10 Romantic (Or Just Plain Fun!) Summer Ideas for Couples

Summer 2016 is finally here!!!

Yes it's summer time and it's blazing hot! I'm in Los Angeles, California and the weather is crazzzzzy; the sun is beaming baby, and I'm loving it. I'm sooo ready to get turned up for the summer.

I'm trying to do as much as I can because I work a lot, and I have to squeeze some summer activities in with my fiance. Me and him are looking forward to doing so much stuff, and we're so frigging excited! So I thought I would share some of are ideas with you guys.... I thought these would be some cool dates for the summer. A bunch of people are dating around this time of the year, so here you go- hope you make this a great summer. Stay cool & have fun :)



1. Water Park

Oh yesss....grab your bathing suites and & get soaked at one of your favorite water parks!

2. Camping

Nothing like camping on a warm chill summer night under the stars with that special someone...Lol don't forget the bug spray!

3. Ice cream

Get out and grab some of your favorite ice cream or some frozen yogurt with your partner. Soo great for the summer, and tasty too :D.

4. Amusement Park

You and your date can enjoy a thrilling fun day riding roller-coasters at a great amusement park; it will blow your mind :DD!

5. The Beach

Of course the beach! it's amazing and a great way to cool off. A lot of singles are always ready to mingle here ;)

6. Bike Riding

Bike riding???... Hell yeah! it's actually really fun exploring the city on a nice summer day :)

7. Canoeing

I always wanted to try this! it looks super fun and I can't wait lol . This looks like a great idea for the summer!

8. Paintball

Fuuuun & pretty hardcore!

9. Tubing

Great summer activity! Make sure to hold on tight! XD

10. Fishing

LOL I hate fishing...but my fiance loves it. He's funny though so he makes it fun. Most couples enjoys this...I just love the atmosphere :)

Welp those are all the ideas. What do you have planned for the summer with that special someone or with your friends are family? Please comment & thanks for reading :)


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  • Great ideas! My guy can fish, he used to as a kid and I've been bugging him for the longest time to get some fishing gear and take me fishing lol. Fresh fish is so much more tasty.


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  • It's funny how all those people seem so overly happy, but when we actually do it, it's more on the boring side...

  • Gonna have to add nature and beach hikes to the list.

  • Guess I could do all this alone... :(


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