There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US


A recent article broke out on vice of women complaining there aren't enough single men for them to date/marry in the US despite there being over more than 1 million men than women in the US.

There aren't enough

The reason there aren't enough men comes from women's ability to not compromise on what they want in a man until they get REALLY DESPERATE (i.e. I want to start a family).

There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US

Analysis of women in the US:

1. HYPERGAMY (Found in the female gender)

There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US

Hypergamy: if you make $34k, you're in the top 1% of the world in terms of wealth. $34k is a lower-than-average salary in the USA. Since the USA is a fairly wealthy country, women in the US can't go to many other countries to "date up", whereas men from the US can "date down" all over the world. This makes US women very selective compared to other women around the world - if they have an average US job, only 1% of men in the world will be eligible to date them.

2. Obesity

Over 65% of US women are overweight or obese. This will tend to make the men compete for the less than 35% that have normal figures, and thus the attractive women are that much more selective. (Over 70% of US men are overweight or obese, and they will still be competing to date slim women.) Other countries obviously don't have this sort of obesity problem, so there are more attractive women to go around, and being slender and attractive isn't so rare even as women age.

There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US

3. Heightism

Average height of US woman is not the tallest but fairly tall (5 ft 5) compared to women in the rest of the world due to good nutrition (maybe too good). Women generally want to date men who are taller. Ideally a man is perfect for a woman if he has a height that is 6'2. Only 5% of males are taller than 6'2. Being 6'2 places you in top 95th percentile in terms of height.

There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US

4. Demographic

The US has a half million more men than women 20-39 years of age. Given that most people pair up, this is going to magnify the ratio of single men to women. It is especially tough in the Western US where the male/female ratio is the highest.

There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US

5. Racial preferences

While many populations have racial preferences, OK Cupid data shows that white American women like sticking to white men, and Latin- and Asian-American women favor white men even more.

The rest of the world tends to be more accepting of other races on average. I've heard figures that 20% of the world is white, but even if it is more than this, US women will still overwhelmingly filter out men from other parts of the world.

6. Feminism

There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US

Feminism: magnifies all of the above due to making hypergamy more openly acceptable, fat feminism/fat acceptance, and encouraging women to work which makes dating up even harder.

7. White Knighting

Thanks to certain men taking it upon themselves to believe that telling women they are beautiful every single day, and awesome. While demonzing their own gender as worthless and misognistic. would somehow bring them closer to getting laid/having a girlfrined. Many women have an unrealistic expectation of their own worth/beauty and what kind of guy they deserve. Thinking that without/little effort on their part that they deserve a tall, handsome, successful male just because they were born with a vagina and happen to have a BMI of 25 or less.

There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US

Seeing many men who are near the top in looks are willing to throw an ugly/average girl a chance at sleeping with them, many women confuse this as them having a chance at getting these guys for relationship. What they don't seem to understand is rich and/or handsome men have no business in committing to you and the only thing they were after was your vagina. This doesn't hit a lot of women until they are well into their 30's now being reasonable in their expectations on mates and want someone to settle down with them.

There aren't enough "men" for women to date in the US
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  • Anonymous
    Unless you are genuinely like a guy and are attracted to him, there's no point in marriage if you have a job. Twice the chores, constant criticism on your appearance, having all of your personal habits and traits dictated by someone else, grunting and zoning out passing as conversation, yelling and berating comments, sex without mutual interest... No thank you. The same goes for guys... The financial and mental risk isn't worth it unless you actually and truly get along.

    Women are morons if they want a rich man instead of a man they really enjoy being around and want to go to bed with. Leave that misery to the broke chicks who put all their eggs into the gold digger basket.
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    • cavmanier

      Even with attraction, your description sounds bleak.

    • Anonymous

      Marriage is bleak if you don't actually like each other... If you do, hopefully it's not so bad and you're not feeling constant resentment and distaste for each other. Sex can't even make up for not liking each other...

      Though there is a lot more housework regardless, because most guys don't do it, at least where I'm from. So, I hope for good sex to make up for all the extra housework, haha.

    • Yes because married men are that abusive towards their spouse. Why do women immediatley attack men by claiming men are so terrible towards them? Especially when all data shows that women are actually considerablly more abusive towards their spouses then men are?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    Some women live in a fairy tale world and are resistant to waking up to face reality. At present, this seems to be bolstered by "reality" TV with shows like those bachelor/bachelorette programs. Women wonder why men have attitudes but every time I see an article about 'why aren't there more good guys,' I understand exactly why my brethren are up in arms!
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  • redeyemindtricks
    Hahahaha I remember this article. It literally didn't even count men without university degrees. Like, pretended they didn't exist. Non-entities.

    My boy didn't even finish high school, and I made about 4 times what he did last year. Oh, and he's 2.5 inches shorter than me, too. But fuck if I didn't marry WAY up. Way way way waaaayyyy up.
    • ArtDent

      You are an exception in this regard though, you know that right?

    • @ArtDent Oh, I won the lottery and I thank God every damn day for that, yes I do.

      In terms of BEING ABLE to be happy with such a man, tho? Don't think so. I just think there is much bullshit to be un-learned by many.

    • ArtDent

      Well yeah, but if you ever tried to talk sense into a woman you'd find that they are always right. I guess it's possible to fuck some sense into women, but I've seen so many not know a good thing when they had it sooooo *shrug

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  • fashionguy17
    Pretty interesting article, if I do say so myself. However... there's not really a shortage of men, per se. There's a shortage of women who will accept a "good man".

    At age 25, here is what I typically hear women say to me in the dating world:
    "Why are you single? You are such a good guy. You are successful, dress very well and seem to have your life together. You will one day find a woman who will accept you."

    That is what a majority of women say to a guy who has his ducks sitting in a row.

    Now... this is what I see in the dating world:
    -Young single moms who are looking for a "good man" now. There ex was abusive emotionally or physically, was a dead beat or wasn't that considerate or caring.
    -Women having flings with random guys and claiming all men are the same

    I am not trying to make this a "good guy" vs "bad guy" type opinion. However, women typically store the man of their dreams (good job, right body type, successful, etc) for later on in life while they make mistakes with men who are blatantly no good. And then when complain when the man of their dreams doesn't want them later on.
  • bluenose1872
    There's just too many people out there who get caught up in pop fads who miss what's really important in life. It's not money, career, fashion, fitness or any other bollocks the corporations get the gullible fascinated with. The whole point of life is passing on your genetic legacy. If you like the person it shouldn't matter what they're earning or how they look. Women think they need a perfect partner to have perfect kids. It doesn't work like that. I've seen ugly parents with beautiful kids and vice versa. You get dominant and recessive alleles in an offspring which rna pick for the new organism. You can get traits from both grandparents that were recessive in you. End up with a kid you never expected. Love should be the only force that determines a couples compatibility but unfortunately people, especially in the west, have been trained to rate a person by what they own instead of who they are. Human values are slowly being phased out to be replaced entirely by materialism. Women are the worst for it. So subseptible to the latest fashions and trends. Rats following the corporations pied piper. There's coming a time when women won't accept men at all. She'll want artificial insemination and that'll be the depth of her contact with males. I feel sorry for my sons generation. Too many girls now are fruitloops with only a nodding relationship with reality
  • Doffydood
    "Only 5% of males are taller than 6'2. Being 6'2 places you in top 95th percentile in terms of height."
    Not saying you're wrong, but can I have a source for this? I'm not sure if it's right or not. Well, it doesn't to me :/
    • Anonymous
    • Doffydood

      Thanks! So if I moved to America, I'd be into the top 5 percentile of height? Wow, people in the US must be really small then! Just joking! :P
      I guess that figure felt off to me because I go to an all boys school, so I'm constantly surrounded by lots of tall people, myself included.

  • Kirah
    There are plenty of men, what these women mean is "there are not enough men who meet my impossibly high standards".
    • Nailed it.

    • ExactLY!!!

    • then what you need to do is change it cause if you don't then it looks like you'll be lonely for the rest of your life

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  • milightman
    I've always said I'll probably be married in my late 20s early 30s. And if I still happen to be single, that's going to suck for me and women, and that's because I'm not going to raise someone else's kids.
  • Watermelonoma
    Most men would benefit if they put their focus on what's going on in the world economy today over dating women. Things are in the process of changing significantly... and these changes are likely to be exacerbated by another severe financial crisis in the U. S. and world markets. A savvy man will see what's going on, and put his capital to work to take advantage of it... so when the dust settles, he will be at the top of the pack. Instead, a lot of guys will stay heavily focused on irrelevancies like feminism, or distractions like gaming. Not that i take particular issue with those things, as i am both a gamer and an anti-feminist... but there's a third cog to this machine that I find both men and women are sorely unaware of, and i believe that going forward, we'll see a situation in which many of those who are seemingly at the top socially/financially will be brought down low, and many of those seemingly at the bottom will be raised up on hight. Those will be the consequences of peoples ignorance and prudence, respectively. As a black male who, according to the raw data, is at the bottom of the pecking order where dating is concerned, i should be more worried than a lot of others... especially white males who i find make the most noise about these issues. But im not worried. Why? Because i'm prudent, and prepared:
  • Agrojag
    Based on the girls I know, they create their own problems. There's no shortage of guys out there -- even decent ones. But girls in this culture have fucked up priorities and only think of themselves so they exclude huge amounts of men -- good and bad -- until eventually landing some guy who's just there at the right place at the right time and who ironically happens to be some conceited moron more than half the time. I've made many female friends and for whatever reason they like to open up to me so I hear just how fucked up the typical female mind is when it comes to dating. It's a joke and the more I hear and see the less I want to be involved.
    • ArtDent

      That's the funny thing about women, they forget that we see and hear how they are when they aren't directly messaging us.

  • BertMacklinFBI
    those tinder girls are repulsive af

    how dare they!

  • alphadoggystyle
    This is the truth, i dont expect many women do admit this and rather ignore it though
    • At least for about 30 to 35 years. then they'll start asking questions, and acting like this is all new to them.

  • 9mfeo
    I thank Jibbers everyday that I'm not American. I mean, apart from not wanting to be shot, I don't have to deal with as many pissbabies.
    • Agrojag

      Yes, you really have no idea. The men are manageable. The women... I think lost cause might be the appropriate term.

  • ConsultantIsBack
    This might be the best take I have ever read on gag!!!

    Soo many guys are losers, rot away playing video games, afraid of everything and have no drive for self improvement. And half of the guys that take care of themselves are gay! Lol
    • Ghosted

      i dont understand guys who sit there angry at women and won't even consider changing anything for their own sake

    • @Ghosted exactly! Id agree on that

    • no reason for me to change I have a small dick no changing that witch cuts my chances at getting a girl or family I also prefer white chicks over black as a black man that cuts the ratio more what the point in stopping playing games when your wife leaves you after a while or cheats behind you back understand?

  • skaterkid123
    Only thing I disagree is that women like men due to money I'm broke and get pretty girls not the hottest but pretty attractive females. If men spent as much time in self improvement than they do bitching about womens standards online they would be drowning in pussy. anywho great article 5/5
  • martyfellow
    The overwhelming factor is venality. US women mostly only look at the wealthiest guys and don't even notice, or aren't even minimally POLITE, to the rest of us.
  • talias288
    Of course he doesn't have to be 6' 2". How ridiculous!! 6' would be just fine. :P
    • Anonymous

      Only 14.5% of all men in the US are 6'0 or taller.

    • talias288

      That's some serious scary statistics... Admittedly, some girls would probably be better off compromising a little on that factor, myself included. Lol, seriously if I had to choose betweeen an average tall guy, and a my fantasy 5' 9" guy, the shorter guy would win hands down. Heck, I think Cloud Strife is the sexiest guy ever, but he's 5'7" and his contemporary Tifa is my height - 5'4". I never even noticed, but come to think of it, they were at eye level.

    • Robertcw

      Doesn’t change the fact that only 14.5% of men in the US are 6’ or taller.

      Would be pretty retarded to demand 6’ plus guys after learning this statistic.

  • Polocrew
    When you tall jacked athletic, You are one who get to choose brah. Mirin?
    • BigJake

      How would you know?

    • Polocrew

      @BigJake Because I am, Mirin? Yea u mirin

    • BigJake

      You make Justin Beiber look menacing.

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  • Ghosted
    "there aren't enough men," = these women aren't meeting men of their standards. men and women both do this
    • Its predominatley women. Its pretty well excepted that women have higher standards then men for many reasons both biological and social. Men are far more likely to adapt and have a broader range of exceptable partners then women. In one survey, men and women where given picures of people of the opposite sex and asked to rate them while for men rating women it was a perfect bell curve ie most women where average and their where increasingly fewer women at the extreme ends of the spectrum. But women rated men as below average consistently in fact they said 80% of men where below average (technicly not possible). This further emphasises women having a significantly (and in my opinion growing) higher standard.

    • Ghosted

      @hellionthesage women do do it more i agree. factor in age into the equation. what holds back men from dating older women as an option?

    • It doesn't, its actually been increasing (the relationships with older women) obviously still not the majority but it is happening and increasing frequency. Then their are men who are mgtow (men going their own way)(their called herbivores in japan) where they swear off women (to various degrees ranging from refusal to marry to no interaction).

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  • oddwaffle
    This is surprisingly a awesome take. You got most of it right. There are a lot of men but there are far fewer qualified men. Men with over 100k income is rare. Men with over 1m income is even rarer.
  • Yellow_
    That's sad.

    I hope there is a good man out there for me.
    • Nope.

    • singlebee

      Well I hope there is a good omen out for me too

    • singlebee


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  • Crazyced
    How is there more men then women in the US? Immigration? Pretty sure the birthrate is about the same but men die quicker (more death in yougner age brackets).
  • bubblygirl99
    I agree with this, there aren't enough guys out there. i haven't had any guys approach me in so long, aside from the net
  • sageevalentine
    It'e really not that hard. High quality men will get high quality women and vice versa. Low quality men will want high quality women and get low quality women and vice versa.

    Are you attractive? Successful? In good shape? Agreeable? Intelligent? Funny? Financially able? In this world we have leagues, it's a perfectly natural concept, everyone wants to be with the highest caliber person they can accomplish. Leagues are not determined solely by looks, it's also by your social skills, confidence, intellect and money. So most people end up with someone quite similar to they are, with a few exceptions.

    I think it's acceptable to be picky, if you have enough faith in yourself to be picked. No, you're not going to marry a wealthy man if you're overweight or stupid. They marry pretty girls with degrees. Trust me, I live among the upper classes, I know exactly what's going on.
  • Azara
    so basically you're saying everyone is fat and no one wants to date fat.
  • brain5000
    This Take is so good, my only complaint is that you posted Anonymously and now I can't follow you. :\
  • bloodmountain1990
    Not enough men or not enough men that live up to their standards? Huge difference.
    • I know not all women are like that but I tend to avoid the women who have a list of requirements or specific criteria on their dating profile, aka looking for Mr. Perfect. I mean I've gotten more selective as of late. I won't just date anybody but at the same time, I'm not gonna limit myself to something very specific because that'd be rather counterproductive, not to mention there's no Ms. Perfect either.

  • Jersey2
    My son didn't date for the longest time. he has a Masters in computers, great job, tall thin, intelligent and a good person. He finally started dating at my behest. he is a heavy gamer so he only considered gamer girls. They have been dating since December now and it seems to be going well. Many guys are gamers, if girls aren't into that then they will miss out on a lot of guys like my son's friends. Two of his gamer friends got married last year, so maybe in the mid and late twenties girls are finding them online. Gamer girls have it made from what I hear.
    • Gaming sounds stupid. Wouldn't they rather have someone social?

    • Jersey2

      @RandomPerson1324 lol, you don't understand I think. They are VERY social, but the are not the club and bar type people. They fly all over the country to meet up with good friends that they know by speaking with evryday on Skype on ingame. They marry each other, go to weddings, take vacations as a group each year, date each other... It is very different than an outsider would guess. Each June my son's friends fly into Florida and spend 10 days at our beach place. They fly here to the main house just to be together for a weekend. My son is dating a gamer girl in our city and is helping her build her new computer, both of them have great jobs and are normal socially. They are actually surpisingly very social.

    • I think it's selfish as fuck to sit around and play computer games all day...

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  • CBryan
    Wasn't this supposed to be published on April 1st?
    I've never read something so unbelievable on this site...
  • fsu19
    There are enough men, it just so happens that many are friend zoned.
  • asiantriforce
    Holy crap there are 5 million more women than men in the US
  • TimeSplitters123
    Sums up women way, they are complaining about this because they just too picky.
  • Benk111
    So women are evil for having standards and wanting a guy that meets there expectations?
  • PhilRubio
    never date an attractive girl. they will bring headaches and problems to you
  • rthomas43
    I'm just here for the bikini girls.
  • ArtDent
    I tell them and tell them.
    • Anonymous

      Is it just me or is the girl (far left) in the bikini pictures at the top look like gager archiz

  • UtopianLobotomy
    Great article
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    you have way too much time on your hands
  • es20490446e
    Life is simple, but you do it difficult.
  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    Dating is way too hard nowadays.
  • ThisAndThat
    Sum's it up about right.
  • Recoms
    I really enjoyed reading this post.. :D
  • vidathsaranga
    how to be ahandsome boy
  • dogsteeves
    Come to Canada we need you lol
  • Anonymous
    I will say this anonymously because I think I am gonna get hated but that's just what I think and I feel like this might be right. First, Homosexuality is a wrong thing and going in a therapy or anything to fix it can fix a lot from the main problem. Secondly, Islam is offering a solution by being able to marry 4 women at the same time. According to numbers, even if every man in the married a woman there will be a lot of women without men out there in the U. S.
  • Anonymous
    I just saw an article yesterday actually. Like 1 in 3 Men or something are gay and 1 in 1000 identify as women. So yea, that also poses a problem
    • a third of the population isn't gay. Its only around 10%(world wide). There are also not that many transexuals either. The nearest estimate we have in the US is.3%.

    • Anonymous

      @hellionthesage the number of gays or bisexuals is what is included , if you have sex with someone with the same chromosomes science generally puts you in the gay category and moat women won't have sex with a bisexual man. And trans rates and gay rates have gone up and keep going up.

    • " @hellionthesage the number of gays or bisexuals is what is included , if you have sex with someone with the same chromosomes science generally puts you in the gay category and moat women won't have sex with a bisexual man. And trans rates and gay rates have gone up and keep going up."

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  • Anonymous
    I believe your take is pretty spot on. Give or take a few things.

    I myself am a computer programmer, and though I'm definitely in the 1%. When I was single, and just dating around. My success rate was poor due to me being a workaholic, and shy. Though, I'm told that I've got that good looking California boy look going on. It didn't aspire to anything due to me being so introverted.

    A guy can have it all, but unless he's confident, and walks around in a confident manner that's hung to the ground in social areas. Then he will probably lack being a girls choice. Such as any dorky looking guy working at McDonalds.

    Making six figures, being fit, 6'3'', owning a nice house, white, and being a humble man who volunteered didn't cause girls to flock to me. It was only at the moment of me becoming more social, and interact with large groups of friends. All while building up confidence in myself. That was I was able to meet my wife.
    • How did you go about that?

    • Anonymous

      @genuinlysensitive I ended up spending more time focused on finding friends after a while. I did so by attending church events, and joining a beach volleyball team. Which lead to making some friends who went out on the weekends for a few drinks, and that lead to meeting more people. All of which lead to me eventually meeting my now wife.

  • Anonymous
    Yet some women still manage to find more than one at a time...
  • Anonymous
    You know I am in the top 1% of the US's wealth, which means on a global scale I am probably in the top.1% or more, I am 6'1, very thin, slightly better then average looks wise and white... and women dont like me... something tells me that they aren't nearly as shallow as these people are making them out to be, in this way anyway. I think they are shallow in the type of personalities they look for but that is another issue entirely that I won't get into, bottom line according to the standards these girls put forth I should be highly successful with women, but I am not? What could be the explanation? Well they dont like my personality is probably the most likely one, and why dont they like my personality? Well to be honest I dont know, I have no idea because personality is too intangible, but this just goes to show that even when there is a guy that meets these standards he is not always accepted by women.
    • Crazyced

      How do you make a living? Computer programmer won't have the same appeal as a hockey player. The attitude you portray definitly has a lot to do with it as well.

    • Anonymous

      @Crazyced Financial Analyst (yes like the kind on wall street, although I make less and dont actually work on wall street), so yes not very glamorous, but certainly well paying, especially for me at my particular bank. And maybe attitude/personality play into a women's decision more (which I know they do), this take has you believe that all women want what I have, I am merely pointing out that this is clearly not the case as attitude and personality will make or break a decision more then money, looks, build, or ethnicity. It sucks for a guy like me that has everything else, but I suppose for guys that can't hit the gym, work harder to get more money, or change their looks its fine that women dont actually care about these things.

  • Anonymous
    These women just have really high standards. I just want respect, loyalty, some humor and responsibility in a partner (I want what I give).
    • and that to me is respectable

    • You say that now... and then there is still that "I'm not good enough so *sabotage" in the "good" women out there"

  • Anonymous
    + Gay problem
    I guess u need to marry 4 wives to solve this shit problem. With woman approve first ofcourse haha
    • what gay problem?

    • Anonymous

      They increase the number of Single US woman. Which leads to depression after age 30 . She deserve a husband. Why US woman are highest number of unmarried.
      1. Gay marriage
      2. Promiscuous woman
      3. guys don't want to be married early
      4. Number of woman are higher than men &I that reason cuz of men death at War before & Now.. THE LESS baby boy born
      5. No marriage No new kids to solve that shit and make Numbers Equal
      6. Most American men now went to marry overseas.. means Non American woman
      So 4 Wives is the only way to help. In one condition that the 4 Wives want that with ther signature.
      anyelse than that solve the 6 above problem before u downvote me for saying 4 wives

    • Anonymous

      7. Guys don't want to marry at all he think woman are Bi**ch he lost trust so he decided to have fun with bunch Of sex

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