Follow this advice and become a CHICK MAGNET over night

Follow this advice and become a CHICK MAGNET over night

Don't be like this douche bag above, please

Okay, so you've read all the dating tips online: from pickup artistry to how to double your dating to how to get your dating profile to shine. Everyone says the same thing: "be kind of like an asshole" "be cocky and funny" "compliment a girl and then insult her" "dress like Mystery, the douche bag, and wear a velvet hat and eye liner"

Okay first off, if you aren't David Navarro from Jane's Addiction, Johnny Depp, or Prince (rest in peace) you can't pull off the eye liner, I'm sorry. (Is it a coincidence all three are Geminis?)

Anyways, here the actual real tips on how to be charming with women and become a CHICK MAGNET without shelling out 100's of dollars on useless dating guides and forums.

1.) Be confident

Learn to love yourself and change your thoughts to positive ones. Keep a smile on your face, be energetic and fun to be around. Befriend everyone and take interest in other people in general. When you come across as a person who is happy, sure of himself, filled with interesting things, people, events, etc. in life, women will naturally be drawn to you. In other words, have high social status

Follow this advice and become a CHICK MAGNET over night

The man above has a quiet confidence about him, no wonder he played James Bond

2.) Understand that flirting is mostly body language, maintain good body language

Most guys make the classic mistake of not making enough eye contact, not smiling and not holding themselves in a graceful manner. Make eye contact, smile, keep your shoulders back, chin up, and tummy tucked in.

3.) Be a good conversationalist by not talking much and keeping the attention on her

Most guys make the classic mistake of talking too much about themselves in an effort to impress: they'll go on and on about their cool jobs, their salary, the car they drive, how much they can bench press and so on and so forth. It's better to flaunt all the goodies you have without saying a word about it. Keep the attention on her instead: ask her questions about her that pick her mind, and sit back and listen to everything she has to say. Without saying much, you become a good conversationalist by simply learning to listen. Also, when she asks you questions about you, don't always answer directly, give playful answers that'll make her laugh out the words "you're impossible!" The trick is to keep the attention on her, but don't go about the date like it's an interview either. Find out what she's passionate about, for instance, and then reciprocate by telling her what you're passionate about and if she asks questions about you, just be playful an don't be so direct. Remember, you want to be a bit mysterious while getting to know all about her and at the same time bonding with her.

Follow this advice and become a CHICK MAGNET over night

4.) Convey interest in something more than friendship early on without letting her know you like her

Tell her you like her too early on, and the seduction is over before it even starts. Don't let her know that you like her early on and you end up getting friend zoned. From the beginning, you have to convey interest in her. Girls are different than guys, they have to be in a certain mind set and mentality when dealing with you. You have to be seen as a potential sexual partner from onset in order for the sexual tension to build like it should over time.

5.) Be unassuming, chivalrous and very nice when you first meet her

When you meet a girl, you have to be polite, nice, chivalrous, and modest. You can be confident without being cocky, and you can be a gentleman without being a pushover. Contrary to the crap that you read on dating articles; how you have to be a dick, use backhanded compliments, neg a girl....being nice actually means that she will be nice in return. I mean, doesn't that make sense? Some girls however, are bitchy when you first approach them to woo them (mostly because they are used to creeps or meek men going up to them and they are testing you to see how you will react), so you can continue to be nice without getting all flustered: just stand your ground, respond to a woman who throws curve balls at you with some wittiness and just keep that sure smile and coolness on your you have "zero fucks given" written all over your face. Eventually, the bitch shield will fall and she will open up.

6.) Use your friendship with other women to make yourself appear more attractive

Women hold each other's opinions of men in high regard. If she sees you constantly talking to women, she will wonder what it is about you that is so interesting to the opposite sex. By being friends with a lot of women you provoke a woman's jealousy and curiosity to want you all to herself.

Follow this advice and become a CHICK MAGNET over night

7.) Tease a woman playfully, flirt as if it's her chasing you, be witty and learn how to compliment

This goes back to a prior tip of being a good listener. When you get a girl talking, the more she talks the more likely she will say things to contradict herself, or fumble her words or say something out of context. Learn to spot these blunders and then use it to tease a woman. Examples: "You mean - make - peanut butter jelly sandwiches, not - cook - peanut butter jelly sandwiches, you have some pretty low standards for how to be a good cook" "Oh so you mowed the driveway with a snow blower? Really? Does snow grow like grass or something?" Yes these are some things from personal experience I've teased women about sarcastically. When you flirt, you have to flirt in a way that subconsciously makes her feel like she's chasing you. For example "I like your dress, you look dashing...but please, you don't need to get all dressed up just to impress me" is an example. "You want to go for another round of beer? You're trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me huh? Well, I won't fall for it" are good examples. With compliments, find things about her that most people miss: she always gets complimented on her looks, so find things that make her unique, spot them and then compliment her on it.

8.) Be unpredictable

Don't always call and text when you say you will. When the sexual tension is extremely high, pull back a little. Pique her interest and then balance it off with a sudden change of behavior into aloofness. This emotional roller coaster ride you put a woman on will get her plucking flower pedals trying to figure you out. Women are emotional creatures, and also like to do the chasing and are super analytical, so if you can get them to invest emotional energy in you, getting them to think about you, then you'll come off as more intriguing than all the guys out there that end up clinging to women and stalking them.

9.) When you ask a woman out, be direct and have a confirmed date

When it comes time to ask a girl out, do it in person: not over the phone or via text. If it's not possible to see her, do it over the phone, but never over text. Be spontaneous about it, not contrived like you spent all day planning to ask her out. Don't say "would you like to go out some time" and then be all like "some day". No, just be like "hey, I'd like to go out with you and see you..." if she says yes, pick the date right then and there, a time, day, date everything. And then, plan the date out completely and when it comes time to go out on the date, take the lead with everything from picking where to go to eat, to what activities will be done, to where you'll sit in the restaurant or movie theater. During a date, women don't like to be the decision makers, so plan everything out and let her just go with the flow. You can also build the conversation up to the date, by visualizing in conversation things that are fun to do, like, talk about what she likes to do, and then be all like "hey speaking of bowling, actually you know what, I was thinking about bowling this weekend, would you like to go out and go bowling? I'd like to see you this weekend if you're free" is a good way of getting a date.

Also, be into her during the date and show good etiquette, not like this tool

Follow this advice and become a CHICK MAGNET over night

10.) Don't ask permission for a kiss or dance or a phone number, also - touch her casually

Don't ask her to dance, just grab her hand and lead her to the dance floor. Don't ask for a kiss just lean close to her face and scan hers for if she is ready for it. Don't ask for her number, just tell her to give it to you. Even when asking out a girl on a date, don't even ask, just make the assumption like she'll say yes. Also, throughout the date, make sure to touch her when you talk to her, like a quick pat on the shoulder, or a quick touch to the knee, or keeping you hand on her lower back and guide her through a door when you hold it open for her or a quick hug when you pick her up for a date. When you touch her, subconsciously, you build physical rapport with her.

Follow this advice and become a CHICK MAGNET over night

And that's it, over 3,000 dollars worth of dating advice condensed into one sweet article. Got any tips of your own? Share them below.

Follow this advice and become a CHICK MAGNET over night
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  • Joc4Position
    Dude nobody dresses like that clown in the first picture... nobody. I'm a Gemini... buuut I don't believe in that stuff.

    I say just be you. That's my advice. Stop forcing yourself to do this or that. At the end of it all she'll either like you for you or not. Sure you can lie your way into her pants, but that to mean is a bitch move. That's going out like a punk. You too much of a bitch to be yourself? That's sad you know? Just be you. If she don't like you being you then it ain't going to work anyway. If she do then hey you straight. Nothing to worry about.
    Is this still revelant?
    • wouldn't you agree that learning to be confident is being the perfect version of yourself?

    • Confident in who I am, yeah.

  • FallOutBoy2001
    Actually, wear the eyeliner. And black band shirts. You're gonna attract quite a few girls, most of us "scene" or "emo" chicks are great girlfriends
    Is this still revelant?
    • I have thick eyelashes as it is and therefore my eyes are the envy of most women, regarding band t shirts, i wear band t shirts of heavy metal bands but then dress totally hip hop and wear snap back hats so my style is a clustfuck of emotions

    • clusterfuck, sorry

    • If I was single and 31 I would date you.

      What metal bands are you into?

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  • Scrambledagain
    Bud, I would get my 3000 dollars back because this won't make you a chick magnet and is the same old that is said all the time. Why mystery and David deangelo etc were so successful is because they pulled apart what it means to be confident, how to project it, what to say etc. your teasing that you promote is the same as negging. Lol... lets point out her flawed thinking and have fun by throwing a joke about it. That's a neg.
    • First off, what do you mean by get 3000 dollars back? I said this article is worth 3000 dollars because its got more useful information that's FREE then if you went out and bought mystery and Deangelos shit, also teasing is not negging, negging is more like backhanded compliments, just being a dick in general... I'm talking about playful teasing that's non-offensive, like pulling someone's leg

    • Lol... so you quantified this advice and thought it was worth 3k? Well, this is so old you could google it for free. Nice job. That said, de angelo and mystery were on the money with women and their principles are dead on. negging is pulling someone's leg or making fun of a person in a light hearted way. It looks bad in Pua books because it's hard to articulate these behaviours. It's interesting that some of the valid points you do make come from these guys books. In summary, I would put my faith and guestimated 3k in these guys than in your post. Just saying.

    • Exactly, you can Google advice and find this MyTake of mine on the interent from gag. com, congrats on the logic Sherlock. Valid points I made from these guys books - not really, you talk to enough women on your own and you'll see that women don't like guys who neg them out of their own insecure, because noone likes a dick being a dick to them. It's basic human psychology at its finest. Now if you want to walk around with eyeliner a goofy fucking furry hat, women's jewelry and nail polish to attract women like your fucking idol than be my guest homie

  • sp33d
    mind games, more mind games and yet again more mind games. Be this be that, everything but yourself. Have fun with that..
    • My friend, women play mind games with men all the time and you have to learn to play the game right back

    • sp33d

      Fake attitude only convinces fake women, good luck. Take her to bed and wash, rinse, repeat.

  • ConsultantIsBack
    Very very good list! However, is #8 really effective? Curious about that one. As, just my personality I'm very straightforward, very consistent. So I'm pretty damn predictable I think. I think women like that consistency, but being unpredictable in flirting def has some value there.
    Great take man!
    • Eight is effective because a story with a plot twist is always much more interesting than a story filled with cliches

    • Hm interesting, different strategy than mine!

  • aliceinwonderland69
    This is all good except I don't like evasive/aloof guys cos I alway think they are hiding something.
  • frozenhorizon
    To me #4 seems based more on her initial attraction to you than anything you personally do or say... what do you think?
    • Initial attraction will help a women gain interest in you quickly but without the right game, that interest will diminish quickly. I've seen really good looking guys blow it with women, and I've seen hot girls hook up with under-average but interesting guys. Having both, good looks and having game will work wonders for you. But keep in mind, with women, good looks also has a lot to do with how you carry yourself, treat yourself, how you dress, smell, eye contact, smiling and confidence

  • skeptic007
    lol PUA
    studied it out it's stupid
    and it's based on sin
  • Anonymous
    Men are so desperate for pussy
    • I wonder why, what is pussy other than a sloppy hole that smells like decaying fish most of the time

  • Anonymous
    Ok, I hope it works, thanks for the advices.
  • Anonymous
    #3 No one should monopolize the conversation + evasiveness is annoying
    #6 will come to bite u in the ass.

    I agree with #1, #2, #5
    • Anonymous

      Oh shit. I only agree with the titles of 1, 2 and 5. If you were a real dating coach you'd have to refund the gents

    • First off, when did you like a guy who went out on a date with you and wouldn't stop talking about himself? Second, it doesn't pique your interest the slighted if a guy has lots of female friends and he isn't gay?