Some of my most interesting dates/dating experiences (good and bad)


This my take is honestly more like a diary for me or a reminder but i've had some i suppose interesting experiences with guys and i thought maybe would be interesting to go back and think of some of the dates i've been on in my life, trip down memory lane for myself... so here it goes (for all the people who aren't interested just obviously don't read i'm writing this more for a personal thing for myself to try bring make the memories of my dating experiences)

Now i'm not sure that this will be out of order but i'm going to try remember back to some of the dates i've had i've probably had over 30 dates all together with different people so its hard to remember but i am going to write down the ones who have stuck out good or bad

Some of my most interesting dates/dating experiences (good and bad)

Guy 1) This was a guy i had been speaking with for about 8 months online, he was a lot older than me but i remember being infatuated almost obsessed with him, we met on a forum website quite similar to this and would type to each other daily on hotmail (not outlook) about our day and random things, i really liked him, when we finally met up in person the spark was just as good all we did was go to a nature hill not far from where i lived, hanged out there kissed and cuddled in the car, then went to a supermarket cafe for some food (think got a burger and chips) he couldn't stay long but even though we in the end parted on not great terms we were on and off for 4 years after this first meeting, we brought a cinema yearly pass and probably watched nearly 600 movies in the cinema together, these are some years i honestly really miss as it was a lot of fun, found out he had been with his partner for absolutely years, lied to me, and lied about even having a job.

Guy 2) So like majority or maybe nearly every date i've been on i met them online or on a dating website, This was my first ever proper proper date from a dating website, he picked me up from my home, looked extremely nervous, i remember him shaking quite badly, he actually gave me a red rose which i remember i thought was extremely thoughtful, i remember thinking when we got in the car to go to the theme park it was gross that he spat on his sat nav sucker to keep it on the wind screen, we had a nice day round the theme park remember he gave me piggy backs because i had blisters from walking from my shoes, he brought me ben and jerrys ice cream (peanut buttercup), chatted a while had a reasonably nice day, saw sea lions, him shouting out football chants which made me cringe, but overall a nice date, even though i didn't feel much of a spark he became my boyfriend because i was young i gave him a chance for a few months until i ended it knowing he wasn't the one for me.

Guy 3) So these aren't in any particular order as guy 3 was probably one of the first dates i'd I've ever been on, if not the first, now whether you can call it a date or not is maybe down to the person, but i'd been speaking to this guy online for years similar to guy 1 was very keen and almost obsessed with him after i split up with a abusive ex boyfriend i was vulnerable and he really took advantage of me, on our first date we went to london got a milkshake walked around chatted did some sight seeing, remember was wearing a spongebob top and a yellow headband, probably not the most best outfit for a first meeting, had a reasonably nice day, this guy ended up being my boyfriend, he cheated, used me for sex, would use my house as a hotel, make me give him petrol money, made me feel like a unpaid prostitute, didn't do a thing for me, would gamble and waste money even though he claimed to be broke, the whole relationship i was miserable, eventually dumped his horrible ass.

Guy 4) This guy on our first date was a Pokemon Go date (assuming you'll remember when it was a big fad) Went for a drink in a pub not far from the woods we were playing in, felt a lot of chemistry really fancied him, i went in for the kiss first, and i regretted it, as after that he seemed to see me as some sort of object, total change in behavior, had 2 more dates but knew it was pointless, went to watch hockey with him and time before just went to pub for some drinks, i had a eating disorder at the time and was really struggling with anxiety (he didn't care) He only wanted to use me and had no interest in me being his girlfriend few months later he was in a relationship with a girl he obviously thought was more worthy than me.

Guy 5) I remember when talking to this guy online for only about 2 hours he wanted a date with me pretty bad, trying to meet me ASAP i thought i probably wouldn't be attracted to him but he seemed nice so i gave him a chance, i think if i remember i went for a meal with my mum the same day and felt slightly nervous thinking about the date as i didn't think i was going to fancy him, he picked me up from a spot not far from my house, went went for a meal in a Italian restaurant not far from me, had a great time felt a massive spark which i was shocked about considering i didn't think i was going to like him at all, shared a ice cream dessert which as soon as we took a mouthful burst out laughing saying whoa has that got alcohol in (getting a strong taste of liqueur) he paid the bill after i offered to pay my share which he said no so he got even more brownie points from me, before he dropped me home i kissed him passionately in the car for a while, the next day saw him again only went for a walk together kissed, talked, could tell he wasn't as interested in me as before, then next day told me he was going on date someone else and we cut contact.

Guy 6) This guy i remember really liking a lot, probably one of the biggest amount of chemistry i've felt with someone before meeting them, chatted back and forth effortlessly, loads and loads of conversation, he came to pick me up from my road when i first got in the car i realized he must have been using younger photos as he looked at least 5-6 years older and was abit shocked.. didn't find him attractive at all but his personality totally won me over, he was so funny and charming and sweet he took my hand as we got out the car we went bowling, then for drinks, then for more drinks, the date lasted maybe around 6-7 hours, had a great time, in car on way back kissed for a good few hours, it was great i really really fancied him and felt a spark, met him for one more date after that but then more i got to know him realized he was a total compulsive liar leading me on, ignoring my messages, just not what i thought he was at all.

Guy 7) This guy was strange to say the least but he seemed nice friendly made effort (least i thought he was trying) we had only been talking maybe a week or so but thought why not give him a chance as he seemed a nice person, we went on the date to a restaurant/pub near my house he said he was going to draw a photo of me and give it to me (he never did and lied) on the date he kept burping and it was disgusting, he had eaten curry which was making it even worse, he lied about his job saying he was a graphic designer even though he was only training to be one, he said he never leaves tips, said he doesn't understand women at all, said i think my friend told me i'm supposed to pay for the date, says he regularly always drink drives, i honestly couldn't wait to get away from this guy, got outside on a main road outside the pub and asks me in the pitch black with no where to go if i would like to go for a walk somewhere i politely tried to decline the idea.. he texts me "3" days later.. asking if i want to see him again, lets just say i did not like the guy at all.

Guy 8 ) This was a recent date, he was a Italian man, first time i've been on a date with one, seemed like he would be a laugh and quite fun a good few years older than me (which is my preference anyway) tells me he wants to take me to a really fancy place as i guessed where he was from while we were talking online, we agreed to meet in my home town, we end up in a pub (which is totally fine) buys himself a drink talks to me for 10mins while drinking his baileys and doesn't offer me one, then finally asks if i would like one, starts saying he is a secret agent telling me how men think and his views on marriage, dating life etc, telling me he friend zones lots of girls, keeps touching me all the time, then goes in for a kiss in about half a hour of talking (keep in mind there was no chemistry and could tell he didn't even like me) he tells me i seem like a old school girl and talking about how spiritual he was, jokes about me buying the next drink i say i need the toilet go to loo he has got the bill as he brought himself some food, he leaves with the food and we never talk again, shortest and one of the weirdest dates.

Guy 9) This guy i had only been talking to i think a few hours before we met, he comes to my home town we go for a meal in a pub not far from me, seems to have weird quirks like i need to have different orders to what he has, date was okay and not to bad but he kept making sexual remarks and talking about weird things, after the date tells me he didn't feel a spark i'm too young but maybe i could be his sugar baby, started telling me he saw me as a object and talking dirty behind the screen saying weird things to me about being a prostitute, says he wants to get me pregnant and for me to keep the baby and i have no choice... he made me feel horrible i expected a normal date and was looking for a relationship with someone and ended up getting treated like this.

Guy 10) this guy i ended up meeting in a town not that far from me we had spoken on the phone a few times and chatted quite abit before meeting, he kept saying before we met how much he enjoys talking to me and wanted me to come over his house for him to cook for me (i refused) but said i would go on date we went to nandos the whole date, he didn't ask me a single question (was only me asking him stuff) he kept repeating the same phrases had nothing nice to say and kept saying about how boring people are (while he couldn't have been more boring himself) after originally saying he loved my company and could talk and stay all night, we had a few drinks and then he left gave me a "high five" good bye, he texts me says he chickened out asked if i felt a spark then again trys to get me round his house to have sex with him i obviously declined.

Guy 11) I have been on so many dates but i'm going to stop here for now, so this last date was with a guy that i was seeing maybe a few months ago, we just went round a pub for a few drinks, spoke a lot talked about life etc, he honestly said i was absolutely beautiful so much more attractive in real life than my photos, kept saying how amazing and how intelligent i was how much he loved my company, we met up a good few amount of times with him saying he had never felt this way about a girl before ever, we went out for meals, went out in London together, he took me for cocktails, i became ill about about 5 days before my birthday, he was acting his usual self, constantly texting me being affectionate, i was extremely ill and had food poisoning and couldn't even get out of bed, i noticed he was over the couple of days i was ill acting different just suddenly something didn't seem right, he had booked a hotel for us and a get away somewhere but had to cancel as i was unwell... i said what is wrong he said he was just worried as i was ill, he ghosted me on my birthday and i never heard from him again.

So here are some of my dating experiences feel free to share any of yours...

Some of my most interesting dates/dating experiences (good and bad)
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    Damn. Im sorry for some of the experiences. A few of those guys were just jerks. I've never been to the uk but i would love to explore some of the sites. I heard the pubs are nice to go to as well. Maybe in a lifetime I'd like to take you on a date and hope to provide a good experience. If at least be friends. You seem like a fun person to hang with. ☺
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  • OlderAndWiser
    That is quite a littany of losers! Do you feel that you have learned my much from these experiences?
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    • I know, they seem fine before i meet them usually, but show there true colours or just start acting like creeps, can't seem to find just a nice decent guy i click with and have some chemistry and a connection with.

    • The lesson is to be particularly careful in the early stages but I suspect that you already know that!

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  • Jjpayne
    This is pretty fun!!! It's like reading a book :) or a journal. It was fun to read. But it could have been a little more fun if you used a picture for each guy. But still a fun overview of your life! Nice work!
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  • Pulseofsulfur
    Well I've never had been on a date nor in a relationship but I feel you had ups and downs with the men you dated. People say that others won't make you feel better but I disagree with that. Even though I'm shy and timid at first I'm very laid back with most things. But people just don't understand where I come from.
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  • alltafgradur
    Are there no decent guys around where you live, this is nuts, have you had any good dates so far?
    I am ashamed of my"brothers" for how they treated you ❤️
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  • Smegskull
    I never would have understood how this sort of thing happens statistically to someone untill I learn that attractive people don't have to be polite to get by in life so of course why would they be.
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  • bhuban23
    Holding hands and walking on a beach!!
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