What I Would Value if I'm Ready To Date a Woman


Here's my updated traits I would Value if I Decided To Date a Woman

1. Emotional Stability Over Intelligence

I value emotional stability over intelligence because I don't want to date a smart woman with emotional stability issues. Therefore, I'm willing to date a woman with GED if she's emotionally stable.

Emotional Stability
Emotional Stability

2. Laid back Over Ambition

I tend to get along well with people who's laid back over people with ambitious personality. Thus, I would rather date a laid back woman over ambitious woman.

Laid Back Personality
Laid Back Personality

3. Humility Over Confidence

I value humility over confidence because dating a woman with excessive confidence would be an emotional & mental nightmare. Hence, I would prefer to date a woman with humility over confidence.

What I Would Value if I'm Ready To Date a Woman

4. Getting Along With My Friends & Families Over Independence

I value getting along with my friends & families easily over a woman who's independent. Therefore, I would date a woman who can easily get along with my friends & families.

Harmony In Nutshell
Harmony In Nutshell

5. Sharing Similar Hobbies Over Career Driven

Sharing similar hobbies are more important than career driven mindset because I don't want to date woman who can't enjoy similar hobby with me. Thus, I would date a woman who shares a similar hobby over woman with career driven mindset.

Enjoying Hobby Together
Enjoying Hobby Together

6. Planner Over Spontaneous

For me, dating a spontaneous woman would be my worst nightmare because I don't know what she plans to do for today. Hence, I'd rather date a planner over spontaneous woman so I could easily prepare for her plan.

What I Would Value if I'm Ready To Date a Woman
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    Agree with all of that.
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  • Yessir12
    Cool! You don’t sound like my type.
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  • beennut
    Friendship commacation
  • HereIbe
    Uh, where does "titty flashing" fit in?