Yummy Mummies - 4 Ways to Rev Up Your Dating Game!

Like most single mums, finding the time to do anything for yourself is hard enough let alone finding ways to go on a date. Single mums need love too, raising kids by yourself can be a lonely existence. Don't wait around to hopefully get noticed, here's how single mums can rev up their dating prospects in 2011 and even use parenthood to their advantage.

1. Your child’s school.

Girls, this is a total haven for single guys. And what's more, single Dad's can relate to your situation, their far less likely to run a country mile when they find out you have kids. Now, I'm not saying to go out and start stalking single Dad's at your kids school, simply start to observe who the single dads are. Try and arrange a few play dates with your child and some of the single dads kids. Sure it's a bit of a cheeky move, but hey you've earned it since you've been a slave to your kids over the past few years.

2. Sport events bring people together.

It's easy to interact with other parents at sports events. Again, it's all about using parenthood to your advantage. Throughout each schooling semester, you'll have figured out who the single dads are so you're already familiar with their situation. Go sit next to him for a chat, it's as easy as that.

3. Kids parties.

Arrange a few kid’s parties and make sure you persuade your child to invite the children who have single dads. This way, you're not looking like a desperate single mum, rather it's more of an indirect approach.

4. Ask for help!

Guys love to help out a woman in need. Ask some of the single Dads where they take their kids for swimming lessons, or if they know any good math tutors. This is a great way to strike up a conversation and an ideal means to take the guy up on his advice. Now all you have to do is seal the deal!

The above tips will create some genuine opportunities to explore your social options and start dating again. Take advantage of the situation in which you find yourself. Being a single mum may not be quite so limiting as you imagine!


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  • This is good advice for single mom's. Especially since you have a kid you can't always play the "let him come to me and chase me till I say yes" game like some other single women do who don't have kids. It also is great as women, with kids or without, should be more assertive and aggressive in going after a guy! I know too many women who complain about being single but don't actively pursue a guy. That is just stupid. Keep up with the good advice!

  • Great article, single mums need all the help they can get


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