Impressing A Girl


Impressing A Girl

Many men seem to be grappling with this one question : how to impress a girl? They do all crazy things – imitating someone to impress a girl. But the first thing that you should firmly embed in your mind is that girls do not like anything that is not genuine or unoriginal. But most guys try to hide their real self and portray a different personality in front of the girls. No wonder why these men never succeed in finding their girl. Read on to know how to impress girls.

The first step you do is not to try to impress her. This may sound strange since your primary intention is to impress her. But the problem here is when you want to impress a girl you tend to show off a lot. You tend to become a lot more superficial and completely forget your true self. This will make the girls view you as a guy who does nothing but show off. The best mantra is to be yourself with the girl and let things happen naturally.

Believe me what talents you have imbibed naturally are enough to impress a girl. It is not your social status or you money that impresses her. If a girl gets attracted because you are rich, she will ditch you once she feels you are not worth her. She is attracted to your wealth and not your personality. The talents you have are good to impress a girl. You need girls to respect you for what you are naturally and not for anything physical like money or looks and other aspects.

So explore the talents that you have. Remember that these girls get approached by men who try to impress them in various ways. So if you want the girl to take notice you have to be different. If you follow the crowd, you will soon get lost. Don’t change your personality for her. Be your natural self. Don’t talk to her with the sole intention to have her. Go deeper, value the relationship. One things that invariably turns on a woman is intelligence. You can develop your intelligence by reading books and being up do date with whats happening around the world. You have to talk well and be clear when you communicate if you want to impress the girl.

Impressing A Girl

Impressing A Girl
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I have found that the #1 thing that impresses women is confidence. I'm not talking about being arrogant or cocky, but just being confident. That means you don't try to be someone else, you don't do things that look like you're trying to compensate for your perceived deficits, you don't act like you need to apologize for being with her.

    My all time pet peeve is a guy calling a girl and asking, "You wouldn't want to go out with me Friday night, would you?" Unless the lady is filled with goodness, understanding, and patience, the answer is almost always "No" or some variation of no.

    I do things that impress ladies, like opening doors for them, helping them with their jacket, helping them to get seated, etc. But I am very consistent and I tell them that is what I was taught, I have been doing the same things for 45 years of dating, and it is just who I am. That scores points.

    The other thing that scores many points is that I listen to them. On the first date, she mentioned that her favorite restaurant is Seasons 52. For Valentine's Day, without her prompting or requesting this, I made reservations at Seasons 52. She knows that I was paying attention to her and that I treated it as important information worthy of being stored in my long term memory. That sets me apart from many others who she has dated before me.

    When she is talking, don't interrupt her. It doesn't matter that you just thought of something that is very important. It can wait.

    Respect her. If you say you will pick her up at 7:00 pm, don't pick her up at 7:15 pm. Leave home so that you get to her neighborhood by 6:45 pom, then find something to do for 10 minutes before you drive the last mile to her house. If you will be unavoidably late, call her and let her know before the scheduled time. This is respect!

    Treat her like she is important but also tell her that you want to be treated like you are important. This is all based on the Golden Rule.

    Nice myTake!
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    • themon09

      your methods may have worked 45 years ago, not now. times have changed and the only way to get control is to care less and treat them like they don't matter

    • @themon09 And you are impressing lots of women by not caring?

    • themon09

      impressing isn't the point, getting laid is

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Plumy
    It's quite true...
    I was surprised one time when a guy (kind of friend) started to talk to one of my friends about all his life, what he is good at and all his qualities, hobbies, so proud... It was clearly to impress and we knew it but we just let him talk...
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  • jennifer_bloom
    I look for biblical virtues:
    - humility
    - understanding
    - insight
    - wisdom
    - honesty
    - loyalty
    - faithfulness
    - respect
    - honour
    - kindness
    - chastity
  • Logorithim
    Excellent advice- be yourself is the best way to go.
  • lilaqua
    Wait girls need to be impressed to date someone? Like an xfactor judge? I’m very one minded with who I like, I look at them and if I like them I’ve marked them mentally. Unless they turn out to be a massive dickhead I’ll like them no matter what.
  • linds34
    Good points, I agree it is best to be yourself so you meet someone who likes you for you. It also helps to listen more than you talk.
  • Ms_Meaghan
    Stop asking for my kik or Facebook, that would impress me. Lol
  • Good_Behavior
    "But the first thing that you should firmly embed in your mind is that girls do not like anything that is not genuine or unoriginal."

    Celebrities are both not genuine or original. This is false. In fact it is very false. People tend to trend towards individuals who are well accepted and well liked and popularity tends to belong to those who appear (not are) friendly and approachable (hence, unoriginal).

    If you want to succeed with people be clearly and easily recognizable.

    "The first step you do is not to try to impress her."

    No, you want to impress her, put forth the effort and forget your 'true self' because the self you are when you do this is also your true self. You don't magically become someone else. It is just as apart of you as when you weren't doing whatever handstands. In fact learning that about yourself is really key because then you know how you handle these things and can make more astute observations about what is and isn't acceptable in your psyche and behavior.

    "Believe me what talents you have imbibed naturally are enough to impress a girl. It is not your social status or you money that impresses her."

    That's not true. In fact that is not true for either sex. No one cares if you can name every element, with atomic weight, on the periodic table but have trouble managing your bills. What you show is far more important than who you are. Do not mistake me for saying that your skills aren't able to impress but don't consider your natural state as just inherently impressive because it isn't. Social status and money and the like translate directly from what you do so when you have high status and lots of money generally speaking you're doing something of value, legal or otherwise, that people want you to do, to their detriment or otherwise, in society. There is no division between your social status and your talents. You may not always get paid for what you're good at but if you're doing something valuable you will always get paid.

    "Remember that these girls get approached by men who try to impress them in various ways. So if you want the girl to take notice you have to be different."

    And this is the killer. "How"? That's the problem. Every single one of these says this but none of them answer that critical question of how to be different. This and the fact that the world isn't filled with individuals who are dying virgin failures suggests that this isn't true at all. In fact dressing well and being fashionable are good

    Follow trends.
  • whatthehellwasthat
    What worked on me is the guy taking a genuine interest in getting to know me without any ulterior motives. We were just fascinated with each other. But yes, a woman wants to know the real you as well.
  • Gordo1970
    How to impress a female...Impressing A Girl
  • bellybuttonlint
    If a girl likes you, you do not need to try to "impress" her... she is impressed with you already by the fact that she likes you.
  • evelyn25
    yessss! honestly guys don't even need to try we don't expect you to be perfect. girls like you for who you are, not because you're impressing... ;)
  • DonCachondo
    I tend to impress people--even some women--inadvertently because I'm so driven and decisive. The problem is, once I've impressed a girl, I have no clue how to follow up... or even how to ascertain whether a woman is impressed in the first place! haha
  • NerdInDenial
    Or you can insert life cheat codes: be rich, powerful, or famous
  • Halucinator
    Nice take haha
    Your humble servant haswrittensomething on it too
    Impressing a Girl-Tips, Tricks or Myths? ↗
  • jacquesvol
    Impressing A Girl? Be successful in at least one domain
  • ovoxo_
    Fellas here is a smaller and easier explanation on how to impress a girl:


    That's it! 🤑
  • SirRexington
    Be yourself and a good girl will be herself and fall in love with you.
  • simplecountrygirl
    Good take
  • TheUglyMan
    Essentially what you wrote is that its just a numbers game until a girl thats actually impressed by you shows up. I'll tell you my opinion on it.

    You could offer her the whole world but if you dont meet the preselection criteria women have it doesn't matter. you could be as nice as possible , as giving as possible , as respectful as possible, you could show her all the talents you have but she won't care unless you meet the preselection criteria.

    Now you might be wondering what is the preselection criteria? it is made up of these components:

    1. Confidence
    2. Looks
    3. Money
    4. Status
    5. Height
    6. Maturity
    7. How many women are interested in him

    Now do all women look for all these traits in the man and that man must be the perfect man. Nope thats not what im saying. No it all depends on the women. Her age , her situation, what she's looking for etc.. Once you meet the preselection criteria impressing her will be easy. Unpopular opinion but what do ya think?
  • SweetgirlNS
    A guy making me climax would impress me!!!
  • razor97
    You got drunk off of texting a girl. You are awfully weird!
  • tek555_pessimist
  • omgjassy
    I agree with you asker
  • LegateLanius
  • utkarshpriy20
    Exactly my thought !
  • disgustingweebtrash
  • Nice222
    Great take.
  • fredrick89
    Great take
  • ovi2boss
    Those talentated bastards
  • tommygun87
    Yes I agree as well

  • Spotted3
    Spoil her
  • Wwwyzzerdd
    l bring myself
  • Jordan26
    Give her foot rubs
  • CT_CD
    Great myTake
  • Sampan2017
    Great take
  • Anonymous
    First impressions really count
  • Anonymous
    Not quite easy
  • Anonymous
    • Road_block

      I'll give my answer

    • Anonymous

      Thanks :)

  • Anonymous
    Some girls don't need to be impressed :)
  • Anonymous
    Be yourself is impressive enough
  • Anonymous
    Great mytake!!!
  • Anonymous
    If that's the way it's done then I won't bother trying. Better to be my own self without getting rejected, humiliated, broke, depressed, etc.
  • Anonymous
    i just try to show her the gentleman i am, and i treat women with respect.
  • Anonymous
    Ok. Thanks for your take.