we need to leave it up to our judgement to be able to filter what flaws we can and can't deal with. should i take all the shit that comes my way? absolutely not! i don't have to! but my guy is gonna make mistakes, he's gonna do things i don't like. i won't be able to stand him sometimes... but ill love him anyway. THIS is love.
  • tammygotchi
    What sucks is that you happen to be talking about at least 80% of the teenage/young adult male population.
    I totally agree with you, it really makes no sense that this isn't common sense?
    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much

  • ThatTomGuuy
    Not many people are gonna like you in that case, I can just sense it. People go through a lot of shit and you have no idea. You want the perfect guy? go for it
  • Jungleboy
    Fuck all this, if you don't like me I don't like you. You don't need to put the diary of a teenage girl.
    • lol, funny thing is, she doesn't like "us" and we don't even know who she is. In fact, we didn't even know she existed.

    • Jungleboy

      Lol, now we know a random teenage girl from internet hates us. But we have to give her some credit because she could've made 3-4 rap songs out of this mytake but she chose to share it here. :P

    • lol, right

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  • Tiger288
    I got it u are young teenagers but u don't own us like we don't own u. Why we have to pay attention to u when u rant on boys. Please grow up we don't like desperate girls.
    • Anonymous

      Learn to spell and write proper sentences and I'll take your opinions then. Really consider who looks like the teenager here.

    • Tiger288

      Oh shut up not important and u are not my teacher get out of here

  • SlightlyCrazy
    This is all legit. But you need a hug. You must have grown up around some real dumbasses. Also instead of automatically not liking a new person, at least give em a clean slate to start
    • Anonymous

      Thank you. And yes, I most definitely have. And sure I will.

    • :) good luck

    • HikerDude

      LOL White knight

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  • Shay1994
    Very well, I respect your opinions, and if I ever meet you, I'll remember what you prefer :D. It's a good post, but many people may not like it, or think that you're stuck up, but in my opinion, you're entitled to your opinions and I respect them. Have a nice day :D.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you very very much, that means a lot to me :)

    • Shay1994

      You're quite welcome :D.

  • PeachSunset
    Haha guys and their AXE cologne. I had a guy break up with me and lets see.. it was over text and oh yeah, he said in these words "sorry you're the snuggling type and i'm just the ass-grabbing type." I mean holy shit do they ever not think about sex? 😔 Bear with me though! Its a teenage thing, our gentleman is waiting for us, after high school though, its pretty much impossible right now.. 😂
    • We (at least I do) do care for more things than sex, personally, I'm not an "ass-grabbing type" as long as the girl I'm with is happy, I'm happy, I don't need sex from her to be happy, but, I'm a nerd, and not the best looking, so, just look past me

    • apple24

      @randomwhiteguy ohhh you trying to get with her! lol ohhh peachy!!! You say the funniest things why couldn't i live with you!!! @PeachSunset hahah so funny- sorry you're the snuggling type and i'm just the ass-grabbing type." hahha WTF! lol I would have thrown eggs at him like a crazy person i am! lol

    • 😂Yass I should have ! God, why didn't I show up to school with eggs and toiletries the day after :-((
      @randomwhiteguy , yes I know there's some awesome guys our age! You seem to be one yourself :))

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  • Pat8707
    Well, after reding the first two fucking sentences I can confidently tell you that you're a brat who thinks she's entitled to everything and that everybody (not only guys) hates you too. If you think you're going to get people to change by being mean to them, you're a bully. That's all you are.
    I should feel sorry for you, but I don't.
  • JuicyBrain
    Typical 13yo girl's rant... I want this, I need this, I want that. Give me, give me, give me. ME ME ME ME. If you don't give me what I want, I don't like you. If you understand me like you were in my head, I like you. If you give me everything and only think of me all the time and never think of yourself, I like you. If you seek anything else than my own happiness in our relationship, I don't like you.

    You are still a teenager. It's ok. You'll grow out of it eventually. But you have to learn that a relationship is built on compromises. You have to give if you want to get. It's not a one way street. Why would a guy have any other interests than sex with you if there is nothing else you have in common? Most things a teenage girl is interested in would bore any guys to death. If you want to have an interesting relationship that is not 100% about sex, make sure you guys have other common interests. In your words. If you talk to me about makeup or handbags or shoes, I don't like you !
    • shuuushhhh! you might slap her into reality... .

    • Martin86

      @supernerd99 That's is some great logic

  • Alexious
    I don't like you.

    You sound like the most miserable, snobbish human being in existance. Wtf did I just read?
  • Bookwik
    Woah, lookout fellas! a teenager is so DONE with boyz! How ever shall we carry on in this cruel world?
  • jjmarvin
    Yes hun those boys with their evil penises are always wrong. I can tell by your calm and measured demeanor that you are never at fault in social interaction
  • gotc147
    Wow... This is the reason most guys have given up on women...
    • Don't be stupid. Not all women are like this (though the scary reality is that most of today's women are). That's why you give into her bullshit, act the role if she's good looking, get what you want and continue searching for a normal one.

    • gotc147

      @imnotcrearive dude I have a normal girl... Well, maybe not normal for most 20-somethings but definitly normal to me... But this girl is nuts.

  • theintrovert
    On behalf of all non-duchebag members of my gender I would like to apologize. The nice guy numbers maybe few , but we are plenty in heart. My un-evolved brethren have wronged you and I am sure to say that one day A gentleman will come along and make you forget those. Furthermore I would like to thank you for the message I will relay it to my associates and see that we we will quadruple our efforts to be kind loving and affectionate in a respectful manner.
    Sincerely yours,

    one of the good ones.
    • Anonymous

      <3 ---------

  • Flex4Ever
    All these things might just aswell apply to all girls out there, INCLUDING you. If you want ALL of this in a guy... well good luck.
    You're probably a super normal sweet person irl. But if I knew that this was the kind of things going on in your head... I wouldn't like you. And you probably wouldn't like me for not liking you so win-win.
  • James-ice
    So me, who hates all religions isn't ok, they all are pointless in my eyes? And what music do you listen to, that's so great? I hope you read this over and saw how whining you sound. One thing why the hate of supernatural?
    • Anonymous

      Do you really think it's appropriate to say you hate all religions? Because that seems pretty dismissive and closed-mindedly douchey to me.
      My particular music taste has nothing to do with it, but if all you know of music are shallow modern rappers then you have no depth.
      I like Supernatural, but I don't stay awake until eight in the morning watching it every night.
      I hope you read that and see how moronic you sound.

    • James-ice

      1. Religion has always been cause a great deal of problems in the past.
      2. I lied I respect the Buddhism faith.
      3. I don't know anything about raps so I can't judge them, and even if I heard them I wouldn't insult someone taste, it awful manners.
      4. I heard it was good to busy watching dexter now, but I can't imagine anyone staying up that late, I usually go to sleep at 3am after read for five hours.
      5. I'm afraid couldn't find anything, how about you?

    • Anonymous

      I don't mean to sound racist but judging by the way you type, are you possibly a foreigner or just plain stupid?
      Should I really take anything you say into consideration if you lied about Religion?
      Regardless of the fact I am talking about all genres of muse, are you really the only person on the planet who has never heard of rap?
      I didn't understand a single word of that line.
      I'm afraid that if you couldn't find anything, that is the problem right there.

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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    All i got from this is you really like-like me.
    Im sorry i am in a relationship and she wouldn't enjoy me talking to you. Sorry its not me its you.
    • Anonymous

      Aw that's too bad, I was really hoping we could work something out :'(

    • No you see, i can't date ugly fat girls.

      I don't make the rules, sorry.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, there it is. The insults to a person you've never seen. Very very mature of you.
      I find it quite hilarious that you called me gorgeous (or something of the like) on a "How Do I Look" post not too long ago. Have fun figuring that one out ;)

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  • Darkone1
    So you want us to be perfect ideal and do your biding all the time, I am telling you with that attitude you are not going to get any thing remotely known as men gender, even if you are the last woman alive in galaxy.
  • Invisible_Mango
    You sound like a giant bitch and a detriment to society. You're gonna get a wake up call one of these days, and it's gonna be a tough one to take. :)
  • SakuraChii
    It was good until I got to the video game and tv show part. This is obviously you're personal preference though (I thought this would be a helpful guide), but many men and women watch tv series for hours on end or play video games especially teenagers it's not a big deal and I personally prefer it so I can understand guys who would rather watch tv or play video games all day.
    • SakuraChii

      Am I the only adolescent to disagree with this post?

  • Doffydood
    Can't relate. Don't have any social media accounts ;)
  • Scarl8t04
    You guys are stupid if you think this isn't pretty much the truth. Every girl does want you to care about them as much as they care about you and if you seriously think that this is a joke or 'doesn't qualify' for older women then you're pretty stupid. Sure I'm 15 years old, but I'm also a female and when I say that this is pretty legit then I really mean it. Some girls might disagree with this, but most actually do agree with this and you guys who are making fun of it is just pretty stupid because 1. It shows that you're immature (So who's really the little kid here?) and 2. You don't know how girls really think about this stuff. This is the most legit thing that I've read about if a girl likes you or not and that's pretty hard to find nowadays. This was a great piece to read.
    • another teen here, everyone, pay attention to her important rant.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much girl. I find it hilarious that the girls agree but the boys don't lol
      Pretty sure we know ourselves better than they do. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it <3

    • Scarl8t04

      @chitown1234 Another annoying guy, ladies we're all wrong when we have an opinion! We should only let the guys have their opinions on this site because they're ALWAYS RIGHT! *sarcasm*

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  • Calex
    I feel tricked. Did I just read an entire take about one person? When I started reading this, I thought this was going to apply to all women.

    "If I end conversations quickly and with long explanations as to why I have to go, I’m lying, and I don’t like you."

    Decent men don't like liars, though.
  • talldude
    k to put it in a nutshell this gal doesn't like anybody
  • TyeDyeKitten
    JESUS CHRIST and I thought I disliked a lot of people. Many of things you've listed that make you not like a guy are just immature and unreasonable. Have fun being single forever or stuck with a boring suck-up.
  • BeautifulWreck
    Well, I think its safe to say that men don't like you either. Have a wonderful life and I wish you the best of luck with not liking anyone.
  • Maverickj
    "If I ignore you through text, Facebook message, Twitter, Snapchat, or any other form of social media, firstly, STOP sending me messages, and secondly, I do not like you."

    Or maybe you could TELL THEM that you're not interested? If they persist after that, feel free to ignore them.

    "If you are over eighteen and still play video games for six hours a day, I do not like you."

    If you immediately reject a guy because he likes playing videogames, then you're shallow AF. Besides, videogames can be a great source of income. Your loss.

    Frankly you sound like a b*tch. Keep this attitude up and you'll only end up with jerks, or you may just die alone in your 40's with your seven cats. Enjoy!
    • Maverickj

      And besides, the "signs" that you posted indicating you like a guy, are all incredibly common behavior for most other women. No doubt you'll sit back and wait, and then you'll start crying that no guy asks you out and that guys should grovel at your feet while you sit back and make no effort.

    • Mekkalyn

      Those were my first thoughts, too.
      this is hardly a guide, this is what this one person likes and dislikes.

    • Tomsta

      I'm 23 i still play games, heck my secondary school teachers still played computer games (granted it was the slightly younger of the teachers but they were at least 30)

  • chitown1234
    ERMAHGERD!!! this take is retarded. Seriously, good thing you are a kid, had this been a woman and I would of completely lost faith in them.
    • Anonymous

      For someone who still says "ERMAHGERD" you must think very highly of yourself.

    • I was mocking you and your ridiculous "teen anger" which is as retarded as that phrase.

  • Tomsta
    Why is it wrong to play video games... just cos someone plays video games a lot doesn't mean they aren't responsible
  • Beaver19
    You want me to treat you more than just another girl? Then you better be a sweet commuted slender white girl with a beautiful face, sounds extreme but that's my requirement, and after all you just spent 3 pages typing yours a guy can have one too
  • bro25
    Damn u sound like a for real bitch who's not tolerating anything
  • peachblossomluck
    Hey you! Yes you, the clueless no social cues taking guy, you right there... yes you lol
    Yeah, you
    She's not into you.