The Perks of Dating a Single Woman

If you have dated a younger girl, then you must have experienced cute little stuff. But have you ever dated a single woman? If you have done that, then you can easily distinguish between the two as there is a huge difference between dating a woman and a younger girl. You can have a lifetime experience by dating a woman as they are very mature and know how to deal with tough situations, they are way more understanding and that is why they understand and react accordingly, they have seen failures, and they do not really care about every little thing, they do not jump into a relationship with any random guy, for the sake of keeping a relationship they do not lose their self- respect and self-esteem, they respect their partner's decision and many other things. Here is the list of the brighter side of dating a single woman:

The Perks of Dating a Single Woman

As mentioned earlier, an older woman is more independent than a younger girl as they are aware of their choices and they know how to deal with different situations. A woman will have her own life, own career and own friends, so if you date a woman you can have your own space and the best part is she won't complain about that.

A woman is less insecure than a girl as they are quite sure that even if her boyfriend/ man leaves her then there are many other better man out there on this planet. She will not spend her entire life thinking about that one man. She does not need a man to lead the rest of her life happily. And she will not be insecure if her boyfriend has other female friends as she is mature enough to understand that.

A single woman is usually very independent both emotionally and financially, and that is why she does not need a man to pay her bills, she can do that all by herself. So if you date a woman, then you do not have to care about paying the bills every time you go out together for shopping or for a dinner date.

Unlike younger female, single women do not do drama! Apparently, there will be some drama when you are in a relationship but comparatively less and easy to deal with.

You can learn a lot if you date single women as they have experienced many ups and downs in life. And these experiences will help you to be a better and mature man.

Simplicity! They are usually very simple, and they do not care about their looks much. They have accepted their flaws and okay with however they look.

They are very conversationalists, and that is why they have a bucket full of things to have a healthy conversation. Unlike younger girls, they are mature and not a chatterbox, and they will not talk random.

She is straightforward, and that is why she won't drop a hint if she is upset with something. She will come straight to you and tell directly whatever the matter is.

So by now, you must have understood that there are a lot of perks for dating single woman as they are the best!


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What Girls Said 29

  • Generalising as hell. Limited knowledge about societal differences and too huge ego that just tries to present any personal experience as universal law. You are very false about many of this, fella.
    I was NEVER dating anyone unless I was single. What the freaking point is dating multiple people at the same time anyway? Who even does that? Oh yeah!!! - the spoiled westerners who develop adhd at age 9 from all the hyped up consumerism trashy lifestyle in which they learn to just trash a thing / a person / a relationship if they have even slightest flaw. I don't know where you're from but in southeastern Europe where I'm from, we go on dates only with a) someone who we know for a while and who has high prospects of becoming your boyfriend and b) with your actual boyfriend.

    Mistake no2)
    "Younger girls make drama, older women completely opposite"
    In my place, this whole statement is completely opposite just fyi.

    Another flaw:
    "Simplicity! They are usually very simple, and they do not care about their looks much. They have accepted their flaws and okay with however they look."
    Again, might be cultural, but a lady, especially if married (but it doesn't even matter), will have highly expensive clothes and pArfume, lots of real golden and plAtinum jewelry to choose from and quality shoes and purses. The reputation mAtters the most. The husband is seen through her and she is seen through his style. Young girls can wear cheap and even second hand because everyone knows they are just in college or just started working and cannot afford themselves much.

    "They are very conversationalists, and that is why they have a bucket full of things to have a healthy conversation."
    Again totally different here. The older they are the less tact and objectivity and energy for discussions women have while men drastically develop a thing for that as they get older and become less dump. But until they finally mature most women are mindfucked and too tired to outsmart them so thats how arguments begin very easily at age above 30.

    And last but not least, this is ultimate crap- the thing about insecurity. The older a woman gets, less is she convinced she deserves anyone OR she thinks there aren't good enough guys of her age anymore, because if he was something good, why he's still not married after 30+? They also get MUCH more picky the older they are which might seem contradictorial to a guy but that is how it works.. at least here where I am from. FYI.

  • A lot of wishful thinking and generalisations here, having spoken to hundreds if not thousands of single women looking to date most would disagree with much of the above. It does not follow that an older one is more secure and confident. Some are very worried about money, cannot get a job, looking for a meal ticket, others are boring or have mental health problems which is why they are single. I have known older women who are single but desperate to get with a man simply because they have not got a car and want him to drive them everywhere or feed her cats when she is away.
    As the alternative to dating single women is to date women in a relationship it is obvious it will be a lot better to date a single woman where you can go to her home, phone her at home, be seen with her and see her a lot without her constantly being too busy with the demands of her real partner or kids or having to cancel when something at home goes wrong, and being hidden away as a nasty secret. The person who wrote this is obviously not English or American as their English is awful, they translate badly.

  • Your title is misleading. I feel like all men should aim to date single women as opposed to women that involved with other men. You talk about younger girls versus older women. That's probably what your title should've been.

  • Uhm... shouldn't your take have been titled "The perks of dating an older woman"? Because young girls ARE generally single. And, most people date single people. It's generally looked down on for people to date someone who's already taken...#redundancy

    • Can you show the perks of dating an older woman

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    • @ovoxo_ Well, you're wrong. Sexuality actually declines with age.

    • Thank you

  • I think this is a reasonable hypothesis, now you need to follow up with the next step of the scientific method. By that I mean you are talking without any evidence. This is pure anecdote. Some of it might be true but definitely not all and not all the time.

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What Guys Said 34

  • It sounds like you mean older women period. To which I can agree they're generally more put together than younger women, yeah. But when you say 'single woman' then the stuff you say doesn't exactly apply. Younger women who are single are often not the same as older women who are single.

  • I think the only problem is us being in two different places in life, at least financially. I wouldn't mind dating an older woman but I'm still in college. Can't afford to live on my own just yet. So I don't know if I'd even be taken seriously.
    wouldn't want her thinking im looking for a suga-momma either lol

  • Not every single woman is how you describe, if I find one how you describe I will give her a chance, but a 23yr old girl has more potential and more likely to fall in love. 30something women put me off with their demand for a serious relationship from the word go and goal to have kids.
    We aren't their bank account!

    • Finally someone who is honest. I'm considered an "older" woman, but sick of the delusional takes that some men offer who say older women are somehow better. It's all bs. Older women bring the exact same problems as younger women, except with more baggage and older looking bodies.

    • @cherryphi82 thats exactly right, some women have not changed and are simply how they were when they were younger, men aswell. I am your age too and im finding that younger people are more approachable because they want to learn. I am however currently giving an older woman with a 17month old a chance but so far she's only revealed she's deceptive because she attracted me by showing herself as an extrovert and when she talks her interests are introverted (no shit, she has a 17month old, its expected). Im not sure if i should trust her.

    • I couldn't tell you either...

  • They're all single unless they're married. Duh.
    Your title should have been, 'Dating Girls VS Women'
    And you're right - they're smarter and better with men as they age.

  • The biggest perk of dating a single woman is that she is not already in a relationship...

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