Why I Stopped Making the First Move!


It all goes back to 2007 when I got my heartbroken by someone I loved. We only went out for about 3 months. We've all been there? Cool.

Alright. Ever since I've subliminally told myself that I will never make the first move when it comes to flirting, dates, and even talking. I have been single since 2007 because i truly did get my heartbroken and being single has been one of the best things that has happened to me in the past 11 years. I am now in a point where I really would like a girl but I can honestly tell you I do not give 3 F's if I ever end up with one because I will NOT and I refuse to make the first move.

Why I Stopped Making the First Move!

Let me tell you that I am a very attractive male, fit, good size, and all that extra package that women look for. The biggest turn off that I find in women is how 93.50% of you are sitting on the highest horse you can find. You expect everything to be handed to you, you expect me to make the first move every time and I am here to tell you that you have met your match cause I am now and have been for the past 11 years sitting on highest horse you can possibly find, higher the your horse ladies.

I do not care how gorgeous you are, how big your ass and tits are, I refuse to make the first move and I know how much you girls hate that cause I see it in your face when I'm walking away. I'll stare at you alright hoping you come down that high horse and at least say "Hi" when you know you really want to. Every time I walk away from a potential relationship I open the door to a douche that wants to break your heart. Every time you let that guy walk away because you didn't have the courage to go up to him you open the door for the girl that will have the courage and find true love.

I have learned to read body language very good over the past decade and let me tell you women will never come off your high horse and I promise you that neither will I. I am confident that at this rate I will most likely be single for the rest of my life and I could honestly care less as I've learned to live with my high horse, and if that's how you women feel as well then good on you, we will all be single together or you will end up in a relationship that won't last or that will cause you headaches for the rest of your life just because you didn't have the courage to step off your high horse.

Just wanted to share this.


Why I Stopped Making the First Move!
Why I Stopped Making the First Move!
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  • lumos
    Okay. And as a girl who, in the past, has made 90% of the first moves, I have never and will never understand people who put so much emphasis on the first move. On both sides. I don't understand guys who build up the first move in their head to be this scary ass monster that they have to murder with their bare hands. Nor do I understand girls who sit on their asses all day expecting other people to come up to them as if they're some special fucking snowflake who deserves special fucking treatment.

    Is this really what humankind has come to? 1 upping each other all the time and portraying yourself as some sort of big winner 24/7, just for the sake of proving someone wrong or feeling some warped sense of justice? Jesus, fuck that. Where have all the normal people gone who understand that walking up to someone and saying "hey" isn't the biggest fucking deal in the world, and that even if you do get rejected, it's still not the biggest fucking deal in the world? People nowadays are such cowards and sore losers who are too scared to face even the slightest chance of failure that they'd rather become hermits and have 0 human contact.

    Anyone who feels like I've hit a weak spot: challenge your goddamn self for once and stop thinking the world revolves around you and your belly button. And if you're unwilling to do that, at least don't have the audacity to complain about the way things are since you're for sure not doing jack shit to help.

    mic drop
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    • 100% Agree

    • Trista31

      I totally agree with you. I hate gender stereotypes.

    • I was laughing as I was reading this because I couldn't agree more and then the last two words had me rolling!!!

  • Anonymous
    I'm really sorry about your heartbreak I know how it feels, it never really heels. And I agree with you on the fact that woman expect men to take the first move. I personally am a bit guilty of this. Because I'm waaay to shy to make a move but in the back of my head I'm thinking "well if my crush liked me he would have made a move before I do". And then I get even more shy. And I know thinking like that is wrong and I'm trying to change that.

    With that being said I understand if you wanna take a period of your life to focus on yourself and the fact that you are happy single is wonderful! But I don't think you should give up on love. I'm sure you will find someone that won't break your heart. Maybe not now but sooner or later
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    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      And making the first move sometimes won't hurt you. Ofcorse you don't have to but it can give you the opportunity to meat a really nicd lady

    • At this point in life, I have no hope that I will ever find someone I love. My heart is like a package with a fragile label on it as Cardi B says. I am not looking for love, therefore, I won't find it. It's all in the women's hands at this point and trust me when I tell you that I don't mind being single till the day I die.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Wolframium
    I want to say 3 things:
    I feel troll vibe (weak).'
    Fuck you.
    More power to you.

    As you can see, I have seemingly contradictionary feelings. But…not really.
    More power to you, because you don't make the first move and by that pasively forcing girls to do it for once. At least I hope. „You expect everything to be handed to you, you expect me to make the first move every time…“ ← with this part, I agree. Regarding dating, of course (for any women wanting to argue, that they must also work hard for things. Yeah. But not that much in dating, right?).
    I wonder, how it would look like, when guys would just…stop initiating conversations. Internet traffic would see a dip.
    Fuck you for „Let me tell you that I am a very attractive male, fit, good size, and all that extra package that women look for.“ I hate people like this. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. Saying it, however, is just bragging.
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    • Yea sorry about the part where i explained my looks. I felt like a douche doing so because I understand how other people reading this might feel about it but I just want to explain my self. Maybe next time I'll throw a picture of my myself.

    • Why apologize for stating you are good looking? women are busy doing it all of the time on Instagram and other social media. I'm also good looking and have been approached by girls in the street many times.

  • JSmuve
    This is what happens when a stubborn guy who refuses to approach meets a self-entitled girl who demands he approach
    Why I Stopped Making the First Move!
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Anonymous
    Great take! Literally one of the best ones I’ve read.
  • Anonymous
    If you're serious about this, and are committed to sticking with it, there's only one thing I would change.
    You're in a unique situation that actually gives you an advantage over most of the other guys. Your advantage is that you truly don't give a flying fuck.
    I read what some of the other women wrote, and a lot of them mention bravery. LOL
    Really? Are those other guys brave, or just horny as fuck?

    So what I'd do different if I were you... is that I'd gladly make the first move, when it comes to conversation. But that's as far as you go. Don't buy any drinks and don't ask for any phone numbers.
    Chat for a bit and then walk away. The ball is now in her court. Then just go up and chat up another girl. You really have NOTHING to lose! :)
  • Anonymous
    You have a point where many girls expect to be pursued. I think more should try going for what they like, definitely. But never making a move for the reason you gave doesn't make me think this was that mentality sound of a decision. It sounds like either part of you really wants a living relationship or you like the pedestal you put yourself on. Why such extreme measures over a girl you fell in love with after knowing 3 months? You hardly can fall in real love within that time frame.
  • Anonymous
    First move or not, it doesn't matter. I think it is better to give it a try than keep wondering.
  • Anonymous
    The best way to approach women is to put your interest out there consistently and clearly, and let her take the next step if she is feeling comfortable. Most women are cool taking the first step if you don’t give them mixed signals
  • Anonymous
    It's the current year. Men are the prize. If a bitch wants me, she can come and get me. I'm tired of chasing tail.
  • Anonymous
    Truthfully I think it’s a bit silly for why you stopped making the first move.
    • Anonymous

      Those who disliked my comment, I’d like to know why 😂

  • Anonymous
    Well to be honest most dudes wouldn’t make the first move if they didn’t have too, women have the option of making the first move or not and they usually don’t because why do all that work and risk rejection when you can be on the other side, dudes don’t have that option, never been asked out never will, so I do the asking out and now I got a rad girl, dude just suck it up and ask women out stop your weird protest and just find a girl
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    That's okay, I quit talking to women altogether.
    • Moss777

      For the same reasons?

    • Anonymous

      @Moss777 I'm just going to get snubbed & ignored by them, they won't chat with me at all,... little alone would they even give me 2 seconds worth of their frickin' time, even if I got some of these ladies attention & we end up hitting it off nicely,... I know the relationship or the dating phase between them & I won't last long ( it never does anyways ), and if these women & I were to talk & get to know each other,...9 times out of 10 they'll just friendzone me anyways all because I'm not their type.

      All in all,... that's the reason why I say "To hell with them".

  • Anonymous
    Starving man at buffet refuses to eat. Says he's okay with starving to death, but will wait for shrimp or dim sum or some other appetiser to jump into his mouth.

    More at 11. And now Sports.
    • Sixgun77

      "I'm not wearing any pants. Film at 11."

  • Anonymous
    Great take!!!
  • Anonymous
    As a woman I can say that I do expect the guy to ask me out first. But I would make the first move when it comes to flirting or confessing. So not every girl is like that.
  • Anonymous
    Welcome to the dating world. If you won't make the first move, somebody else standing by her will. If not, it's unlikely that she'll do it anyways. I would never approach a dude regardless of who it is. I like guys who are brave and confident.
    • I like girls who are brave and confident as well.

      Welcome to my world.

    • demonics

      Ah the modern woman... feminist enough to demand equal treatment, but "i'm just a little girl" enough to not behave equally. The dynamic between men and women nowadays is too convenient to not be intelligently designed. Oh well. Happy to indulge.


    • Anonymous

      Lol @ all the whining and bitching. I am by no means a "modern woman". I'm a traditional woman.

      There is no "my world". There is only one dating world. In this world, guys who don't have the balls to make the first move are at a significant disadvantage since you will be competing against many brave and confident men who will approach them. This is independent from how brave and confident she is herself as unlike men, most brave and confident women don't want to approach either. Why would a chick make the first move on you when there are plenty of alpha males who will do it before she even notices you? Either man up or stay single because the vast majority of women won't make the first move regardless of what YOU want and how much you complain. It's the way it is. Approaching has always been the man's role and that is not going to change over your repressed feelings and self-esteem issues.

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  • Anonymous
    I prefer more traditional romance. So guy making the first move and all that. I'm not a leader nor am I outgoing enough to make the first move.
  • Anonymous
    ya dude, it's def. your loss
  • Anonymous
    I cannot agree more.