10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man


I wasn't originally going to join in on the #WhatIFindAttractiveChallenge but, I was nominated by @desidoll and further encouraged by @ericclayton to do this so, here it is!

There's a lot I look for that I find attractive in a potential partner from a physical standpoint, personality wise, and shared interests/values so it was difficult to narrow down my list! Therefore, I thought I would include a few from each of these categories. :)

1. Strong hands and arms.

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

I LOVE men with strong hands and arms. I find it so attractive and it's one of the first things I notice on a man.

2. Dark hair with light eyes.

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

This isn't a deal breaker or anything. In fact, I've never dated a man with dark hair and light eyes, all of my exes were the opposite (either dark hair and eyes or light hair and eyes)! However, when I see a man with this combination, it instantly captures my attention. I just think the contrast is beautiful.

3. Casual style.

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

I'm attracted to men who dress casually. Jeans and a plain T-shirt is a classic that can't be beat.

4. Works a blue-collar job.

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

There's just something about a man who works with his hands that gets me going. I love it. I think it just shows that he's not afraid to get dirty, not afraid to work in potentially dangerous environments, and has a good work ethic. I've met some men who seemed ashamed of working a manual labor job, as if it wasn't "good enough" for girls and I've told them that it's NOTHING to be ashamed of and actually makes them more attractive in my eyes.

5. Has an interest in history.

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

As a history lover, I'm super into men who also love history. I enjoy reading about history any chance I can, especially the Civil War era up to the early 20th century. I find it fascinating and love when a guy shares my interest in it. It just means that we'll have a lot to talk about and he probably won't be annoyed or bored when I want to go to museums and visit historical sites. :)

6. Values his family.

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

This one is pretty important to me, I find it so attractive when a man cares about his family and wants to spend time with them. I'm extremely family-oriented myself so it's definitely something I look for in a partner as well.

7. Good with kids.

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

I want kids someday so seeing a man who is good with kids is so attractive to me.

8. Has a beard.

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

Yes, it's true, I love facial hair on men. *shrugs*

9. Is not a "yes man"

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

I like a man who knows who he is, what he likes, and doesn't follow the crowd. Someone who can make up his own mind about what he thinks even if it goes against his friends, co-workers, superiors, or even me is attractive. I don't want someone who agrees with me all the time, that would be boring.

Note: I don't mean someone who disagrees with everyone just for the sake of disagreeing. But someone who knows their opinions, where they stand on certain things, and can make up their own mind in specific situations.

10. He listens.

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man

I know, this one is super cliché but it's true! A man who shows an interest in me, asks questions about me, and actually listens to my responses is attractive. Similarly, I would care about getting to know him and listening to him talk as well. It should go both ways.

Thanks, @desidoll for nominating me! I'm not sure who to nominate so anyone who wants to do it, consider yourself nominated. :P

I also want to give a shoutout to @AngelicSin. Great job on creating this challenge for the GAG Community! I'm enjoying reading everyone's myTakes on it. :)

10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    Okay so here's me:

    1.) I work with my hands, so they're good. Arms? Eh, they're okay.
    2.) I have brown hair and hazel green eyes. Close I guess?
    3.) I live in t-shirts and jeans.
    4.) I'm an electrician in New York City.
    5.) I also find history fascinating. "Those who don't pay attention to history are doomed to ignore it." My personal spin on a timeless classic. 👍😂
    6.) My son sees his grandparents every day and extended family members about once a month.
    7.) I'm a full-time single parent.
    8.) See profile picture. lol
    9.) The only person who ever gets the unconditional "yes" is my son.
    10.) Obviously I paid attention or I couldn't post this list. LOL

    Wow! Who knew I was a hot box of rockin' man meat! 👍😉😂

    P. S. Does humor, sarcasm, and giving off heat like a blast furnace in the winter score any points? 😂😂😂
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    • Ah, yes, those definitely score points too (especially the heat in the winter one since I feel like an icebox 99% of the time) haha!

      Thanks for reading! :)

    • You're welcome.

    • Thanks for Most Helpful.

  • brick111
    Well, it's no surprise that you want a MAN. Someone to protect, stand tall and have testosterone. I'm pleased to see that there are women out there in 2018 that are still looking for a man who is good at being a man. I am and have always been all of these things and am a leader among men but sometimes in our day and age I feel women "arent" looking for that, until they meet me. Lol those are the women that forgot what they want. Thanks for the article! Lol confidence booster.
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    • I understand what you mean. Lol Thanks for reading!

    • brick111

      Of course I don't put all the blame on women when men are forgetting how to be men. Lol I didn't have much of a father figure in my life but I figured it out. Like I said your article gives me hope.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Drinkingcoffee
    Perfect man. Add in “loves small animals” and “is outdoorsy” and there you go.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Yes! Those are definitely great things as well. :)

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  • PrincessPie
    Yes yes yes!!
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  • Bluemax
    Hmm. Very interesting. I love the history thing! I might consider adding that one myself! My wife did have an interest in music history.

    If I may, here's my list... even though no one asked.

    1. Very high in the compassionate area. This is non negotiable. I don't like cruelty and needless violence, and I will not tolerate it in a mate. In fact, she has to hate it as much as I. My wife exceeded virtually every one I knew in the compassion department.

    2. Dark hair and dark eyes. I find ravens just lovely. And I find dark eyes seem very soulful and empathetic. I know that's not at all true, but it just seems that way to me. These are negotiable. I've found plenty of blondes attractive, and green eyes are pretty. But I confess I couldn't date a blue eyed woman. Gazing into my lovers eyes is one of my favorite things to do with her. My wife had both dark hair and eyes.
    3. Average to above average intelligence. Many people balk at average intelligence, but I don't mind providing she enjoys learning as much as I do. My wife was very intelligent and loved learning.
    4. *I* must find her beautiful. I don't give a rip what the rest of the world thinks, that's why I emphasized the word "I." I don't want arm candy to make people envious. However, I must find her beautiful. Whether or not the world agrees is irrelevant. by the way, I make no apologies for this. My wife was positively lovely.
    5. Wonderful with children. Not just good; wonderful. My wife exceeded my expectations in this area.
    6. A job she is passionate about (preferably not the same as my job) and one that I find interesting. Of my female friends, the following jobs they hold are interesting: property management, psychology, psychotherapist, law, librarian, microbiologist, department store manager, math teacher, automotive mechanic, software architect, cook, restaurateur, truck driver, marine biologist, health insurance customer service, pilot, aerospace engineer, musician, and others I'm no doubt forgetting. My wife was a music teacher.
    7. *Very* physically affectionate. This need not be very sexual. I could lie down with my wife in my arms for hours and never have sex. My wife was very physically affectionate.
    8. Adventurous. Loves to camp, hike, fly, sail, and drive both on and off roads. This is something my wife was definitely *NOT*! Her idea of an adventure was staying in a hotel without room service. She got seasick if I just said the word "boat." She could only get on a plane if she was so drunk/drugged that she could barely pronounce the word "jet." And she got carsick, so driving offroad is utterly out of the question.
    9. Has an arsenal of satin panties and loves being a woman. My wife once said, "*I'm* the one who wants to feel curvy, soft, and pretty!" when I asked her if she was ever attracted to a woman
    10. Loves music, and has similar but not quite exactly the same taste in that arena. My wife was a music teacher, so 'nuff said.

    Wow! My wife ticks almost all my boxes, including 1, 3, and 4 which are non negotiable.
  • WeirdoWerdo
    Okay number 1... I'm working on it... Number 2 I got thank you Swedish family with all blue eyes lol. 3 yeah me pretty much.. Nr 4... Well I'm aiming to be a pilot in the future so that ain't happening... 5. depends on the era and what country. Swedish history I love because it's my country and I also really like ww2 historically and 1500-1800 Europe. Nr 6 I actually try to see my cousins who I dont see that often as they might live in another country as I have norwegian cousins but also very northen cousins which I tried be with a lot this sumemr while they were down south and that was pretty fun. Nr 7. I'm not the best with children but I'm going the I even tried working at a kindergarten once didn't really work out because they had conservative christian values which I did not have. Nr 8 soon I tell you I'm still bit young. nr 9 yeah I'm really not with the crowd which is why people kinda get annoyed with me. Nr 10. I can listen for hours but also talk for hours. Pretty much just talk to me and I'll listen if something else is important and if it comes to a girl I like only the death of a family member is more important.
  • dolemite68
    He’s not a yes man and works a blue collar job but he listens 😂😂 girls and their cognitive dissonance
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    • I'm not sure how any of those are cognitive dissonance. A "yes man" is considered someone who "always agrees with their political leader or their superior at work." I know plenty of men who work blue collar jobs and don't always agree with their bosses but it also applies to friendships and interactions with other people too. It's possible to have a mind of your own and work a blue collar job, most of the men I know are like that.

      As for listening, again, I'm not sure how that contradicts anything I said. Just because he listens to me doesn't mean he has to agree with everything I say. Listening just means giving me the time to speak and not always talking about yourself.

    • dolemite68

      It was just a joke that women are very a la carte when it comes to masculinity

  • Phoenix98
    1# Check
    2# Nope
    3# Check
    4# Check
    5# Check
    6# Check
    7# Check
    8# Nope
    9# Check
    10# Check

    Gotta love blue collar jobs, that's the American dream right there, ranching, mining and factory/production work, both love and hate every minute of it.
  • andreasderjuengere
    Guess what: I did not read your text. Why? If one can accept me, I don't need to know why exactly. If one can't - it would not matter. I guess, you have been talking to yourself? (this is meant positively...)
  • Clockworklion
    I am attracted by all of these. But im also attracted by their opposites. And yet, people have said im picky... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • JustMyTake
    Which ones would you classify as deal breakers? If a guy didn't have arms and hands like the guy in the picture, would that be a deal breaker?
    • Nah, the only ones that I may consider to be deal breakers would be 6, 7, 9, and 10. The rest are more like "bonuses" to me.

    • JustMyTake

      That's fair. Those would be deal breakers for me as well.

  • EnglishArtsteacher
    The only traits on this list I don't fall into are 2, and 8.

    For 2., there isn't much I can do about that. I have dark hair, and very dark eyes-almost like a black piercing eyes. I have arguably the darkest eyes I've ever seen. They go beyond "dark brown."

    For 8, I can control this, but to this day, I've never grown my facial hair out in my entire life. I shave every day of my life, and have done so for nearly ten years now. I just hate the way facial hair looks, and I hate how uncomfortable it feels when it starts growing back.

    As far as my job, I'm a substitute teacher right now, but I also work in an Amazon Warehouse center, and I've done countless blue-collar jobs before.

    With that being said, this was actually a good list. It wasn't necessarily superficial, which surprises me on this website.
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  • Levin
    OMG, I love all those qualities in men!

    Sorry, I mean, nice list.
  • laurieluvsit
    OVER-THE-TOP GREAT! as always Ms Honeybee, I loved it!!
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    So I guess you're a blue collar worker? Good list! very traditional.
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  • MrAdams
    damn im 9 out of 10 not bad... still, you wouldn't like me anyway :D
    I missed every single one.
    That means your polar opposite would find me hot af
  • Nik1hil
    You simply have a great taste..

    Except the history part..
    • Lol not a history fan?

    • Nik1hil

      I don't hate.. It..
      But it's embarrassing when I merge different facts

  • aa180
    Not surprising that a girl's *Number 1* trait is strong hands and arms. Hmm, I wonder why..
    • Yep, it's a mystery 😉lmao

    • aa180


    • 😂😂

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  • red07net
    thats none of me i have had more chicks than you can imagine
  • Joker8
    Everything is great apart from the job part, wouldn't more successful men be more attractive?
    • There are plenty of successful men who work blue collar jobs. Some trades pay quite well. My dad, for example, makes great money working in the HVAC field. My uncle is an electrician, which also pays well. There are a lot of opportunities for tradesmen to make decent money.

  • desidoll
    Good with kids 😍 He will make a good father.
  • ladsin
    Ah. I'm all of them, but balding and short XD
  • Kayla45
  • CT_CD
    You described me
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  • LegateLanius
  • SuitAndTie
    Yikes! I only have about 4/5 of those.
  • _Senpai
    You didn't describe me at all
  • NightOwl8801
    Those are good qualities to look for
  • Skali9119Liska
    You just described my older brother lo
  • Muhammad1999
    i have all expect i hate history xD
  • laughinglad999
    fantastic take
  • PietroMennea
  • robocop666
    you forgot to mention charisma and core confidence
  • Smf1989
    I like your 10 Top Traits I Look For in a Man.
  • Anonymous
    Nice one
  • Anonymous
    so if a guy doesn't have a beard, he should die alone? i hate these lists, like how do you just walk around judging everyone's value as a person based on shit like that?
    • Lol wow. How dramatic.

    • Anonymous

      If a guy without a beard saved you from a car crash, would you tell him to die alone because his lack of facial hair isn't something you consider an acceptable trait?

    • Yeah, that's totally what I would say. 👍

  • Anonymous
    #4? Sorry... I gotta make more $$$ than that!!!
    • Lol If you genuinely don't like any blue collar jobs, that's fine, work wherever you want but I know a lot of people who work in tradesman positions or other blue collar fields that are making good money (of course it also depends on where you live).

    • Anonymous

      Yeah... where I live, electricians and plumbers don't do too bad...

  • Anonymous
    1. Not me.
    2. Dark hair? Yes. Light eyes? No.
    3. That's me.
    4. White collar.
    5. Yep, but I am more into world history.
    6. My family is dysfunctional...
    7. Due to a genetic defect, I can't have kids...
    8. I am clean shaven. Beards are too itchy for me.
    9. Yeah, I am pretty independent in that regard.
    10. That's me.
    • Blunique

      You can't have kids? Can I ask why?

    • Anonymous

      @Blunique Genetic defect... I am infertile.

    • Blunique

      Oh I was wondering specifically if it was a chromosomal conditions. Nvm

  • Anonymous
    Damn I feel so honored you took my challenge! Great Take btw!