The Path of Single Life: Knowing the Path is Not the Same as Walking the Path

It is really hard to say how it is but I will try to explain it and make it as relatable as much as possible.

First of all, I am a good-looking man with a good financial status and social status too. I am multi talented too (I play guitar, keyboard, organ, and drums) and have a great character. I have been single my whole life, never had a date or anything. As for the society, most of my friends dated so it didn't have to do anything with that.

Just to be clear, I only had an online relationship which can't be counted as the real thing since we never met.

The reason I stayed single cannot be answered.

So what is it like being single?

"There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." Morpheus,

Shall we start?

Dating at a young age :

The Path of Single Life: Knowing the Path is Not the Same as Walking the Path

- Being single at a young age is a good thing, dating while being young can be really bad. You're a teen who can't control your emotions, your hormones are unstable, you don't understand what women want so it is best to be single at that young age so you can save yourself the trouble of "heartbreak" which is much harder at young age to do.

- You can focus more on the things you actually enjoy and not be committed to anything since you are still young and wild and just want to hang out and do stuff all day.

- Most likely the attraction would be based on sexual attraction since all that a guy would think is that and a girl would think "oh that guy is awesome", so the reason why you date would be just shallow and not enough to build a real relationship.

- It is the golden stage of building your life path, forming your personality, your traits, and thinking about your path in an academic way, so it is better to be single at that age where nothing would affect your decisions.

Dating in College:

The Path of Single Life: Knowing the Path is Not the Same as Walking the Path

- Here is where things get tricky. You are now more mature and thinking about having fun all through college, although you want some sort of commitment but collage is the time where you just go crazy and everyone is just dating everyone else.

- Being single at that stage is where you can benefit from others experience. You can see them getting in trouble with their SO and being busy, having no time to study, or do any other activity.

- College is the time when you start helping society, you can elect, you have the brains to make an impression about all the things going on around you.

- At this time you would have to know what kind of person you want to be with, you have a full understanding of the opposite gender (just kidding, but maybe a bit more than before), you have seen many to know how to choose the right one for you.

Up until now I have talked about the pros of being single, not mentioning the cons, why do you think?

Could it really be that there are no cons of being single?

The Path of Single Life: Knowing the Path is Not the Same as Walking the Path

You wish.

The cons are not easy to talk about and I can't just state them without looking inside myself. You see, most of the cons would have to do with emotions. It might be a bit bitter when you see some guy holding a woman's hand while you are just sitting there alone. Yes you have so many things done but you don't have that one thing which is an emotional attachment to someone else on a deep level. I am not going to lie, although I am a tough guy and it is really hard for me to be moved, I can't count how many times I felt that bitterness. Not envy, but just wondering why I can't have that.

That is the only thing I can say about the cons, the rest is different for each individual. Some might feel social pressure from others, some might have a different way of feeling it's cons, but we all share that bitter moment.

For me, I have passed the final line of dating life. I am not flexible to date and move on if it doesn't work out. I am looking for settling down, not fooling around it might seem like an old man's words, but that is what I want.


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  • Really nice take. It surprises me that men like you are out there and single with so many good qualities. I know a few, and I want to know what makes the difference.


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  • Good take. I never dated through high school and only had one short relationship half way through college Two weeks ago I graduated college and will no longer be around a bunch of girls around my age so I worry that it will be extremely difficult to find one that wants to be with me. I hate being single, I was the happiest I've been been when I was in that relationship. Then she ghosted me and I was devastated. I'm basically over her, but I've gotten no interest from any females at all in the two years since and that makes me extremely worried that I won't find anyone. And not being around girls that I could potentially date makes it even more unlikely. Why should people like us not find love? How is that fair? It's a very frustrating situation to be in.

    • I know how you feel man, it is hard but don't give up
      First you gotta work till when you look in the mirror and say wow i look amazing , you gotta do is for your self
      Second be confident you are great , everyone is

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    • Well I'm not giving up yet, I'm still just 21 so I have some time. Apparently I don't have it though because no girls are ever interested in me. I guess I'll just keep hoping something will change.

    • Hope is good , but when you see something you gotta go after it
      This is how life works

  • I have a hard time reading some mytakes. But this one, since I am heavily similar to it, is different and easy to read the whole thing.
    I too want to settle down and ready for a family. I'm 23 and ready to have kids and hopefully get married soon also.

    • Thanks for reading it man
      I have the same aim too , but i am having a fear of it not coming true , since i have been single all this time
      But i am not worried , god has a plan for all of us ,
      I wish you the best. may your wish come true sooner than later :)

    • My guy friend was the same way and married woman who was like 34 and they were so cute okay why am I telling this

    • @Nokeisit lol
      Thank you for sharing

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  • Truthfully speaking , this equates to an abomination and death of ones unique character and personality. Never to be questioned or shared for purposes of solitude. This vanity lends its self to pity and misery which has a detrimental snow-ball effect going backwards with death iminate in its scope. This aptitude turns the light out at the end of the tunnel and perceives hope to hopelessness. To accually find peace with that idea in mind , circumventing loneliness as a eventual outcome , conceives nothing more than a vanity of wasted life and an abomination of biological suicide as a bondage of ones self.

  • Some guys have it way worse then you, like no job no confidence no friends no social life no collage money plan not talented at all no car no good job, you try being a janitor and seeing all the hot chick at your work eye hump the security guards or supervisers and no one pays one look at you. Also try having to take care of your retarted sister for the rest of your fucking life that leaves no room for dating or even bringing a chick over to chill. Fuck you you have no right to post about being a bitter lonely single guy you fucking rich boy try being from the streets and still being a lonely single virgin then bitch

  • I prefer not to walk that path again.


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